Your very own blue & white heaven

Your very own blue & white heavenOne of my most exciting sponsors so far has to be the lovely folk at Buffera. Having worn them for years, but especially in the Baldilocks phase of 2006, ‘Buffs’ are a staple in my life. Up there with the chocolate, for sure. Desert island necessities? Oh yes, indeed, definitely taking them.
A cheering shipment of customised Buffs has recently arrived chez Sarah Outen and I am pleased to announce that you can now own your very own blue and white heaven – you can turn it into a hat, a bandana, a head scarf, a neck scarf, a wrist band. They will change your life. Well, they will certainly make you smile and keep you warm when the sun goes in. And that warm feeling you will get from knowing that you are supporting the good work of arc will make it even better still. Buff days are happy days, believe me.

They are £15 each – and you can buy them using the button below or posting a cheque (including £1 P&P) to the details on the contact page.

Buff days are happy daysLike I said, Buff days are happy days… This is me in my baldy days, wearing not one but two Buffs (head and neck), atop a very wet and windy peak in the Lakes

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