where did October come from?

If anyone knows the answer to the above then please, answers on a postcard. For me it seems to have popped out of nowhere, bringing with it some super chilly weather which makes for nipped ears when speeding about on my bike. Three cheers for the sunshine though, that has been welcome indeedy.

So, the arrival of the Tenth Month means that it’s not many more until me & she set forth from Australia for our adventure. While very excited about this prospect there is also that sense of ‘blimey, let’s find me a big sponsor quickly’. In a bid to take my mind off such matters I have just embarked upon the RYA Yachtmaster Ocean theory course – kindly sponsored by Tiller. So, if you’re looking for something to do on these nights which are drawing in so darkly, then how about a bit of astro-navigation? All good fun. It’s really just to reinforce what I already know and sharpen up a few bits of theory.

Now that the above mentioned-darkly-drawing nights are indeed drawing in, I will also be looking to ramp up my time spent in the gym so am very grateful for the support of Oakham-based Fitness Fanatics for their kind sponsorship of membership.

The question everyone is dying to know and that I am desperate to satisfy is ‘when will you get out on the water for the first time?’ All I can say is watch this space… we are so close I can almost smell it. Well, not quite but hopefully next week we’ll be waterborne.

She made quite an impression with the young folk at St Michael’s last night – lots of questions and interested forays into the cabins as well as one helpful comment to my question about ‘what sort of things will help me get to Mauritius quicker?’ Yes, you guessed it: an engine. Worry ye not though folks – this is still a rowing mission. I don’t care if an 11 year old would get there faster than me anyway! Biceps are the way forward. Absolutely.

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2 Responses to where did October come from?

  1. Mum says:

    Hello there, you. Yes, October is here. A very WET one too. Not so nice.Just to let you know it is lovely having you around for a while. See you soon,Mum xx

  2. Alan Thomas says:

    October, yes it came around fast!!

    Your adventure IS getting nearer. so EXCITEMENT, all round

    Sorry cant be there to see you off !!

    But will be watching, via this site.

    GO GO GO GO .

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