Westminster here we come…

Waterside D finishIn two weeks time it will all be over. Easter weekend will have been and gone and I will be happy to put my little red boat to one side and not eat jelly babies and bananas at every spare moment. For we will have made it to Westminster. 125 miles? Pah, that’s nothing when you have your eyes set on a whole ocean, is it?

Hmmm, not so sure. The 125 mile paddle from Devizes in Wiltshire to Westminster in big old London town itself will be a massive test, and this is exactly why I’m doing it.

And part of the preparations was to race in Waterside D on Sunday – my biggest trip so far, a stonking 34 mile along the canals with 35 portages and a big dark tunnel. 7 hours and 34 minutes later I crossed the finish line – rather weary and stiff. I woke up the next day feeling like my body had been put through a mincer. Still smiling though, so all is well and good.

I always think the pain is secondary – so long as you’re strong and focussed up top, the body just does what it’s told. And to be honest, the novelty of splashing along the course and improving my technique, especially at portages, chatting to fellow competitors makes the whole thing a lot of fun. Fuelling was also a big excitement – Alex (Support Crew in Chief) meets me at various predetermined points with energy drink in hand, throws as many nibbles at me as I can stomach in one sitting and off I trot to the next one. Not very elegantly or with anything resembling finesse, maybe, but I made it to Newbury and I am confident I will make it to Westminster on Easter Monday, too. Happy days on the water.

Rather excited that I was actually placed this time, too, in Ladies K1 (i.e. one lass in a boat by herself) – I came 2nd! No one needs to know there were only 3 entrants in that class…

Bring on DW I say.

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