We made it!

Just a quick note to say we made it….. The longest kayak crossing of the trip to get to the peninsula – a cheeky fifty miler – followed by another 30 mile day on Thursday we made it to Homer and the start of the road at 8pm last night. Happy happy happy paddlers!


More once we get back to Anchorage and get sorted. Thanks for joining us 🙂

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  1. Susie Hewson says:

    Brilliant – amazing – fantastic – thrilling – right that’s the praise out the way – now let’s say that we can all let out a collective sigh of relief from all of us sitting with fingers, toes and eyes crossed willing you on. Natracare sisterly hugs xxx

  2. Angela Hey says:

    Will you bike to Anchorage:)

  3. Anna Walmsley says:

    Well done to both of you! Great to hear you are on the mainland and back to pedal power. x

  4. Diana Wilkinson says:

    Fantastic achievement. Well done. I have learnt so much about the Aleutians following your journey.

  5. Chris Nolan says:

    Hooray! Now a well-deserved rest for the next leg ! Good job!!!

  6. Roger Botting says:

    Great work, the next step will be no easier except you won’t get sea sick.

  7. Tammy says:

    Sarah, Congrats to the two of you! So sorry I missed you. I’ll be at the Homer office on Saturday morning to take Olly and Sophie back to Anchorage. Will you be around? I’d love to see you and Justine! So would Vicky.

    • JUSTINE says:

      hi Tammy, Sorry we missed you too. Sarah will be back down in Homer and she still hopes to come to Vicky’s school! We still talk about that roast beef and the cakes you made at Hallo Bay Bear Camp!

  8. Bruce Ellen says:

    Knew you would make a bee line to the Salty Dawg.
    I’d still be there
    Cheers from sunny Queensland


    Your Brooks saddle awaits Ma’am.
    I have pinned a little of our lovely, local heather to you: a medal and blessing.
    Bardon Mac

  10. geoff says:

    Well done. I was actually a bit anxious after the last update.

    It is a very impressive achievement and sounded hugely interesting and rewarding.

    Keep enjoying.


  11. Neil Barker says:

    Well done Sarah, what a team effort. What you and Justine have just achieved is remarkable and one more addition to all the other remarkable achievements of your wee jaunt around the globe!
    Love the commentary along the way too, documentary material. Just glad that you blog doesn’t have am olfactory option!! Go girl, Go!!!

  12. David Welsh says:

    Congratulations from Sunny California. Wow! What an adventure.

  13. yokohama says:

    From now on
    You will run National Roude 1 by bicycle toward Anchorage?
    I am wishing your safety from yokohama.

  14. Byron Suley says:

    Absolutely Grand. Very pleased that you guys completed this leg of your journey without incident. Enjoy your week of rest, ride safe and please watch for out for the bears during the next phase of the journey. The bears you will encounter during the next 1000 km or so may consider you to be a menu item. Get an amble supply of bear/pepper spray and keep it close especially when camping until you get to the great plains.

    Safe Travels Sarah, enjoy the open roads again.
    P.S do not forget to give us daily updates once the next leg of your journey.

  15. Byron Suley says:


  16. Jo Simpson says:

    I have have so enjoyed reading your blog and following your amazing adventure. Many congratulations to both. An awesome achievement. Will look forward to reading about those last 2 days! Jo (proud Alaw Bach paddler!)

  17. virgil funderburk says:

    Great, and congratulations…

  18. Elsa says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! So happy you made it in time – enjoy this rest for the moment. Can’t wait to hear about the ride ahead x

  19. christina watts says:

    Brilliant both of you ~ have been following and wish you a lovely break before the next stage of your journey.

    Can’t wait for the photographs to be developed and added to a book …

    HUGS xtina

  20. Chris Maylor says:

    Well done to you both, Sarah. Good effort

  21. Bye bye deep blue. Hello pedal legs!

    Whaay Anchorage!/Weigh anchor-age? (Drum roll anyone?)

    All the best for the next chapter in your global epic Sarah.

  22. TimBob says:

    Great…. glad to hear you made it. I was wondering when the cycling would start.

    All the best from the Southern shores of Ontario, Canada, on Lake Erie !

  23. Peter Jess says:

    Only occasionally do I stumble across a truly inspirational website/trip and this is one. I also travel a bit, stay true to the “Zen of the adventure”, Im sure you know what that means!
    Safe Travels Peter!

  24. Richard Wishart says:

    Well done Sarah, another major milestone down. The whole family follows your epic journey and wishes you well.

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