Podcast: Warmup Lap

Hello everybody, my name is Robert. I will be recording a short message from Sarah each week.

Today she called while traveling back north after her southward detour for the “warmup lap”. I hope you all enjoy hearing from Sarah.

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20 Responses to Podcast: Warmup Lap

  1. Dominic Carrington says:

    Fantastic to hear Sarah’s voice in such good spirits after what seems like an eternity with no news whatsover other than a frustrating view of her track going in circles.
    Loads of positive energy heading Sarah’s way as always and wishing all the best for getting back on course very soon.
    Politics and funding aside a restock in Freo seems like a very good call.

  2. Geoff says:

    Sounds like a plan!

    For a while there we thought you were ‘going the long way round’.

    See soon,


  3. amin says:

    we pray…..4 u safe…

  4. John T says:

    Good for you,keep smiling,this reminds me of the row boats on lakes in England where a man with a megaphone and a booming voice calls out come in No 7..you go in hand over more money and happily set off again for more FUN !!! Stay safe.

  5. Lucy says:

    Really impressed with your stamina. Much love from Oxford.

  6. ian hall says:

    Hi there Sarah
    Keep smiling, I know you can do it, just play your music take in some sunshine and there you go.

    From Hallie SHS

  7. Juliet says:

    Hi Sarah! 🙂

    Its Mothers Day today, so ‘Happy Mother of the Seas Day’ to you!
    may the tides treat you gently and winds blow favourably.
    Your talk was brilliant, I loved the bit about watching the stary skies from your boat, that must be so awesome, i have an image of it in my head…..amazing, as i think you are too!



  8. Amanda Black says:

    What your doing is amazing. What an adventure! Everyone is thinking of you. Went to Rutland water the other day and thought of you. Take care.

    Best wishes

    Amanda Black xx

  9. belinda dade says:

    Hi Sarah

    Heard you talking on the Radcliffe and Maconie show the other night – great that they are going to talk to you on a regular basis! Perhaps there’ll be a job for you as a Radio 2 DJ when you get back!

    Lots of love to you from the Dades xxxxxx

  10. Marcel says:

    Hello Sarah.
    “Ce n’est que partie remise” as we say in French.
    Keep in touch.
    Cheers from Mauritius.

  11. Dagmar says:

    Hi Sarah! Keep going strong & enjoy the starry nights! I hope you have better luck with the weather the “second time round”! Dagmar

  12. Graham Hadey says:

    Bit like an Olympic race Sarah…Just a false start. Everything is going to fall ito place for you soon, then the sky’s the limit! Wishing you all the very best from us all in Yanchep WA.

  13. Libby says:

    Thinking about you, Sarah, on a starry night here in the UK.
    Said a quiet prayer for you and your Mum during our SJS Chapel Service on Mothering Sunday – put these last days down to gaining from experience.
    Good to hear your voice. God bless.

  14. rob bowditctch says:

    good morning Sara just going bed 112.40 am hope you ok keep spirits up watching you all the way you are so brave take care Robxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. Jim says:

    Go West !! Go West

    Good luck in your journey

  16. Geoff says:

    for those interested this is the site that shows the Leeuwin current


  17. Anita says:

    So exciting to get your sms message on Saturday, Sarah – I was there with you listening to my favourite music of all time. You have added to the wealth of thoughts and memories it conjures up – of good times and difficult times which have been overcome. Things will work out for the best for you – how can they not with so many of us thinking about you and sending you our love. Anita xxx

  18. Jane Spence says:

    Hi Sarah, thought of you a lot at the weekend watching 400 crews contending the HoR on a sleek Thames. Bet not one of them would like your rollercoaster adventure on the Leeuwen, even in their Eights! Liked your Pod – your Blog was already a page-turner for we armchair cyber surfers… but now you’re going Solo in multi-media, how cool is that? keep enjoying the stars – per ardua ad astra! Jane

  19. rob bowditctch says:

    take care sara soon be there you are one of a hell brave lady robxxxxxxxx

  20. Pam says:

    Good to hear you sounding centred and assured. The good ship Dippers sounds to be doing her stuff in keeping you safe and the right way up. Have a glimpse of a land view – baby lambs in the field opposite my window on wobbly legs but already learning to bounce. Hawthorn hedges greening and daffodils transparent gold in bright sunlight. Pink almond blossom, yellow catkins, and mounded clouds chasing across a windy sky. Love,Pam

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