Warm up lap

The team at whisper.pr has taken over from Ricardo and will now be keeping you updated with Sarah’s progress.

I’m sure you have all been wondering why Sarah appears to be rowing back towards Australia, but you’ll now know – as she explains in her podcast – that this was merely a warm-up lap!

Towards the end of last week Sarah was very frustrated and confused. The Leeuwin Current and bad weather conditions were dragging her further and further south and there were worries all round that she might end up in the Southern Ocean. Throughout the day on Friday Sarah spoke to her on-shore team as well as experienced rowers Sally Kettle and Roz Savage to decide what course of action to take. There was a tense moment when Sally lost connection on the satellite phone…thankfully it was just one of those technical glitches that has a habit of happening at crucial moments!

Sarah did consider getting a tow back to where she started but there was a risk that the boat might have been damaged, and she can’t afford the time it would have taken to fix it. Instead she has decided to row back and carry straight on without coming back to land.


The weather conditions are favourable and as you can see from her tracker she is now level with Freemantle. The plan is to set out from further North this time so there is less chance of getting caught in the current. Sarah is referring to the last 9 days as her mile warm-up lap! It has been good experience for her to get her sea legs and settle into life as a rower, before the real journey starts.

Sarah won’t let any setbacks stand in her way, not even a 400 mile detour. Now that she has overcome the seasickness and started to get used to the exhaustion she is back on fine form and thoroughly enjoying herself.


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18 Responses to Warm up lap

  1. Amanda B says:

    Yay, way to go Sarah – glad to hear that you are nicely “warmed-up” (!) and raring to go again. Wishing you strength, health, happiness and balmy weather. x

  2. Kitty says:

    Its certainly not balmy weather here, being blown all over the place cycling round Rutland Water! Great to hear you, sounds as though you and Dippers are enjoying yourselves! Stay strong. x

  3. Adrian Moss says:


    Well done and keep it up.I am sure that is a god decision


  4. Doug says:

    Sarah, That’s character for you. No dummy spitting; just on with the mission. Better luck this time.

  5. Dr Rosemary Taylor says:

    Great to hear you sounding so good Sarah – as you say ‘a warm up lap’ and because of it you are now stronger and more focused than ever – glad you are now eating too – that will help! The Sarah we know and love will take this in her stride…

  6. Dr Evans says:

    Dear Sarah, I think you should come ashore and restock, reconsider in the light of your recent adventure! You dont have to prove anything to anyone. You have already shown amazing courage and stamina. Admitting that it is too difficult is harder than carrying on recklessly !

  7. travijoe vctoria aust. says:

    Hi Sarah , good to hear your voice,which is telling me that you are
    in good shape now,you have had a rough patch,well you have had your
    little playtime running around the ocean in a circle( ha ha )
    now is the time to get dinkum and show us ( the world ) how you are
    about to start getting dippers and yourself on track(sounds good ha)
    says me sitting at my computer,typing right hand, choc ice cream in
    left hand ha ha , good luck Sarah,keep rowing,stay safe as only you know how , will be following your day to day reports etc, cheers.

  8. Spike says:

    There is a golden rule for independent operation and that is “Never pass food/fuel, you don’t know where your next meal will be coming from.” However, that has to be set against the possibility that as little as half a day off the water could mean that the whole seasick bit has to be endured again after restarting.
    Only Sarah and those who planned her food reserves are in a position to make that fine judgement. Like being 2/3 the way between Putney and Mortlake bridges and rowing well, being ‘in the groove’ is a good position to be. Certainly shows strong character.

  9. Alan Thomas says:

    Just think POSITIVE and GO GO GO


  10. Ray Girard says:

    One of the few major obstacles is that adapation period, which, it seems, you have endured and mastered. The rest is just hard work. Enjoy your ‘high’ Sarah, there will be many more if you simply let the rest slide right off of you. At the oddest times I find myself thinking of you, out there, in real time, living an adventure. Life is a kicker, isn’t it?

  11. Keith Kingsbury says:

    Keep up the good work, Sarah – we’re all rooting for you.

  12. Amy Bryant says:

    Go for it Sare! Great hearing your voice on the podcast thingy. Thinking of you lots matey and hope you’re keeping strong in body and spirit. Go for the bump!
    Amz xxxx

  13. Barry Blackmore says:

    Great stuff, sarah; you’ve got b…. with a capital B!!

    Good luck

  14. Juliet says:

    Fine fruit-loopy fettle with a little food thrown in for good measure, is the way forward! 😀

    Sarah…..you’re FAB! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. Susie Hewson says:

    Great tactics Sarah!! You have such determination to get the job done and tremendous courage – so why am I being a namby missing a day’s skiing to rest my knee when the sun’s shining and the French snow is perfect, not got my ski legs yet I expect:) Susie

  16. Your big Brother says:

    Love the plan Sis, You would have only embarrassed the previous record holder with a super fast time. Hehe, Go for it, Row like the police are after you and you will be fine! Its what i do when im running. Have fun, stay safe and have you caught any decent fish yet?? Big love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  17. Janet says:

    Sarah safe and welll in Fremantle


  18. Alison says:

    The very best of luck,Ishall be glued to your reports while Jeremy is in port in Brazil getting his boat patched ready for the sail to the USA.

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