Hello all you lovely L2L supporters. I read the comments from the previous blog out to Sarah and she is truly, truly humbled at all the support.

Sarah has been forced to abort her Atlantic row due to impending severe weather conditions. Winds of up to 60 knots and huge impassable waves caused by the tail end of Hurricane Joachin combined with two low pressure systems were due to hit Sarah in the coming days. Together with her team, she made the decision to be picked up safely.

She was quickly met by a nearby ship on the 3rd of October – the Federal Oshima – which is bound for Montreal. She is safely on board the ship but her boat, Happy Socks, was lost at sea due to the complexity of the pick up. She is set to arrive in Montreal in about a week’s time.

She is safe and well and finding it surreal travelling at 14 knots (in the wrong direction, but nothing new here!) She will be back in the UK mid October after which she will complete her UK part of the expedition. She is excited to cycle and kayak her way from Falmouth to Tower Bridge and finish the expedition right where she started 4 or so years ago.

We will keep you posted on details so keep watching this exciting space.

A special thank you from her team to everyone reading, listening and supporting Sarah wherever you maybe.

the Federal Oshima carrying precious cargo

the Federal Oshima carrying precious cargo


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    May I please say that of course the completion of the UK part is entirely appropriate and will give us all the opportunity to further add our congratulations.
    (Incidentally, surely it has never been an exercise in establishing that the circumference of a circle is of a finite length.)
    I am no expert but cannot envisage this record being broken for many years yet.
    As the lyric says: “Nobody does it better, makes me feel sad for the rest.”

  2. Christine and Kathleen says:

    Dear Sarah

    Good to hear you are safe and sound. Glad to hear that you will be finishing off the UK bit when you can. All being well we will be at Tower Bridge along with many others to welcome you home like we saw you off.

    In the meantime just relax and recharge. With the miles you spent going backwards you will have done more than the amount you weren’t able to do.

    Take care and just enjoy the enforced break.

    Kathleen and Christine x

  3. Brenda Millar says:

    Hey Sarah, Garth and I are so grateful for the day you cycled into that closed campsite in the Yukon. We’ve spent hours catching up on the part of your journey that we didn’t know about before we meet you. And for the last year have followed your every move. You are brave and wise and a total hoot and a half to boot. Having all these qualities together in one lovely bundle is a rare thing and we count ourselves among the fortunate of the world that we’ve crossed paths with you. We have been planning a trip to Europe to time with your arrival and were thrilled that we might actually still get to watch you duck under the London Bridge after all. Cheers, Becca’s and Garth

  4. Tony F says:

    Glad to hear you are safe and well. I was wondering if Hurricane Joachin would interfere. All the best

    Tony and Co

  5. Margaret says:

    Hi Sarah
    You will have no shortage of pedal and paddle companions for the Falmouth to Tower Bridge leg.
    It must feel so good to be in a warm/dry/non shit smelling cabin aboard the ship. You will have proper food too. No rationing. Lots of chocolate.
    Music. Enjoy.
    You are a star.

  6. Ray Girard says:

    After a journey like yours, ……nothing has been lost!

    A journey is not a set course to be travelled. It is a set of unknowns, that you have to have the courage to attempt. Nothing of yours, has been lost.

    Rock on, Sarah.

    We all still love ya’.

  7. Andy Homden says:

    Just great to get confirmation that you have been picked up and that all is well. We are thinking of Happy Socks . . ..

    All best wishes,

    Andy & Jan Homden

  8. geoff says:

    HI Sarah, just adding to all the comments and support above. My thoughts are with you. A huge effort. Janet and I saw the movie Everest the other night and it is a salient reminder that there comes a time to say ‘no’.

    Big hug,


  9. martin Bevan says:

    Glad your safe keep smiling and on to your next challenge.
    You are a true British adventure.

  10. Pam Stocker says:

    Your necessary ‘no’ here is one enormous YES to LIFE. XXXX

  11. Barbara Barker says:

    So glad that you are safe and dry! glad tidings from Cape Cod!

  12. Shanon Kerr says:

    So glad you’re safe. Looking forward to following more adventures. Rest well.

  13. Stephen Stewart says:

    Row Sarah Row! Paddle Sarah Paddle! Pedal Sarah Pedal! Pedal, Paddle, Row! Glad you made a good call! Sorry to hear you lost Happy Socks. Keep up the great work! You are an inspiration to us all. Looking forward to following your further adventures and so glad you are safe. Besides, Chocolate and hugs are what makes the world go around and I am sure you will have plenty of both. All the best, Steve

  14. Billie Jo Gehring says:

    Dear Sarah,

    We were saddened to hear of the storm that took you on yet another adventure on your ultimate quest and that Happy Socks is gone. But keeping the priorities straight in making sure you make it back to your betrothed and beloved fans is the goal we are waiting to see. We wish you the best and are awed, amazed, and proud at all you have accomplished!

    Your Dutch Harbor Alaska fans
    Billie Jo n Roger.

  15. It’s funny Sarah, I wondered if you’d had some sort of pre-departure feeling (premonition might be too strong a word) about this leg of your epic adventure being ‘spooked’. Your pre-voyage posts weren’t always of the usual Outen optimistic variety, so who knows!
    It must be both a relief and a disappointment to abort in mid pond, but all credit to you – these decisions are really tough and your safety (probably survival in this case) is the most important thing…
    Please let us devoted followers know when we can get to shake your hand and congratulate you back in Old Blighty.
    Again – GOOD CALL!

  16. Rilla says:

    So relieved to hear you are safe and sound. I’ll continue cheering you on and hope you will continue to blog once you are rested and home. Hugs.

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