Update & lowdown: Hello November

Folks, happy November to you all ~

A little bit of a shake down herewith, given that my first three months back on land haven’t provided sufficient opportunities for sending you any great deal of procrastination material. If we reverse the thinking a bit, I remember that three months into the ocean clocked Dippers and I as only just having passed the half way mark after our crazy bit of ocean knitting. And we had just had our first 360 of the trip – the first capsize. In spite of the crazy bits, I do miss the ocean and our simple life on the waves.

Do I pass?

I think that I could just about pass for a fully normalised ‘Real Worlder’. What do you think? Certainly the wobbling, freaking out and derailing happens less frequently nowadays. This is most definitely a good thing as the re-entry to the aforementioned ‘Real World’ has been a great deal trickier than I found the previously aforementioned crazy bit of knitting in the middle of the ocean.

Talking, speaking, talking Showing employees at AB Agri around the lovely Dippers

Yes, these are both the same thing and I am doing huge amounts of both at the moment, while still being surprised and overjoyed at the fact that I can earn a living essentially from telling my favourite adventure stories. It is great fun, challenging and hugely interesting to meet such very different audiences.  So far I have spoken at corporate gigs, given assemblies to little people through to bigger people; I have lectured to boardrooms and conjured up the ocean in Scout huts; shared my lessons with Executives at business breakfast clubs and eased folks through the post-luncheon haze and  also entertained merry diners at, well, er, after dinner events. Tomorrow I will be in Chester cathedral, next week at Windsor Castle and the following week back in my beloved Oxford. Each day is different and I am loving the challenge of tailoring my tales to the varied groups.

Please email info@womenspeakers.co.uk if you are interested in getting me in to share some salty tales with your crew. The story is so versatile that any message can be woven in, so long as it is not about reducing chocolate consumption. That would be too tricky.

Primary visit


It is a fickle world, this literary one and the much-dreamed of advance is still only hypothetical and much dreamed of. As such, I am taking the opportunity to keep my bank manager happy by the more immediate rewards obtained from speaking engagements. Fear not, we’re still aiming at a publishing date to tie in with the one year anniversary of the row, so you should have some reading material for the summer holiday.


We are currently pursuing alternative funding routes as the TV world is at least as fickle as the literary world and it looks like the best option will be to produce independently. If any corporate or individual is interested in the soft sponsorship of the documentary, which will be sold to broadcasters across the globe, then please email me (hello@sarahouten.co.uk).  The race is on to raise the capital before history gobbles up the living memory into the recesses of yesteryear.

Salty best,

Outey Toot Toot x

The PS Brigade

And finally, the much loved PS Brigade – singing their post scriptum notes in fine fettle, as always:

PS   30th November: 7.30pm:  Oakham School Chapel: A full length fundraising talk by Dippers and myself, complete with slides and video. Tickets available via hello@sarahouten.co.uk or by calling 07916 167540

PPS   23rd November: 7.30pm : BBC 1 East Midlands Today. A little documentary about Dippers and I adventuring on the high seas.

PPPS   Parents, please don’t blame me when the little people say that they want to try their hand at eating five hundred bars of chocolate.

PPPPS Super pleased to report that the holes in Dippers’ hull, sustained during our reefy episode in Mauritius, are only cosmetic. She is now resting quietly, while being used for occasional photo shoots. Results from the shoots will be released in due course, but they are all quite secret at the moment.

PPPPS Very exciting news from the ocean last week : the Rt Hon Monsieur Tweedle le Grand sent me a  finmail to let me know that he and the others were now back in Perth for the summer. They send their scaly best.

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11 Responses to Update & lowdown: Hello November

  1. Jill and Stan Lewis says:

    Thanks sarah we love hearing your news, Jill and stan

  2. rosemary hamp says:

    Hi Sarah! What a lovely surprise this sunny morning in Perth to find your newsletter up on my screen! Thank you so much for keeping us all in touch with your public speaking world at the moment. Take care!

  3. Ros [Rutland Sailability] says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I have tried to follow your exploits since first hearing of you from Geoff Holt, who is a great admirer.

    You are a true inspiration to all and a role model for all those youngsters you meet. Keep up the good work

  4. Jane Spence says:

    hello Sarah,

    wonderful news that Dippers doesn’t need the boat dentist after all -just a bit of vanity work for her photoshoots. Very good to hear – but no real surprise – that you are such an in-demand speaker. Every business breakfast should have some inspiriting Outen with their muesli – outen cuisine!

    Hope Helen, Sarah’s Mum, is enjoying having you home – although it sounds as if you are an absent presence, running around the country sharing the adventures. Well, at least she knows you travel well!

    best Jane

  5. Steve Anderson says:

    I love fruitcakes, they always get better as time goes on. If only I was 30 years younger I would move back to the UK in a heartbeat!

  6. Steve Anderson says:

    In case there was any misunderstanding about my use of the word fruitcake in the previous post, there should be no negatives at all construed from it!!

  7. RoninVancouver says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Good to see you are still punning around,full of energy and keeping Dippers in the limelight. However, I keep having a recurring vision of you and Roz S. sharing a hug; and would really love having a photo of THAT! So… is there a possiblity that your paths will cross before Roz begins her walk to Brussels?

  8. anita corbin says:

    its good to get some real quality distraction again!
    looking forward to the book/film/musical/opera/tv/radio play
    keep on smiling!

  9. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hello again Sarah

    It was lovely to read your latest message and to know that you are still travelling around albeit not on the ocean but doing your talks. We certainly enjoyed hearing you in Oxford. So pleased to hear that Dippers only needs a little doing and not as first thought. You have a lovely way of wriitng your reports, can’t wait for the book.

    Take care and love to your Mum.

    C & K

  10. TERRY BRADLEY says:

    Hi SARAH
    Once again you have given us your time ,to let us know how
    you are going. Still keeping yourself on the go ,telling all of
    wonderful time with DIPPERS & Ocean.
    Good to hear DIPPER,S onlys needs a touch up after that long & adventours voyage
    Thanks again for your info ,TAKE CARE until next time
    TERRY B !!!!!!!
    P.S. Received 2nd T Shirt OK THANKS Again !!!

  11. joseph yan says:

    hey Patron,
    as read in news all going good there.
    your mauritian school splash is having a on 28 NOVEMBER with the water ski association at latitude 20° SOUTH on the CLUB MED slalom circuit a detection day.
    there wiil also be an oFfshore race to Black River 4 HR RACING; HANDI SKI . YOUTH INNICIATION, BAREFOOT AND TRAMPOLINE.
    your school is also havin on 29 NOVEMBER inthe festival kreol A NAUTICAL EVENTSthrough Marcel Noe with traditonal regatta, wind surf, optisplash, splashlaz open, hobby 14 & 16, WITH INNCIATIAN TO KAYACK AND OPTISPLASH.
    So hope it make you wonder to be with us and wish all the best to you our little indien ocean princess.
    P.S: let us know if we can do something to help you.
    god bless
    joseph yan

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