Training, training, training

Ahoy ahoy from L2L HQ!

Did anyone see what happened to January?It seems it raced on by without stopping to say hello properly. Needless to say it has been a busy month so far  at London2London HQ. Project Manager Sara Davies has been beavering on the logistics of launch day and how we ship a bus full of Rutland school kids down to join us on the day; Logistics Manager Tim Moss continues to figure out the logistics of getting kayaks out to the middle of nowhere in Far Eastern Russia while my camerawoman and support paddler Justine Curgenven circumnavigates Tierra del Fuego in a kayak! Lots of exciting announcements to follow in due course, most probably all from the brand new website which is currently being developed by Jim Shannon at NGI Creative, and due to be launched at the end of February. Meanwhile I have been brokering sponsor deals, continuing my speaking gigs, developing the educational side of the expedition with fellow nutcase and wonderful science geek Huw James , choosing colours for my new boats and squeezing training in wherever I can.

This week I have been really lucky to have three solid days of beasting with my strength trainers at the specialist centre of excellence Core Cambridge and in a few hours I shall head North for a weekend of brushing up my suturing and injecting skills with my favourite expedition doctors Sean and Caroline Hudson of Expedition Medicine.

Here is a little piece that BBC East Midlands Today filmed during my stint at Cambridge. Note the very real gurning as I squeeze out another repetition!

PS Have you pre-ordered your copy of ‘A Dip in the Ocean’ yet? Not long to go until you can get your hands on a copy – I saw my first one today and am very happy indeed.

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9 Responses to Training, training, training

  1. pamela Stocker says:

    HI there, Good to have news. Happy new year. I’m with you on January whistling by. I’m counselling if ever you need ‘ a good talking to!’, completing MA, and just finished my next textile commission. Like you, I’m doing what I want to do , and I’m a very happy bunny indeed. Be good to be in touch before you launch… Pam

  2. Barry Gumbert says:

    I love England even at your training center moving a Keg is considered “working out”.

  3. dick and maggie says:

    hi sarah

    L2L should be a large long blast. if anyone can do it, it’s you. we wait, eagerly, for the emails of progress.

    you gave us so much, as we followed you across your ocean.

    we’ll be watching on your next leg of this life.

    what is your course in canada?

    how can we get a copy of your book? (the links on your website don’t work)

    cheers and love to ya

    dick and maggie

  4. charlie says:

    Hi Sarah

    Make sure you take an autopilot on the rows. Big tip. Can’t tell you how to cycle! ha ha. All the best of luck. Charlie Pitcher

  5. Helen outen says:

    Message for Dick and Maggie…..and anyone else who wants a copy of Sarah’s book. If the links on the website don’t work you can pre order it on

  6. Gwyn Roberts says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Jane and I wish you all the best on this amazing adventure.
    Do it for your dad and for Mal. We still think you’re crazy … but
    have a wonderful time.
    Gwyn & Jane

  7. christina watts says:

    Hey Sarah ~

    Sunning myself in Antigua right now ~ when back I need to order three more Dips in the Ocean ~ my Aunts all want them for birthday presies!!!
    Keep up that training.


  8. Tom Allen says:

    That’s one hell of a gurn.

  9. Terry Bradley says:

    Hi SARAH
    Good to be back missed all thats been happening but i see you
    have been full on ,( must be overflowing with energy & euphemism).
    Good to hear that you are well advanced with your plan,
    Getting anxious for your start ,it is coming around very quick,
    Enjoyed your video ,really great to hear you while you are training
    Hope you had a great festive season ,only it passes so fast
    End of JAN already.
    Ordered DIP IN THE OCEAN at our local bookshop so will receive
    it as soon as it is in AUSSIE!!
    Keep up the good work getting organized ,hope its all going to plan
    All the best to you & your MUM take care for now
    TERRY B. WEST AUSSIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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