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We’re looking for someone who would be able and  happy  to tow an 8 m long trailer from Rutland to Southampton in time for 17th Sept, so that we can get   Dippers out of the  freighting container and into the water for her weekend of glory-basking at the Southampton Boatshow on 19/20th September. Fuel costs and two tickets to the Southampton Boatshow will be all yours. NB It is just the trailer and not Dippers that you will be towing.

Sarah has a very busy and exciting Boatshow ahead and is looking to make things as simple as possible  – hence trying to sidestep the trailering duty and avoid another day of toing and froing.

Anyone who thinks they might be able to help then please get in touch:


The Dippers Repatriation Team

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  1. Mary Ann Barton says:

    May have a possibility for you but need direct contact number to be able to talk re this matter, this is for the trailing of ‘dear dipper’
    My phone number is 01983 294747

  2. Jan says:

    Did you say fuel costs to/fro from Freo?
    Love to.
    Joking, again.

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