Tracker update

Happy to be ashore!

Happy to be ashore!

After a restless night of tracker watching and it not moving, I was relived to get a call from Sarah this morning saying they had arrived safely after a pretty gruelling crossing.  The tracker obviously knew the crossing would be tough and didn’t want to go with them! They reached Umnak Island after 15 hours of hard paddling against tides and headwinds and I think they’ve both had more enjoyable crossing then this one – they are safe and both happy to be ashore!                                      

Depending on weather and tiredness levels tomorrow, they will hopefully reach Nikolski within the next couple of days. The tracker should be sorted soon after its technical hitch and the blue dot and yellow line shall catch them up.

Happy dot watching!

Lucy x

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9 Responses to Tracker update


    It looks as if there might be one last difficult step from Ugamak to Unimak.
    But I think you have now cracked it – very well done mi’ ducks.
    You certainly have a (h)ug from Bardon Mac.

  2. Andre pitre says:

    Tanks for the good news,I am happy that you are on Umnak Island safe,Have a good rest..

  3. Gigi W. says:

    So glad to hear that all is well!! Will be awaiting the story of the crossing! Thanks for the update, Lucy!

    ~Gigi in Va. Beach, VA

  4. Bruce Ellen says:

    I have your tracker at Nikolski and whats this about roughing it in some lodge.
    More photos please.

    Take care
    Bruce from sunny Queensland.

  5. geoff says:

    well done Sarah, 15 hrs is BIG in a hostile ocean. Taking a keen interest back here.

  6. Averil trott says:

    Just learned my new fact for the day – Nikolski is reputed by some to be the oldest continuously occupied site in the world. Hope they have a modern hot shower/ bath for you to enjoy. You cannot be totally refreshed by history. Well done on your tremendous achievement in getting so far. Love Averil.

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Averill,

      Indeed – the culture here is historic. And yes, all the mod cons so we ave been enjoying showers/batsh etc.



  7. Annie Thompson says:

    Well done Sarah… you are doing a fab job as ever. We are all with you.
    You are a very inspirational lady
    Stay safe and best wishes
    xx Annie xx

  8. Peat Galaktionoff says:

    Looking forward to meeting you when you get to Unalaska…look me up at the Library

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