Tower Bridge


The grin says it all – a magic day at the end of London2London:Via the World. Tears, smiles, hugs, fizz and lots of warmth.

Back under the Bridge, 4.5 years after first paddling under it.

Back under the Bridge, 4.5 years after first paddling under it.

More to follow, but for now, bed after a super happy day.

Team L2L


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15 Responses to Tower Bridge

  1. Christine Ashdown says:

    Hello Sarah

    Glad you had such a tremendous welcome yesterday, just enjoy all the things over the next few days.

    All good wishes

    Kathleen and Christine

  2. Fiona Harris says:

    STELLAR achievement Sarah
    Followed your progress around the globe; the good days and bad days – my Twitter feed will be empty without your posts…
    Well done – have a good rest x

  3. Well done Sarah. I have been following you via your blogs. Has it really been 4.5 years? Your courage has been amazing. It was great to watch you yesterday on BBC TV. You should patent that smile! Hope it will not be too long until you can visit Rutland Sailability. I should be delighted to welcome you aboard our White Kinsman for a sail on Rutland Water. I am sure you deserve to rest right now but knowing you I expect that will not be for very long. Welcome back! Ros x

  4. Adrian Moss says:

    Well done and a very good interview on radio 5 live this morning

  5. Claude-Alain says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I’m so happy to see your smile under Tower Bridge! So many adventures during the past 4 years. So many encounters, joys and tears, laughter and tears, and still your incredible will to continue straight forward to finally complete this round the world like no other. I am so impressed! Well done Sarah! Congratulations from Claude and VivaLaVida!
    Now you will enjoy Lucie every day and fly with her to other projects. I wish you all the best for the coming days, months, years. Let me know if you plan to travel over Atlantic Ocean again, I would be so happy to meet you again. 🙂

  6. Gianni Simone says:

    What a roller coaster, Sarah! I’ve followed your odyssey since we met in Tokyo for the interview at the UK Embassy, and it was a great ride. You rock.
    Gianni from Japan

  7. ben james says:

    I have been following your travels since hearing you speak to Mark Radcliffe on the radio whilst rowing the Indian Ocean. You are an inspiration to me, I can’t wait for my kids to be old enough to appreciate the stories I can tell them about your adventures. you are amazing.

  8. Oliver says:

    Congratulations to finally reaching your goal! – Enjoy all the time and joy.

  9. Julian Outen says:


    Many congratulations on your amazing achievement. Sorry I could not join you yesterday to celebrate. Looks like you had a great welcome home. Glad you have made it safe and well. Enjoy your rest!


  10. ed morgan says:

    Congratulations on a GRAND trek! What an amazing journey! You will forever cherish all the memories 🙂

  11. SRS Mermaid says:

    Well done Sarah from all Rangers and cadets at SRS Mermaid we have enjoyed supporting and following your adventures

  12. Jim Robinson says:


    A great and most deserving WELCOME HOME! What else can be said? Only, “You ROCK the world!!”

    Jim Robinson

  13. virgil funderburk says:

    This is stranger that followed your trip around the world, few people like you, glad your safe. God bless

  14. Sherry Ruberg says:

    We have followed you ever since you graced us with your presence and stories of your world travels. What a joy to follow you every day and live through you vicariously. The video of kayaking through the Aleutians is fantastic and best of all, for us, we got to watch it with grandson Finn and Lisa Spitler, while on a visit with us from Adak!!
    We are glad you are finally done with this trip and what a time you had, Wow! Will miss the daily tweets of each day’s adventure but very happy you are safe and sound at home – for now…
    Congratulations to our Hero Sarah!!!!

  15. Lisa says:

    Congratulations! Such a great accomplishment. Looking forward to your next adventure!

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