To the sea and back

Round and round and round they go. The final pedal awaits. Tokyo is just around the corner.

Just 170km to go now. Pedalling upriver tomorrow and turning left for Tokyo on Monday. Too many stories from this last week to fit into a single swift post, through these tired fingers and befuddled brain. It feels like my headspace and fresh legs have abandoned me somewhat, as though they are lining up to stand down. They know what is around the corner once we hit Tokyo. A rest. A pause. A sleep.

This last week has been emotional – both looking back at what has been and ahead to what shall be. Seven and a half months out of London and heck knows how many back. But the most emotional of all journeys is not my own and yet somehow it is all of ours. For this week I have been shown the rawness and grit of much greater battles than I have fought on my way here and I have witnessed optimism and hope enough to fire me with drive forever. I have been humbled and silenced by what I have encountered on Japan’s East coast. The earthquake and tsunami of March 11th this year have devastated vast areas. Flattened towns. Claimed thousands of lives. Altered landscaped. It has reminded me of the awesome power of nature just as much as it has shown me about tenacity and fight and community.

Gulp. This was painted on to the side of a huge drum (as tall as a two storey house) laying in the central reservation in Ishinomaki.

I want to share this part of my journey properly and do it justice РI promised the people I met on my way that I would. So I shall. But not now. Next week. Japan, you have my deepest respect. I am proud to finish this leg here and begin the next part of my journey from here. Ganbatte, fight on my friend.

Sarah and Hercules x

PS Thank you to  Choshi City Hall who welcomed me to their city yesterday. It was wonderful. And thank you to Kay and Kaz who have been instrumental in showing me round and helping me prepare for the ocean next year.

PPS Thank you also to Mike from the British Embassy for all his help and for cycling with me yesterday. Hero that he is will be cycling into Tokyo with me on Monday too.



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8 Responses to To the sea and back

  1. Thank you to you Sarah. For sharing such great pictures, stories, emotions & battles with us.

  2. karel says:

    Have a good one to Tokyo

  3. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hi Sarh

    Nearly there and ready for some sleep and recharge before you set off again onthe next leg. Thank you for sharing your travels with us, we shall look forward to reading all your reports etc in the coming weeks, the highs and low’s.

    Do enjoy Tokyo, what a hero you are too along with Mike from the Embassy.

    Are you on track for the time that you had planned to be at Tokyo.

    Love to you and take care

    C & K

  4. Currin says:

    Good going Sarah…Tokyo will be unbelievable as well…I could only absorb so much after living nine years there…in a lifetime one could never exhaust the possibilities. Of course you know this from your own travels. Enjoy everything….!

  5. Peter Booth says:

    Yes and Thankyou from Me Sarah for sharing your stories. I guess Hercules will be ready for a good rest too. Hope you really enjoy your stay in Tokyo.Until the next time God Bless Peter.Nottingham.

  6. Alison Cavanagh says:

    Thank you Sarah for giving tutor time a sense of purpose, you are just one cross curricular magic lady.

  7. Ray Girard says:

    Feel, Sarah. Feel deeply, because THIS is your journey. Not the cycling, kayaking or rowing.

    Feel, and we all will feel through you.

  8. ian says:

    hi sarah,finished reading a dip in the ocean yesterday,what a cracking read!if possible left me even more in awe of you than ever,heart wasin my mouth as you described those last few terrifying moments,you really conveyed what i imagined your trek to be like and i was constantly suprised by how up beat you could be when so alone against the elements,truly inspiring!you are in my thoughts as you prepare for the next part of your new adventure……….

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