Time to tune in: Women's Hour & Radio 5 Live

Sorry for the radio silence of late – all has been very well in the shire but super busy too. We’ve had the Antipodean themed send-off party; I’ve had meetings and interviews and chased bits of errant kit and plugged on with the final logistics. I also rowed 32.2 miles against my old Junior School yesterday. Yes, I took on 280 little people who swam and ran their way to 88.8 miles, in doing so completely trashing my 32 miles! Happy days though – it was such a lot of fun. Amazing how long you can keep kids entertained for just by getting them to run up and down moving balls from one end of the hall to another.

Rowing radio

Quite excited about next week’s agenda – an interview with Jenni Murray on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour on Wednesday 18th February from 10-11am, and then the Richard Bacon Show on Thursday 19th February. All super exciting to have made it to the dizzy heights of national radio. Watch this space!

Meanwhile – does any techno wizard know any thing about recording sound bytes via my satphone while I’m on the ocean? Answers on a postcard please.

Finally – it’s just 2 weeks till I fly now… Tick tock tick tock!

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  1. Robert Nixon says:

    Me personally, I would call somebody on skype or similar service that has a real phone number to call through that service and then the person who receives the call would use a program like “Audio Hijack Pro” on a mac or similar on windows to capture the audio from skype. I could go into greater detail but I am not sure if you are on a mac or windows or if that is even what you wanted to do. Is this like for recording bits for us poor souls still stuck on land to hear of your adventure?

  2. Charly Sissons says:

    Hiya Sarah, sorry I missed out last night but I did give Steve his orders. Safe flying and Happy rowing and hope little Charly helps. Ma Sissons

  3. Gill Coghlan says:

    I am Sam’s Mum – and wish you every success. Gill.

  4. Helen Cassin says:

    Hi Sarah, just listened to you on radio four. You were fab! Lots and lots of luck, I’m sure you’ll be amazing. I’ll be following your progress! Love, Helen x

  5. Kevin.Durbridge says:

    Hi Sarah heard you on the radio,the very best of luck to you,i will be following you on your web site.

  6. Sara Pike says:

    Hi Sarah, heard you on woman’s hour this morning – a total surprise and what a thrill. You sounded great and as always, such an inspiration. good luck and love, Sara

  7. Ellie N says:

    Just listened to you on Women’s hour, only a few days late… Best of luck, I know you’ll be amazing. Will be following your progress and sending you texts/emails along the way… Good luck, love Ellie x.

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