Time for a rest

Happy news from Sarah and Happy Socks.

I’m so pleased and relieved to tell you that Sarah is putting her feet up in her cabin. She came within half a mile of land but the prevailing winds, swell and current were pushing her onto the rocks that circle the coves. Her support on the boat decided it was time for a tow, her safety being the main consideration as always.

If you follow the tracker it’s clear to see when the support boat met her and there were hugs all round as Sarah made human contact for the first time in 150 days. A bottle of Pol Roger champagne toasted the reunion. Now she will be towed in Happy Socks through the island passage to the harbour, a trip expected to last some 3-4 hours.

Sarah will return to this point in spring 2014 to continue her London 2 London (via the world) expedition by kayak.

Happy smiling faces from all at L2L.

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62 Responses to Time for a rest

  1. Frank says:

    Those are wonderful news, indeed!!

  2. Linda, Cambridge says:

    Fantastic news – well done!!!!!

  3. Tari says:

    MOUSE! YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!!
    I couldn’t sleep last night waiting until you dock safely, but fell asleep between 5 miles and 2.3 miles. The first thing I did when I woke up was to find out where you are and you TOTALLY did it! WHOOP! *SQUEAK*!
    Congratulations, my dear. Eat loads and loads of fruits, soak loads and loads of hot bath.
    I shall now put my final donation for now as promised. Sending the biggest of hugs all the way from Tokyo!

  4. Elaine says:

    Well Done Sarah – all looking forward to seeing you soon at Park Farm. xx

  5. Sarah Brown says:

    What utterly brilliant news! Congratulations Sarah, congratulations to the team. Love from Sarah and Colin

  6. lambtonwyrm says:

    Well done. Enjoy the rest.

  7. vernon stokes says:

    Well done Sarah !! X

  8. Jo Horrigan says:

    Congratulations. Such an amazing achievement by such an inspirational person. Amazing. : )

  9. Stace says:

    Fantastic new glad you are safe on dry land, just a bit of cycling and a quick row and you will be home……….:)
    but first rest and have fun.

  10. Stephen from Wisconsin says:

    Congratulation, the journey from Choshi to Adak has been entertaining and inspiring. Look forward to meet you again along the road somewhere.

  11. Karina says:

    Superb news Sarah,

    You are truly incredible.

    Kayak for the next leg then?

    Enjoy the rest and reunions.

  12. Sara says:

    Well Done Sarah
    Fab news, hope the bath is long and hot, you deserve it and some food that doesn’t come in one pot.

  13. Khai Nguyen says:

    Hi Sarah, I don’t know you and only learned about your expedition while I was in Adak and ran into Tony and Jim. It was such bad timing that I had to leave Adak on Sunday, otherwise I would love to have a chance to be the first ones to congratulate you in person. Those who can are privileged! Congratulations.

  14. Mark Beaumont says:

    Well done Sarah. Simply wonderful news. Mx

  15. Ian Daniel says:

    Hi Sarah,

    You are truly an inspiring woman. Congratulations on ending this leg and I look forward to hearing about your further adventures when you restart.

    Well done again,


  16. Karla says:

    Incredible. Friends who know the Aleutians were really skeptical of your chances this late into the fall when seas keep much larger boats with lots of engine power in harbor. I’m so happy to know you made it and are safely on your way to Adak.

    You might want to get in touch with Hig and Erin of Ground Truth Trekking when planning out your next leg to Anchorage. They have walked/packrafted from Anchorage to the furthest tip of the Alaska Peninsula and are adventurers in your league. http://www.groundtruthtrekking.org/

  17. Helen Leigh says:

    Sarah so pleased you made it across, was crossing my fingers and following all the way. Enjoy your well earned rest. Hx

  18. Chris Nolan says:

    Definitely time for a celebration, a hot shower/bath, a warm meal, and a long sleep! Good job to you and Happy Socks!
    I would love to shake your hand if you make it to Anchorage and say “Well Done!” in person.

    Chris in Anchorage

  19. Cindy McNamara says:

    You are an inspiration!
    You don’t know me but I have been following you on twitter for a while
    and am so happy you made dry land.
    Congratulations and enjoy a well deserved rest 🙂

  20. Scala says:

    Big congratulations are in order! Well done! Take the time needed for the onshore adjustment; check in with Chimpy and also know when to let Chimpy go his/her own way. Well done!!!!

  21. Yogi says:

    Amazing achievement. An inspiration to us all…

  22. Susan Martin says:

    That is super awesome news!!! Enjoy your hot bath, fresh food and FRIENDS!!! We are super excited for you to have reached this goal. Congratulations on a job well done!

  23. Rob Hart says:

    Congratulations Sarah. I’ve only just caught up on this and was still expecting you to have another few hours to go, so it was a nice surprise to see you’d been picked up after “making Landfall” so to speak. Hope you’re enjoying being all bundled up with nothing much to do!…… Except all the media attention you’ll now get! …. Enjoy the rest while you can! Blessings, Rob

  24. Gigi Walentiny says:

    Hopefully by now, all the boring official chores are behind you and you have filled your belly with delicious food and drink and are having your oft dreamt of hot soak!! Cheers to you, Sarah!!

    ~Gigi in Virginia Beach

  25. john globemasterone says:

    Congratulations to you Sarah and your team and those that assisted in Adak. A special shout out to Mel for your wonderful reports.
    eastern Lake Ontario

  26. Ronald says:

    Congratulations! Really enjoyed your Tweets and stories, what an amazing journey!


  27. Pete. C says:

    Congrats to the unsinkable Miss Sara Outen. I remember seeing you at the RGS Explore2012 event in London stabbing a push pin into the Pacific Ocean on the world map, with a calm but determined look on your face! Donation to the charities on its way 🙂

  28. Andre pitre says:

    Congratulations to you Sarah,I am very proud of you and your team. ,Tanks for what you shared whit us on that journey. It was like,i was on your Happy Socks A lot to learn with you!!!……Have good time on the land in Adak and for your donation i will very soon… P.S….My grand-dad is from Scottish,and i am proud of it. Now i am going to fallow your friend
    Mylene Paquette on the Atlantique and if you speak to her soon ask news on the duck(CHARLIE)..it’s mine.she will say to me, Ha Ha Tanks Sarah.Take care…xx Andre…From Quebec Canada

  29. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Wonderful news Sarah, have been awake most of the night thinking about you but will do a longer message later as I am now off to work( 5am)

    Just enjoy

    Much love

    C & K

  30. Christine & Trevor says:

    Well done Sarah, once again “all the way”. Have a well deserved break and we look forward to see you back at RW. Christine and Trevor

  31. Gordon Bunting says:

    Great Job!! Myself and my two daughters have been pulling for you and your amazing trip. Congratulations and we are glad you are safe and sound. Welcome to North America. We look forward to the kayak bike trip in 2014. Safe travels back to the UK and all the friends and family waiting you there.
    Gordon in Oregon

  32. Sandy says:

    Amazing! Wonderful!! Outstanding!!!
    I’m so glad to have been able to watch your journey as you have gone along the way….
    Time to celebrate and lots of hugs!!!

    What an awesome adventure…Looking forward to hearing more and seeing pictures of your arrival.

    Congratulations from here in Illinois….


  33. geoff says:

    Well done Sarah.

  34. jill ohalloran, PERTH WA says:

    oh fantastic Sarah, congratulations, what a brilliantly shining example of what a woman can do… great courage, tenacity and sheer grit of mind and body. Enjoy yr hot bath(s) and champagne. Looking fwd to hearing from you and one day perhaps meeting you in real time. jill in perth

  35. BPC says:

    Well done Sarah! So pleased you have made human contact and hope the hot bath is all you hoped for! Love xx

  36. John Oakley says:

    Well done Sarah! My wife and I have followed your progress daily all the way from London and we are SO pleased that you have the Pacific behind you now. Maybe we can relax for a while… but my wife has just commented that her mornings will now be very slow without your daily updates… at least until the spring.

  37. jill lewis says:

    Congratulations sarah wonder-woman. I’m glad the landing sounds much better than Mauritius.That was horrific even though i was comfortably at home xx jill and stan

  38. inspirational stuff Sarah, brilliant achievement, look forward to picking up the story in spring.

  39. Sarah says:

    Congratulations Sarah. Fantastic news. I will miss your daily posts! Have a wonderful well-deserved break and we look forward to the next stage.
    Well done!

  40. Christina Watts says:

    Phew :-)))))))

    so happy to know You Happy Socks and Chimpy have landed safely:-)))))))))))
    Knowing you now need some time to adjust and get your land legs etc back to normality –
    Looking forward to your next chapter Sarah.
    With all my love and hugs xtina

  41. Darren Gimber says:

    Superb effort Sarah.

    Great news that you made it safe & well!


  42. J says:

    I have been following you all the way, and I have been telling everyone about you. I am full of admiration for your inner chimp management, appreciation of all there is to see out there and your general approach to life, the universe and everything! I have done some long distance sailing, including through the Southern Ocean so I know what it feels like to be “out there”, though not so much the rowing part! Anyway, safe to say that I will be there following when you start again! We bought a sea kayak this year and we have been loving the expeditions up and down the East Coast rivers (UK). I will be totally gripped by the next part of your journey. What amazing fun that will be! In the meantime, enjoy all that dry land has to offer. You have earned it. I hope you don’t crash land too hard. I know it can be a shock! Be gentle with yourself and be proud. x

  43. Amy says:

    So pleased Sare, well done to you, it’s an awesome achievement. I’m really glad your team were there for the tow, and I hope you had a warm welcome on Adak.
    Enjoy that bath! xx

  44. Lisa says:

    Welcome to Adak, Sarah! And congratulations on completing a very challenging leg of your journey. It was really grand to see you come ashore: inspiring, humbling, a bit mind-boggling. I wonder if you are able to sleep tonight, without the motion of the sea… Will you have time to visit the school while you’re here? At least one kindergartner has been avidly following your voyage and is eager to meet you. (He is also really keen to have a tour of Happy Socks and meet Chimpy!)

    • Team L2L says:

      Hi Lisa,

      We are taking Happy Socks out of the water Tuesday and will have her round at our house for cleaning. Would be great to show her off once she is clean and not so smelly! Come on round. And yes, coming in to school on Thursday.

      Lovely to have you welcome us in yesterday. Massive grins.


  45. Klauai says:

    Dear Sarah,
    well done. You are really in line with other great british adventurer. Have a nice time for rest, eating and doing all things you missed in the past 5 Months. I am looking forward to know about your famous tour, restarting in spring `14.
    full of respect. Klausi
    PS like the style of your comments all the way you`ve made

  46. Kay TSUBAKI , a member of Team CHOSHI for Sarah's L2L Expedition says:

    We had worried about your destination for about 3 months ,checking your location .
    Yesterday,on Sept.22(Sun,JST), We had the Fishing Festival at Choshi-Marina, meeting officials of Coast Guard. I reported you were approaching the Adak lsl, with her last trial to get the shore.
    Anyway, We are pleased to your Safety landing to the Adak. Please,take your time to rest for the time being.

  47. Tim M says:

    GREAT! Glad you made it…………… Fantastic ! Enjoy the rest and amenities of being on land !
    So glad that Freighter missed you too !

  48. Tazzieval says:

    Congratulations Sarah, have been following your journey since Japan, what cheerful tenacity you have. Look forward to following the segment. Enjoy your rest and family and community.

  49. James Hickerson says:

    Holy Cow! A saga of courage and endurance beyond belief. Welcome to America.

  50. Roz Savage says:

    Ahhhh, I know that feeling, and it’s the best in the world!!!!

    Congratulations, Sarah, on an amazing achievement. Can’t wait to catch up over a G&T in London soon!!

    Roz x

  51. mary faught says:

    Really enjoyed your adventure Sarah..and what an amazing accomplishment. Would love you to write a book, as I’m sure there is so much you didn’t have time to tell us. I really loved that you became friends with all the fish on your journey. Hope you get your sea legs back for adventures in New York with lucy as it will be difficult to adjust to normal life on land.

  52. Sarah says:

    Thanks for all the lovely comments folks. Will be catching up with them once I have caught up with myself!


  53. Jesse says:

    Made it! Woohoo! Congratulations Sarah!!!

  54. Jenny says:

    Awesome news Sarah. I’m so happy for you but so disappointed that my day won’t be filled with listening to your phonecasts for a while. I hope you enjoy your well deserved rest.

  55. Bruce Ellen says:

    Hi Sarah.

    Congratulations on making land fall and still be able to pee for the doctor.
    Look forward to the next episode of the journey and the changes to the
    plans that may take place. [ it could be via the North West passage ] .
    How far are you into your journey from Japan to Canada [ it must be close to
    or over half way ].
    Have a rest and prepare for the next episode.
    You will DO it.
    Cheers from sunny Queensland.

  56. Nik Seymour says:

    Incredible achievement Sarah, well done. Enjoy your wee break and being on land. You should be so proud of yourself.
    Nik from New Zealand

  57. yokohama sea frinds Member says:

    Hi Sarah
    Congratulations ,
    Fantastic news-well done!

    I was relived.

  58. Frankie Owens says:

    Wow -rowed the pacific – what a girl!!! So stalwart of you to go back and do it again. That is a really tough call but now you have tamed the great ocean – unbelievable!!
    All best
    Frankie and Nick

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