Thoughts on the row ahead #1: The physical challenge

With just two sleeps to go until Gulliver and I push out to sea, I am an adrenaline-fuelled mix of excitement, calm and butterflies.

I have just made three films which I will be sharing over the next few days, looking ahead to the challenges of the Pacific, my fears and my strategies for coping.

Here’s the first one.
Sarah and Gulliver x


YouTube Preview Image
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14 Responses to Thoughts on the row ahead #1: The physical challenge

  1. Malcolm says:

    I think you are an extremely brave young lady and I wish you all the very best in the journey ahead that faces you.
    I did send you good wishes when you started out from the the Thames.Your achievement so far is inspirational. I wish you “Bon Voyage” from the Costa Blanca in Spain and will continue to monitor your progress.

  2. Louise says:

    Good luck Sarah and Gulliver – from two oldies drinking coffee safely at home. Well, listening to what you are about to do has helped me decide to enter London Marathon ballot. We will read all your emails with great interest and, as a mum, will be thinking of your mum too, who is no doubt a trifle on edge! It is so inspirational to read about your bravery and tenacity. I do think tenacity is one of the best attributes a person can have.

    Lou and Ray x

  3. john / andy says:

    hi sarah, well done for keeping going, makes rutland seem like a puddle, ha, all the best from melton mowbray
    regards John and Andy

  4. Helen Outen says:

    So pleased that you now have a departure date confirmed. Take care…………….see you at the other end for one of those BIG SQUASHY HUGS !!!!!!!!!!!
    Teifi and Evie send you a woof and a lick too………………….look after that bottom!!!!!!!!

  5. I am so excited for you. I have been watching your progress since day 1 and am thrilled this next big leg is about to start. Hope to see you on you way across North America!

  6. Ray Girard says:

    This has worked for me in the past: Find a specific word or two, like “Do it!” or “Sarah, NOW!” and resign yourself to following those words with the action you dread….without fail…immediately. Do it like an automaton, no choice, no delay. What it does is get you over the reluctance of the moment and into the action. Then you can use your will to keep you there. It gets better with use and becomes a great tool to use against any weak moment. In the vid I can hear the fear in your voice. You are not out there alone. You carry many hearts, beating with combined strength.
    Find those little instances of beauty and joy. They will sustain you.
    Our love for you will give you endless power.
    Be safe, and stay close to yourself.

  7. john Globemasterone says:

    Safe journey to CANADA Sarah. You are getting national news coverage in Canada today so our whole country is aware of what you are about to do… and our country’s heart is with you all the way. My family will be following you from Toronto and the Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario. We will also be thinking of your mom too. Congratulations on your achievements to date. ” You CAN ADA do it ! “

  8. Colin Angus says:

    Good luck Sarah!!! I know you’ve got what it takes to cross the big ol’ Pacific. It must be an exciting feeling right now. We’re looking forward to having you here in Canada soon!

  9. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hi sarah

    Good to hear this latest update, just take great care. If anyone can do this you can.

    All good wishes

    C & K

  10. Hannah D says:

    Hi Sarah ,
    I am from Stamford junior.
    Miss Craig was mentioning you in assembly and I thought I would follow you.
    Everyone from Stamford junior wishes you good luck
    Good luck!!

  11. lynne says:

    go girl, will be following you, you are so brave. just keep rowing

  12. Good luck Sarah! I’ll be following your progress in the website, from the comfort of my desk…
    From what you’ve accomplished so far I think you won’t have a problem in this new stage of your trip! 🙂

  13. Belinda Dade says:

    How frustrating that your departure date has been postponed. Still, the weather is all-important I know. I am trying to get to the gym most days and when on the rowing machine I am thinking of you! Good luck Sarah!!!

    Belinda x

  14. Theresa says:

    Row, row, row your boat 🙂 If anyone can do it Sarah, it’s you – sending you lots of luck and strength and calm days!

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