The story so far – a video

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Ahead of the expedition’s restart in April I am very happy to share this little video of the journey so far. I am no editor, so forgive the scrappy bits! Hopefully, it will give a sense of ┬ásome of the highs and lows.


Bring on Chapter 2.


Sarah x

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18 Responses to The story so far – a video

  1. Chris Weir says:

    What an inspiring video. Editing was just right. Perfect to have the whole story we have read about so far presented so succinctly. Thanks for sharing the experience, emotion and you. Chris.

  2. Anna Hill says:

    That’s brilliant Sarah! Wishing you and happy socks success, stamina & plentiful adventure.. roll on chapter 2.

  3. Leanne says:

    Great video and great track to accompany it – What is the track. Good Luck on the next chapter

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Leanne,

      The tracks are Rise and Guarantee by Eddie Vedder, off the brilliant album accompanying the film “Into the Wild’.

      Glad you like it!


  4. Sean Haywood says:

    What a fantastic feat Sarah, even without Chapter 2 you’ve done something very few humans will accomplish in a lifetime.
    We’re all looking forward to seeing you resume your journey.

  5. michael noon says:

    Thank you Sarah for the memory lane trip of the first part of your epic

    It was with joy and excitement that I followed your journey, with all its ups and downs, by the internet
    which had not even been invented when I was a lad.It was excellently presented and produced.

    Sarah you are a nice person, who has brought a whole new meaning to the phrase Indefatigable.

    I look forward very much to the resumption and successful completion of your odyssey, in Good Old London Town.. Now that will be party time.

    Sarah you are an inspiration and a credit to your family.

    Love Mike. x

  6. Belinda Dade says:

    What a great video and what fabulous music to accompany it! Well done!

    We shall be coming to the Foundation Lecture at SES in March.

    Belinda x

  7. Jim Robinson says:

    Sarah – Never for a moment have I doubted your return to the Pacific and a full completion of your journey. I’ve read your entire blog and will be keeping watch through the rest of your trip. You are a gift and inspiration to the world. God’s speed.


  8. You are amazing! Press on regardless…loved your video. Highs and Lows indeed! Cheers!

  9. Bruce says:

    Sarah, Great video!! I have been following your journey since the Tower Bridge and it has been inspiring. Glad that you survived Mawar and looking forward to your continuation. Fair winds and following seas.

  10. christina watts says:

    A M A Z I N G


    Watching that video Sarah was truly fantastic, your words and music too ~ From leaving us on the jetty, as we waved you off from Tower Bridge to the moment you were taken off Gulliver in the Pacific ~ all those memories are inspirational and there’s more to come ~
    As you have guessed I am looking forward to your second chapter ~

    Take care xxx
    big hugs

  11. gregory grech says:

    great video sarah what an achevement good luck with the rest of the journey,im sure if someone can do it then its you regards greg.

  12. Linda, Cambridge says:

    I can but echo everyone else’s thoughts – fantastic – go Sarah!

  13. Tari says:

    What a wonderful montage, Mouse!
    I see you soon! Can’t wait!!!

  14. john Globemasterone says:

    You can do it Sarah. Loved the video and soundtrack. Best wishes from Canada.

  15. nostallgiator says:

    Go Sarah! Next time for you!

  16. marie brindley says:

    Think your video was great. You have achieved so much so far. Looking forward to your next chapter and hoping the elements will be kinder to you when you row the Pacific to Canada. Every good wish for your success. Love from Marie.

  17. Andy J Lockwood says:

    Good luck Sarah.

    As ever, totally envious that you will be out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with only the sea and what it contains to accompany you.

    You are an inspiration to anyone who thinks they are in a battle and feel like giving up.

    Sending you heaps of good vibes for your journey ahead.

    Peace and love,


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