The silent adventurer

Back to the blogs means it’s adventure time again! This is Lucy here, Sarah’s fiancée. What a magical few months; how lucky I feel to have had Sarah back for 7 of these and how quickly time passes, like a blink of an eye. We’ve moved into our first house together, had our first Christmas together and have planted our first tree. I feel like the luckiest person in the world.

This finds me now quietly writing in beautiful Adak, looking out over the breathtaking mountains that surround this tiny city. I still find it strange that 100 people can be a city! The island is stunning and it feels very special to be here, to see where Sarah landed, and to meet some of the kindest people I’ve ever met who have helped Sarah and been so kind to us on her return. We’ve joined up the dots down to Camel Cove on a spectacular ‘walk’ – the most challenging ‘walk’ I’ve done in a while! While camping at our spot overlooking the cove, we were rewarded with a magical view of caribou from afar, beasts who had survived the hunting season. We were blessed with perfect weather with some token rain at the top of one of the passes to remind us just how dynamic the elements are out here.


A regular sight of an evening in Adak
A regular sight of an evening in Adak

Sarah and Justine are currently sorting and shifting and ‘umming’ and ‘arring’ about what breakfasts to take and how to fit the necessities in, such as a bottle of sloe gin, poem book and Sarah’s second love – her machete. I am always amused by the extravagance of Sarah’s packing imagination and Justine’s kind but firm practical words about the lack of space in an ocean kayak, followed by  a disappointed flicker on Sarah’s face quickly changing to her mischievous grin of, ‘I’ll show you what I can get in that thing’ and a final knowing look from Justine of,  ‘Just you wait’. Having seen later  them do a practice run of packing the kayaks I am happy to report that the machete survived kit selection and there is even enough space for some treats.

Having spent the last 2 weeks getting to know Justine better I am reassured this kayaking duo will make a great team. For one thing, the Oxford/Cambridge banter will never run dry; their competiveness about, well, everything will keep them going and their toilet humour is very much alive. All in all, this will make for an entertaining adventure to say the least.



Discussing adventure business in their office

Discussing adventure business in their office


It is exciting to think about the beautiful wildlife and the people they will encounter along the way and knowing the inspiration that they will give back to the very islands and people who invented the kayak all those years ago. A very special journey.

For now, it’s back to packing my bag to return to the UK and spending every last minute with Sarah. Two things I have learnt :

Firstly, it will be one hell of an adventure for everyone – from those two in the kayaks to all of us following at home and everyone in between;

Secondly, goodbyes seem to get harder but the thoughts of reuniting one day get stronger.


Here’s to the adventure,

Lucy x

( Have just returned to the UK since writing the blog, and the goodbye was as hard if not harder than predicated!)




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17 Responses to The silent adventurer

  1. Linda, Cambridge says:

    Welcome back to the UK, Lucy. Everyone who knows Sarah and Justine, and some who don’t (like me), but whose imagination has been captured by whole adventure, will be following their progress avidly ….. but no one more avidly than you!

  2. Shelagh says:

    Thanks so much for this update from your perspective. All of Sarah’s (and Justine’s) followers will also be thinking of you back at home. Let the adventure resume.

  3. Sarah brown says:

    A beautifully written blog. You are a brave and wonderful partner, Sarah is very lucky.

  4. Chapstick says:

    who knew you were such a writer luce, I’m going to be expecting big things in my next postcard/birthday card 🙂 you are a wonderful human being and so is your fiancee. Time will fly. Promise xxxx

  5. Sven says:

    It’s so interesting and inspireing,reading about this mad adventure, made so alive and by your blog. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  6. Belinda Dade says:

    The next chapter begins! Good luck and enjoy this leg of the journey Sarah! All the best to Justine too!
    Love from Belinda x

  7. annie says:

    Lovely, Heart felt words, it’s always more difficult for those staying at home waiting. Even more difficult when they return home with all the stories that will go on forever 🙂 But what great stories they will be. And having met both Sarah and Justine I am pretty sure they will attempt EVERYTHING going with great gusto. So many people will be thinking of you all, with lots of butterflies in their tummies…

  8. Hi Lucy, a lovely written blog, having followed Sarah’s journey to date I, like many I am sure, am really excited about her and Justine’s coming adventure and am looking forward to following their exploits on route. I am sure “Atka”, the Inuit name meaning ‘guardian spirit.’ will be overseeing their progress. Stay safe or as we say in Wales, “Cadwch yn ddiogel”…..

  9. chris duff says:

    Hi Lucy, My name is Chris Duff and I am currently in the Faeroe Islands getting ready to attempt rowing to Iceland. Thank you for such a beautifully written insight into the start of Sarah and Justine’s journey. When you are in touch with the dynamic duo please pass on my well wishes. All the very best to all of you. Stay strong and well.

  10. judith says:

    Thanks Lucy, a lovely update. I am now looking forward to reading regular blogs over the next few months and hope everything, more-or-less goes as planned over the next few months. I could never have done anything like this and so admire the spirit of those who do!

  11. Edda Stentiford says:

    Aw, Lucy, she’ll be near in your heart. And thankfully today we have gee whizz communication, which makes keeping contact a bit easier.
    Best wishes to you, Sarah and Justine.

  12. Edda Stentiford says:

    PS: Love the office. 🙂

  13. Heather says:

    Glad you are safely back in UK Lucy. Its great that you have been able to share some of Sarah’s adventure first hand and I am sure that the memories made will help sustain you both through the coming months. Love and hugs xxx Heather

  14. Chris Maylor says:

    Lucy, What a beautifully written piece. I look forward to reading more from you soon. Its always great to read Sarah’s blogs and reports, and to read things from your prospective makes the whole adventure much more complete.

    Best wishes,


  15. Ray Girard says:

    You, obviously, like the magic of words. You weild the sword very well. Thanks, in bunches, for the images and inspirations, and for the other side of this coin. Stay close to yourself, Lucy. Stay together. You are her rescue rope. Sarah is not letting her dream, be a dream. She is showing us all what life can be, ….and she can do this mysterious thing, ..because you are there!


  16. Kay TSUBAKI , a member of Team CHOSHI for Sarah's L2L Expedition says:

    I am glad to hear from you,Sarah yia your mail. Take care of yourselves.

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