Boats and Bike

Sarah started the London2London expedition in Nelson, kayaking down the Thames from London’s Tower Bridge and across the English Channel to France. She kayaked in Nelson from Russia’s Far East to Japan via the remote island of Sakhalin and then kayaked in a three piece kayak along the Aleutian Islands from Adak to Homer in Alaska.

On Hercules, Sarah cycled over 11,000 miles from France, right across Europe, Russia and China via the Gobi dessert, to the island of Sakhalin. Following the North Pacific Ocean row and kayak, Sarah has now taken up Hercules once again to cycle  from west to east across Canada and North America.

In Gulliver, Sarah started to row across the North Pacific Ocean from Japan to Canada. Gulliver sadly had to be left at sea in June 2012 after Sarah and he were hit by Tropical Storm Mawar. Gulliver was replaced by Happy Socks in whom Sarah rowed successfully across the North Pacific Ocean from Japan to the Aleutian Islands in 2013.


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5 Responses to Boats and Bike

  1. sarah you are amazing!
    im a fan of yours from sariaya quezon province, the philippines!
    i hope someday, i see you in person!

  2. James Proudfoot says:

    HI Sarah! Cool machinery! I’ve never heard of a belt drive bike before. Motorcycles, yes. Bicycles, no. All this high tech stuff is quite amazing. I hope it all works flawlessly for you during the various legs of your trip. Okay, it’s highly unlikely that it will be flawless, but let’s hope it doesn’t put you in danger, anyway.
    Thanks for all of you updates. I will continue to monitor your progress. I only wish I had heard about your trip sooner that Japan. Fare thee well!

  3. Greg Martinez says:

    Hi Sarah:

    I think it is great what you are doing. I am sorry to hear that you had an interruption in your journey because of a storm. I really hope you get back on track and make it to North America, and I really hope you finish.

    I live in Arizona, but I have traveled to Japan several times for business. It is a very beautiful country and the people are extremely friendly. I hope you enjoyed your stay there.

    Good luck and stay safe.


  4. Paul Lykins says:

    Sorry your adventure had to come to an end. I love reading about brave people like yourself. I started kayaking 6 years ago beacuse I wanted to fish in deeper water but couldnt buy a real boat. I soon fell in love with being on the water and with nature even if I didnt catch any fish. I’m sure your family and England are very happy your safe and on your way back home. I hope you get to try again soon and this time you succeed. I’m a tech geek and love your boat, it is so cool with all its technology. I’m sure I’ll read a story about your next adventure in the near future.

    Good luck,

  5. Beverley says:

    Gutted to hear your news about having to abandon the boat. Hope you continue with your journey, it’s an amazing story!