The Grand Plan

Wednesday April 1st

8am Royal Perth Yacht Club, Fremantle Annexe (Opposite Kailis – Big white gates)

This is kick off. The final countdown for Chapter 2 of the Ocean.

Here is the plan:

* We shall play ‘I come from the Land Down Under’
* You shall all stand on the dock and wave cheerio
* I shall start rowing, disappear round the corner
* You all run round to the beach to wave again
* I carry on rowing for about 100 days
* You all go and have a lovely breakfast

Perfect way to start your day if you are in Freo so do pop along if you are around.

UK time for doing a long distance wave will be staying up beyond bed time and sending good wind vibes at 1am.

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34 Responses to The Grand Plan

  1. Donald says:

    Adjust your pilot, head for Wales UK. lovely beaches, sun,handsome bronzed men on the beach, lobster suppers cant be beat.
    ps bring your own bottle

  2. Spike says:

    Good going Sarah !
    I’ll chomp on a Vegimite sarnie for brekkie in your honour.
    Fair winds and stiff rigging.

  3. Amy Middleton says:

    Wouldn’t it be 11pm our time on Tuesday evening? That is assuming Australia have also put their clocks forward.

  4. Clare Sach says:

    Good luck on your next attempt! I hope it goes well and you find your sea legs again quickly. xxx

  5. John Ashby says:

    Rest assured that many old geezers like me wish they could do what you are doing. You are an inspiration to the young generation. Take care. John.

  6. Marcel says:

    Lovely chatting to you on the phone from Gerard’s place today. It didn’t take you long to experience Mauritian hospitality. What did you think of it?
    Anyway, get rowing and blast everything out of the water.
    Yes, tell yr mum to get in touch with me.

  7. Godfolkes says:

    So pleased to hear that you are on your way again – we will do our best with the wind vibes at Iam and will wave you off!
    Our love goes with you and we shall be thinking of you. xx

  8. Charly Sissons says:

    We all wish you the best of luck and I am seeing completely properly clearly and in full colour so woo to me but a bigger for you
    Love you lots and I wish you the perfect weather
    and in panto speak break a leg (saying wish you luck is cursed!lol)
    8) x (8

  9. Mum says:

    Wow Charly !!! That’s fantasic news. I am so pleased for you. ( Ihope that you will read this when you next check Sarah’s blog)
    I shall definitely be doing the LONG DISTANCE wave at 0100hrs!!!! and cheering too.
    May the winds blow in your favour, the currents fade ( unless they’re headed west!!) and may you be safe ,strong and full of swinpily!!!!!
    Love Mum.xx

  10. Amber Woods says:

    Hi Sarah! My girls and I found your website and have been following your progress from tropical Darwin, Australia. We think you are awesome and wish you a safe trip(take two). We know you will make it in record time – thanks for letting us ride the waves with you.

  11. James Hickerson says:

    Wishing you Godspeed from New Mexico, Sarah,
    You go girl!

  12. Pam Stocker says:

    Go Girl, been good to be in touch. Don’t forget the poems! Have emailed Brunswick Group to see if they want to sponsor you. Watch the space. Rowing’s better than essays – probably!xPam

  13. Peter Roome says:

    Hi Sarah, good luck from all of us in Stamford. Fair winds and even nicer fair currents! Do keep out of that Leeuwin fella’s grasp this time. Did you know that Will is half of a two man Sandhurst boat paddling the DW in 2 weeks time, so that day he may even row further than you?!! The unfortunate part is that Carol, Tim and me are the support crew for 24 hrs… Bon voyage, Peter.

  14. Sarah says:

    Charly you made my day yesterday with the news – absolutely brilliant. And how is the new puppy?

    Marcel – wonderful wonderful Mauritian hospitality with Lina and Gerard.

    Amy – oops! Did you forget that Australia is the other side of the world and therefore opposite seasons?! We put clocks back over here so there is 7 hours difference at the mo.

    2nd time round is always best. I can take in all the views this time!

    Peter – Will did tell me about the DW. I hope you have better weather than when I did it! Jelly babies – that’s all you need. That was my favourite thing on the course.

  15. jackie warren says:

    Its good to have a trial run and sort everything out,now down to the real trip. Safe travelling and keep up your high spirt you will make it,I will be following your progress with much interest. Best Wishes Jackie Warren

  16. Yikes says:

    “Here is the plan: I carry on rowing for about 100 days”

    Now Sarah. You are the cheeriest and bravest lady I have heard of for ages, but really, what’s all this about 100 days of rowing?? What then? (Yes, I had said I wouldn’t pipe up anymore, but your 100 day comment is too inviting!!)

    Hickles has had the prevailing weather basically behind him and 100 days may have him at New Zealand, 1500 klms from start. You are heading against the prevailing conditions and it is 6,000 klms to your destination. Please give me a clue as to how your 100 days could get you so far.

    Of course I really hope you have a safe and pleasant time, but it seems so hard from the latitude you are leaving from. Hey! I have just seen that a bunch of other rowers (solo, pairs, fours) are leaving Geraldton WA in month or so, heading to the same place.

  17. Barry Gumbert says:

    Kick ass, Sarah!!!!!!

    Wanna go rowing in Glacier Bay Alaska

  18. Haven’t gone all through the comments this time Sarah.
    Last time I did there was someone who obviously knew what he was
    talking about, warning you about the dangers of being in ANY boat
    out there. And slagging your on-line supporters, for on-line supporting you.

    I think I noticed him on the foreshore as Joshua Slocum set off too!

    Go for it girl! Negativity doesn’t help.

  19. emma says:

    You are an awesome person!!!!!!

  20. Golly Gee says:

    We don’t know too much about Sarah, but your post will either have her speeding on her way quick smart, or it could encourage her to stay!

  21. Herve Figon says:

    Hi Sara
    Good luck on your venture. Having been 20 years at sea on different ships and sailed btn Fremantle and Mau a couple of times, I can only wish you the best of Luck.
    Am originally from the Island of Mau and still have relatives there. I now live in Sydney with wife Therese.
    Good Luck and God Bless

  22. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Great to hear the news again, I am sure this time the wind will be blowing in the right direction. Our love an dbest wishes for a truly safe and happy journey. We shall be following your journey all the way.

    Lots of love to you and your Mum, mustn’t forget Michael and Mtthew too.

    Much love

    Christine & Kathleen

  23. Adrian Moss says:

    Well done Sarah

    we send you all our best wishes from Chichester. I feel I should get my canoe out and do a row as well……

  24. Charly Sissons says:

    Heya Sarah
    The puppy buster is good despite having kennel cough but he is so cheeky. Foreman (cat) has accepted Buster so things are going great!
    I wish you luck for tomorrow and will be sending you “good vibes” even if i have accidentaly nodded of!
    Take care and row your best but mainly again have fun!!!
    Charly x
    oh yeah big hugs from all mum, dad buster and forman!!!

  25. Hi Sarah,

    Jamie and I want to wish you all the very best for your row. We hope you have resolved all problems and did you get the email from Phil?

    You just stay cool and calm and Dippers will do the rest!

    Love you lots E & J x
    Remember you can call us at any time – day or night! x

  26. Byrant says:

    We may be on the otherside of Oz, in Sydney, NSW, but we wish you the
    ideal push off from Fre. We will tag along behind you all the way.
    Best of good fortune.

  27. Byrant says:

    Though we are in the other side of Oz, in Sydney, NSW. we wish you
    the perfect push off from Fremantle. WE will tag along behind you all
    the way, so here’s hoping you the best of good fortune.

  28. Juliet says:

    row, row, row yer boat
    gently cross the sea
    merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
    fish ‘n’ fish for tea!

    ummm…..maybe I better not give up
    the day job! 🙂

  29. Susie Hewson says:

    Sarah we are admiring your double courage and tenacity and feel that Mother Nature will be taking great care of you on your journey. All the SISTERS will be virtually waving to you and sitting again in that crowded boat…move up make room for another:)Susie

  30. Michael Healy on the Riviera says:

    Anchors away tomorrow, and you will have many happy memories of Fremantle/Perth just as I have. I also admired you and the boat at the London Boat Show. Glad you enjoyed Jules’ and Brian’s pool and their dog down-under. I’m pledging £100 after you finish the crossing.

  31. Mum says:

    Thanks to al for their positive comments and good wishes. Its good to know she has so much support out there. Go for it Sugar Plum!!!
    See you in Mauritius!! Am just about to talk to BBC TV again!!! they rang and want to speak to me.
    Love you lots…I shall be there in spirit as you leave those Aussie shores. Mum.

  32. Jane Spence says:

    Sarah, best wishes from all at your charity Arthritis Care, we’ll be here for you if you get Rowers’ Wrist or Watermakers Elbow! Just satfone our (free) helpline if you find yourself musculoskeletally challenged!

    oh dear, if you were hoping for the proverbial Hundred Days of Solitude, it ain’t going to happen! You’ve built a big global family now – Ocean Family Outen – and we’re all going in the boat with you, admiring, envious, inspired.

    You’re seafaring for one of the last ‘firsts’ – and it’s a green and human endeavour everyone can thrill to. Enjoy it, take us with you, and take care. Forget Rower’s Wrist – we’ll see you in the Rover’s Return! best Jane

    PS have you thought of taking some chocolate?

  33. Robert Nixon says:

    Best of luck on setting out. You have a good plan and the will to make it happen. All of us here are cheering you on.

    Well, it’s almost time, by my clock half an hour to go… tick tock, tick tock…

  34. Geoff says:

    Sarah departed Fremantle 08:20 in 15knt SE breeze. Lots of wellwishers. Wonderful vibe.

    Yikes will be comforted that she has taken an outboard “just in case”.

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