the big freeze

That’s what I did today: Froze. Not in fear. Not in time. Not a super big batch of spag bol or anything foody. No – I actually froze in the cold. With the wind whipping straight down from Siberia I was chilled to the bone, my very inner core, when I stood atop the aft cabin of my dear Serendipity, clad for training in warmer climes and looking down a camera lens. All in the name of some good photos. Very excited to show you the results as soon as I receive them from the artist himself, Mr Jude Edgington. Commissioned by adidas this summer to create a portfolio of the British Olympic and Paralympic athletes ‘Britain United’ and with many celebs in his album I was super chuffed to spend the day getting cold for Jude and his assistant, Simon. Big thanks to Bryan from Rutland Watersports for chauffering them out to me, and his apprentice Luke.

Pictures to follow, and some exciting news….

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  1. BPC says:

    Hope you’ve thawed by now! Looking forward to seeing the photos, xx

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