The anticipation…

… is driving me crazy!

It’s Lucy here, Sarah’s fiancee. It’s 0915 on Saturday morning and we (Mylenne who is hosting us and Carol who secretly drove 10 hours up from Chatham as a surprise to greet Sarah) are sat round the kitchen table having a coffee and eating breakfast. At 02:00 this morning the time of Sarah’s arrival changed from 7am to 11am EST as the Federal Oshima has to be on the anchor for a few hours while they wait for a pilot to navigate the locks.

I flew in Thursday evening to Montreal, and my first time in Quebec, (I think Sarah wants me to have visited every Canadian province before the year is up) and we spent the day decorating the house and stocking up on gin.

Getting ready for Sarah!

Getting ready for Sarah!

The excitment is unbearable, I haven’t been able to sleep since 5am so have  exhausted a TV series on my laptop and watched the sunrise. The weather yesterday was raining and grey, but today, it must have received the memo, the sun is shining brightly sat in the bluest of skies.

It’s time… we are off!!!!!!!!!

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9 Responses to The anticipation…

  1. JUSTINE says:

    Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! Exciting! Wish I was there too!


    Steady as you go.

  3. Wendy Alden says:

    So many of us are very grateful you are safe. Glad Lucy was able to be there when you arrived on land. Enjoy the hours and days ahead wherever you may be!

  4. Ray Girard says:

    Sarah, …..what you have done … such a victory…..for yourself, and for us, your fans.
    Victory, Sarah.
    This is ‘victory’.

    Please accept our love!!!!!

  5. ian says:

    hi there,it must be brilliant having sarah back with you all,those of us at one remove have been fretting for her and willing her on in equal measure,so glad she’s ashore safe,time to celebrate the achievements later on,now it’s sarah time and those of you who are close will no doubt wrap her in close for a while,hope she knows just how spectacular her adventure has been,hope you all enjoy this special time,see you on the other side x

  6. Caroline says:

    Best of luck for a grand reunion.

  7. Sarah – I just want to say that your supporters are 100% behind you and your decisions. What started out as a unique adventure honouring your father and raising vital funds for wonderful charities, turned out in the end to be an extraordinary love story. Either way – every way, it is – you are – completely inspirational. To bale out before a hurricane is a triumph of good decision-making: mere egomaniacs would have stayed put – and probably paid the consequences…

    So thank you for your courage, determination, level-headedness, and cheerfulness in the face of adversity: you are an incredible role model and we salute you!

  8. Karen Wolfer says:

    James Ogilivie said it best. 🙂 We are 100% behind your decisions and are so happy for you and Lucy. Hope you have had a grand time and are enjoying that gin! 🙂 Safe travels where ever you now are headed.

  9. Andapo says:

    Wow…what a lovely welcome for Sarah!!

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