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I am part of The Adventurers Blogging Chain – where a group of like minded adventurers and expeditionists write and host blogs for each other in turn.  This week I host a piece by Mark Kalch, writing an  interesting piece about expeditions and media attention.


Adventurers and the X-Factor

When Jessica Watson sailed triumphantly into Sydney Harbour a couple of weeks ago and became the youngest, solo, unassisted, round the world yachtswoman (or man for that matter), she was welcomed by a crowd of 50 000, the Australian Prime Minister and the moment was beamed out live on national television.  Sponsors who had backed her were rubbing their hands with glee, while those who had not were most likely kicking themselves.  I, for one, was stoked for Jess.  She had set a huge goal and achieved it, in spite of a lot of knockers.  Then, I started to think.  As a professional adventurer, what on earth could I do that would illicit such a public response?  I am still thinking.  The answer, I fear is, nothing.  As a young (relatively!), fit, strong, white male I do not face a hell of a lot of obstacles in life and as a result my achievements are somewhat more expected (fair enough I suppose).  Rest assured I am not chasing acceptance or validation by the wider community.  I am most definitely in the wrong job for that.  But still, being recognised on some level, for me and others like me is absolutely necessary to make a living.  Sponsors want recognition and booking speaking engagements becomes a lot easier with a name that is known.  So, what to do?  Mmmm….?

Perhaps more quirky, novelty expeditions might work?  I am bound to get a column inch or two in the Metro or The Sun.  I will be noticed by millions, just as quickly forgotten and lose a good bit of pride.  Not the best result.  I could jump on a bandwagon (who said climate change can’t be a positive?).  Not really my thing.  It looks as though there might be only one viable path left to me, bloody hell!

Just keep going!  Not so glamorous, but results are assured and it has worked for the best.  Germany’s Huber brothers, Thomas and Alexander are two of the world’s best climbers and mountaineers.  They have been for quite some time.  Speed climbing, fast and light their speciality.  Last year they signed on to become the global face of sports giant, Adidas, new line of outdoor kit.  Cha-ching!  Sorted.  What a deal!  But, this was no overnight success.  No made for TV special got them there.  The boys are both past 40 and have been climbing since their teens.  How did they make their living all this time?  Well, you know, the usual.  Small town slide shows, an article here or there, odd jobs and they even made a movie that got some decent publicity in their homeland.  Oh, it also helped that they did some very hardcore stuff along the way.

I might never shake hands with the Prime Minister on my return from expedition or be patted on the back by 50 000 fans but I am fairly confident I can undertake some tough expeditions of my own choosing and make a good living doing it.  What more could you ask for?

For more info on Mark and his expeditions, see

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3 Responses to The Adventurers Blogging Chain

  1. RoninVancouver says:

    Hi Sarah. Thanx mucho for the wake up on Mark. Have heard nothing regarding him for quite some time. Have now put him on my email.

    Just another crazy old burned-out kayak/canoe nut who likes to follow what others are doing W5. The best exercise in the world! GO ROW!!

    Ron 😉

  2. Tim Moss says:

    Nice one Mark.

    I think we do adventures for so much more than a single reason so whilst “Youngest/fastest/first” may make a catchy tag line and get the media interested, it is a gross simplification of a wonderfully complex and beautiful experience.

    Don’t dumb down brother.

    P.S. I’ll gladly bring a home-made banner and some pom-poms to the airport next time you’re coming home.

  3. TERRY BRADLEY says:

    Hi SARAH Once again !
    Dont worry about others acomplices .you have done
    great with your own power (Who,s P.Ms. just another person)
    You still have all your blog,ers & your Indian Ocean followers
    Keep up your own goals & be happy with yourself.
    Please keep us in your journey
    Take Care TERRY B WEST AUSSIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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