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So shipping to Australia is expensive and after being let down by a certain very well known shipping company who were going to sponsor the full costs but then pulled out because they had no money (just a week before they announced sponsorship of the Southampton Boat Show in September), and in the absence of another feeling heartily generous and my funds being all cleared out, the last few costs are proving a bit of a menace to say the least.

The boat needs to be on the 31st January sailing (loaded onto the container by 28th Jan) and in the absence of the suitable coffers I am going to start swimming now – towing little Dippers behind. I won’t row as I’ll be doing plenty of that when I get there…

So if you know someone, anyone who might have a some spare dollar looking to support a record breaking charity supporting feat of brilliance, then please send them my way. And quickly, too. I’ll start swimming on Monday next week….

Nothing like a bit of time pressure to get the old heart pumping….

PS Does anyone have any goggles for the ride?

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3 Responses to start swimming now

  1. Charly Sissons says:

    Hiya What a bummer. Perhaps Charly could give you a tow? Gill S

  2. Robert Nixon says:

    Oh my, best of luck with that problem. As with all things getting there is at least half the battle. You will find a way.

  3. Plompey says:

    Bit of a pain isn’t it?
    Anyway , we’ll get there. Don’t worry.
    Love you,

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