Standing by….

Supplies for a Pacific row…Sarah-style!

Well, sort of. It is almost time to go but not quite. The weather isn’t quite ready for Gulliver and I yet, so we are staying onshore a bit longer and hoping to leave next week. As I push out from shore I will have two goals – one is to get away from Japan as quickly and safely as possible and the other is to avoid squashing by container ships and fishing boats which run up and down this coast and in and out of various ports in Choshi.

The winds look to be doing useful things next week so at the moment we are thinking of a 24/25th departure. Watch this space. News as soon as we have it…

Meanwhile we have been trucking on with final preparations… checking kit and systems, sorting and waterproofing the food and medical kits and packing it all into the boat. As I type this, Gulliver is almost finished and ready to go. Exciting, eh?! The plan is to finish the packing tomorrow, wrap up the To Do List on Saturday and then rest and sleep some more.

The sea anchor – expands under the water on a long line from the boat to stabilise in rough weather and minimise unfavourable drift

I have also been doing interviews with press around the world, so do keep an eye out for those and let us know what you see and where! The BBC’s  Sarah Teale has so far posted two of three video reports that she filmed out here in Japan last month.

More to follow over the weekend on just how to pack an ocean rowing boat…

All best and thanks for the great messages of support and wonderfully generous donations to my charities.

Sarah and Gulliver x

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26 Responses to Standing by….

  1. Elise DuFour says:

    You Go Gurl!!! I’ll be following the entire trip and I know with Ricardo assisting you in your preps you will be set and ready!!!! Fair winds and a following sea love!!!!

  2. What a brave girl you are! The very thought of the “row” that you are about to embark on, frightens me to death!!!! We will be thinking of you next week when you leave. Where are you heading to?
    Very Best of Luck to you ~~~~~~~~~~~ Pamela and Robert XX

  3. Susie Hewson says:

    when you have packed all that into that small space, can you come and do the same to the stuff in my son Andy’s room!!! Where are you hiding the chocolate and do you have enough wipes? What an amazing time for you and full of all sorts of emotions I am sure. Again we feel the blood pressure rising as we prepare for your departure- checking the blogs and reading the tweets to share the inch by inch progress across the ocean. Look out for all the debris floating out there and you might see Algalita on the horizon measuring and documenting the stuff. What books and music do you have stashed away this time I wonder? Here’s hoping for no unfavourable drifts, perfect weather, delicious pre-packed foods and lots of joyous encounters with gentle sea creatures all the way to Canada……Big hugs sarah xxxx Susie

  4. Andreas Irmer says:

    Have a save and healthy trip! Enjoy your adventure!

    Heartily greetings & best wishes from Germany

  5. Mihoko Kato says:

    Please rest your spirit until next week and get ready to fully enjoy your adventure!
    I look forward to seeing your videos and blogs from the big ocean.
    You are always in the heart of many people in the land of Japan.
    Mihoko Kato

  6. JETWAKE says:

    How will you find what you want, when you need it? I guess there is a checklist posted in the cabin…I think I heard you say 217 days of rowing to cross the Pacific! Surely you have a non stop beacon signal and your daily one ounce of dark chocolate! Love you! Godspeed Sarah!

  7. Lesley Lawton says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Best wishes from Rutland my whole family will be willing you on and keeping track of you via your emails and posts – you are soooo brave, I will tell everyone I know to follow your progress and sponsor you.

    Best wishes and good luck the Lawton family and Charlie ( puppy classes in Uppingham! ) xx

  8. Barry Gumbert says:

    It amazes me how much stuff girls always take with them…. Just kidding of course.

    A friend of mine in the merchant marines thought you were crazy for rowing the Pacific… until I told him you rowed the Indian… now he’s absolutely certain.

    I’m certain too. Certain you are amazing.

  9. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hello Sarah

    Hope the last bits of preparation go as well as all the other. We shall be following you all the way with the ups and downs. Just take great care and all good wishes.

    C & K

  10. Currin says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Just do not forget where the chocolate bars are stashed…! Looking great…! Sayonara….come back to Japan soon…!


  11. lesley says:

    Hi Sarah I wish I could send you some Tim Tams as I gave to Roz Savage and other rowers who leave Geraldton in West Australia and head for Maritius maybe when you have finished this row you could come and visit us we are a big country and I am sure you could make a great expedition and then go on to Africa anyway while your out on the ocean give it some thought have a wonderful trip stay safe and may your waves be small ones I look forward to reading your blogs God bless Lesley

    • Sarah says:

      Thanks Lesley – the sentiment is perfect! I took Tim Tams (both caramel and traditional) out on my Indian row in 2009 when I rowed from Fremantle to Mauritius. I shall definitely be back to Oz one day. All best,


  12. Sawako from New York says:

    I learned about you on a Japanese news website. How brave you are!! Gambare! I look forward to seeing you in your blog.

  13. Kiffy Mitchell says:

    This is a message from a little group at SJS – Ryan, Kata and William – who are looking on your website as a little treat at the and of a Friday afternoon lesson. We all say “Well done so far and super good luck for the next bit!”
    Kata says that she hopes this will be a wonderful life experience for you!
    I asked the children what they would like to do and – as ever- they asked for you Sarah so you are still very much in all our minds. We send you lots of positive thoughts, good waves and gentle winds – Kiffy

    • Sarah says:

      Hello Mrs Mitchell’s SJS group! Ryan, Kata and William – thanks for your lovely message. Do give a shout to Sara Davies Project Manager on to organise a little phone in to the lesson. We could surprise them?!

      Hoping the Mitchell clan are all well,

      Scooter x

  14. anna w says:

    hey sarah o. Bet you are getting twitchy now. Hope you get a good send off. Remember to stash some goodies in places you wouldnt normally expect to put so that when you happen to come across them its a real surprise! Have you got seeds this time?oh and by the way we’ve been invited to the shs reunion hog roast in the summer,haha next yr will be 10 whole years since we left!!best wishes to you, gulliver and your crew. Anna x

    • Sarah says:

      How strange that you should write. I had a dream last night that we were all back at school for some big gig. 10 years…. wow. Hoping that you and K are all super well. Can’t wait for a paddle when I get back.


  15. konsas says:

    Сара ради бога поосторожней пожалуста, береги себя!

  16. Job Ballard says:

    Brouught by bbc feature on you. Congrats and gods speed.

  17. anil says:

    in our news paper have right up about you, wish you all the best

  18. christina watts says:

    Our thoughts are with you as usual Sarah xxx can’t wait to talk to you on the blog it will seem like old days 🙂

    xtina and family

  19. Yukimi says:

    I would like to join the supporters of Sarah’s big adventure. I send you cheers from New Haven, CT., the other side of your destination, Vancouver on the North American Continent.

  20. Graeme Joy says:

    Great pic of all the gear that you need to fit in Gulliver, really puts it in perspective. Good luck for tghe departure. Looking forward to following your blog across the Pacific.

  21. Tommy T says:

    Following you all the way Sarah, great effort so far. Good luck with the start, you’ll be fine.

    No need for any more warm up laps now!


  22. Robert hinch says:

    Hi Sarah
    Hope you are well and looking forward to the next leg of your journey. Wishing you and that boat a safe trip!
    From all at Greetham Valley xx

  23. Caroline Dwyer says:

    Sarah, you are very much in our thoughts! Great coverage on East Midlands Today of your preparations last week; the presenters are full of admiration for you. I’m feeling nervous on your behalf! How on earth do you fit all the supplies in the photo in Gulliver? BON VOYAGE and we look forward to your reports from the Pacific…..above all, take care. All the best, Caroline x

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