With just hours to go until launching, it was with a heavy heart that one hour ago my weather router Lee and I decided to stand down and not launch tomorrow morning.
A strong gale which had previously been forecast to blow itself out to the south of me, is now forecast to blow right over the top and out along my proposed trajectory.
It is not sensible or safe to launch into rough conditions so close to leaving shore. We know that  I will face conditions like that  on my voyage, but to knowingly row into them so early on would be foolish and unsafe.
My apologies to those of you who have already set off or are planning to do so. Be assured you will have a warm welcome nonetheless and I shall be happy to show you round Gulliver.
So we will be on land for a few more days yet. More specifically, a week, we think – the long range forecast now shows 5th May onwards as a suitable window. But don’t hold your breath yet…
Thanks and all best, and thank goodness for weather routers and my team.
Sarah and Gulliver x
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  1. Malcolm Scriven says:

    Hi Sarah,
    How tough for you – working yourself up to go only to stand down at the last minute. You have our sympathies but I know you will cope. It was the only prudent decision you could make.
    Much love from your Qatar Fan Club,
    Malcolm xx

  2. Eduardo from Colombia says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Calling it off in the last minute because of safety issues is a good call, very professional and it shows you are in control, must be a little disappointing, but we will keep our good wishes and want you to get to north america safely.

  3. Cheekiweeki says:

    It some times reflects the character of a stronger person to ‘stand down’ when the mind, body and plans are all set for a ‘Go’ ….. Well done Sarah, We have a question? You have talked about your fear of Gulliver being capsized end to end and how bad that would be…… In the worst circumstances, if you lose your craft and were in the water…… Hate to even put these thoughts in to words …….. do you have attached to your body some kind of device that would send out a signal to the rescuers?
    We are watching your progress with bated breath………..good luck
    Pamela and Robert Cherry

  4. Libby Craig says:

    We are all thinking of you at SJS, Sarah – in fact all of SES. Thank you so much for your call – I told the children all about it in Assembly yesterday.
    We were in the new pool and sports hall complex at SS today to launch the “Campaign for Stamford” and there you were (nearly) large as life on our famous alumni board.

    Very frustrating not to launch – but in the words of the famous saying “caution is the better part of valour”. Chin up – see you in Vancouver.
    Love Libby and Philip and all your pals at SJS / SES

  5. Gigi says:

    Your safety first and foremost!! That ocean isn’t going anywhere!

    Virginia Beach, VA

  6. Tari says:

    As one tweedledee said, “Jinsei wa ichiban! Que sera sera.” Your safety and life comes first. Well then we just have to go camping then!

  7. john Globemasterone says:


  8. Comoxpaddler says:

    I am currently reading your inspirational book “A Dip in the Ocean”. Stunned to find that you are now going to paddle from Japan to Vancouver (success is, I have no doubt, assured but only because of your extraordinary courage), just a few miles to the south of where I live on Vancouver Island.

    Bon chance. You are a terrific example to the rest of us who plan our own (much smaller) paddling expeditions. Frank Clark said: “If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere”. Thank you for your honesty in speaking and writing about your fears and the psychological aspects of what you are doing. It is not the physical but the mental that makes or breaks an endeavour like yours.

  9. Susan Scott-Ker says:

    Bad weather, good call, bad for dissapointment and frustration, good for resting and fueling the engine! Keep your spirits high and smile wide…….GAGOL!

  10. christina watts says:

    Exactly as everyone else is feeling, I too say the same Sarah, and I know you will be disappointed not to have moved forward as planned xxx here’s to a better weather pattern …

    ((H))) ))) )))

  11. Sarah says:

    We had a wonderful morning showing people round the boat and taking them out rowing. So huge thanks to all who had turned up to wave us off – some travelling for hours to reach us.

    Arigatou gozaimasu x

  12. Barbara Crellin says:

    But better to be safe.
    You certainly do not want a practice lap like in the Indian
    Bit more rest for you too
    God bless

  13. Heather says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Commiserations, but good decision. Patience is a virtue. Stay positive and focused, you will go when it’s right. Thinking of you. Love from us all Heather and Cameron, xxxxxx

  14. Currin says:

    Gam Batte….Sarah….

  15. ian says:

    hey sarah,glad you didn’t set off if it’s unsafe!hope you are not too disapointed,the time will come,happy for me as i can uncross stuff again for a little while!

  16. Tim says:

    Hey Sara, its the smart thing to do……. rest up….. you’ll need it…….
    I’ll be following you………..

  17. Alex says:

    All the Best and play it safe.

    What is your ETA here in Vancouver?

    Kind Regards,

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