Spring clean

I have just had a phone call from Sarah from the middle of the ocean, very surreal! She sounds fantastic and is really enjoying herself. The weather is perferct at the moment and she has taken the opportunity to have a spring clean, washing the boat and her clothes. She is looking forward to Easter weekend and has fingers crossed that the surprise pacakge to be opened at the weekend contains mini eggs.

Wires have been slightly crossed between Sarah and I with regard to her radio 2 interview. To all of you who were planning on tuning in tonight you won’t hear Sarah! The interview has actually been organised for the 20th April to coincide with Arthritis Care Awareness Week. I will give you all a reminder before so that you don’t miss out. Sorry to disappoint.

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  1. Amanda B says:

    Hi Sarah, It’s so good to hear that you are enjoying yourself but you’ve put me to shame – how come you can spring clean out there on the open ocean when I can’t even get my act together to do the dusting on dry land?! Keep smiling – and stay away from the mystery package for a few more days! x

  2. Oaklegs says:

    Hello Sarah, I have a question for you.
    Please let us know what you think about hour after hour whilst you are rowing.
    Does your mind just switch off or do you have a mental routine that you go through just to stay focussed.

  3. Kate Llewelyn says:

    Sarah, I’m not eating my Easter eggs this year – I’ll save them to give to you when you are back in England!!! Hope you are getting to see some amazing ocean life? Kate x

  4. Spike says:

    ‘Spit & polish’ ship and personal husbandry is not just for show – The ‘wet dog’ pong of a small enclosed compartment in a moist environment is probably a pretty good incentive for a good huck-out whenever conditions are favourable ! Shows Sarah’s excellent psychological state at this stage of the trip.
    Tick VG. Good going Outey.

  5. Stuart Jones says:

    Keep it up Sara we are looking forward to seeing you at the far end.

    Stuart xxxx

  6. bastien says:

    all the best sarah. this is an amazing trip.

    take care and enjoy

  7. Mark Powell says:

    Great to see that you have time to keep ‘all decks’ in good shape. ‘A tidy ship is a happy ship’ also you are progressing so well and your spirits high just like the albatross’s.

  8. Marcel says:

    We’ll be thinking of you at Easter…like every other day since you have been at sea.

  9. Chris & Trevor says:

    Great to see you are making good progress. Pleased you are keeping ship shape, no sheep skeletons to decorate the accomodation out there!!!! We are off sea kayaking round Anglesey this weekend and will be thinking of you and the great paddles we have had with the crowd from RCC. We all wish you all the best and will be following you progress.
    Chris and Trevor

  10. rob bowditctch says:

    Thanks for the update sara you should have called mr muscle lie back and enjoy your cruise take care RGB STOKE

  11. Ken says:

    It’s a good point on how to occupy yoursef whilst undertaking something like a rowing adventure.

    I’m an ultra cylist, riding 130 miles at a time and find the time passes very quickly, since I have to navigate the roads, look out for dogs and traffic, watch some of the scenery and generally be busy moving the bike over the roads.

    But in the gym, on a spinning mchine, or treadmill, the time creeps along, because I am not visually stimulated.

    I do row, but never more than a couple of hours along a river, but I can just imagine rowing across an ocean, with no visual points to occupy one’s mind, or provide stimulation, would be one of the most tedious of activities, and one which no doubt Sarah is going to have to adjust to.

    How does one do it? You can’t watch videos, the music after a time must pall, chanting a mantra will eventually drive you nuts. I think I’d just fall asleep.

    I’ll be interested in hearing how Sarah adjusts to all of this.

  12. Jaymac says:

    Hi Sarah, well done, a great achievemant for the first week, I am the guy who could not catch up with you on a Jetski!
    Just a a reality check, during the 8th night you passed thru the 200mile out point, You have averaged 26 nautical miles a day, At this average your transit for the 3150 mile journey is 121 days, you only have food for 120 ! keep a little in reserve!
    We can still ‘see’ you on rain radar from Fremantle, you are 384 kilometeres out, and had a bit of rain in the night perhaps. Hoping that the change in weather is not too detrimental to the push westward.

    Good luck and best wishes, we are all thinking about you, (in the comfort of the Wed night bar at RPYC!)

  13. Tim in Ghana(from WA) says:

    “Happy Easter” to you Sarah and “Very Well done” on progress so far –

    Keep having fun — Enjoy the peace and quiet – too noisy here on Exploration Oil Rig !

    Take care

    Tim –

  14. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Good to hear things are still going well. We shall be thinking of you over Easter like we do everyday. Obviously another one that enjoys mini eggs, will have to sen your Mum some for your return.

    Much love, safe trip and happy rowing

    C & K

  15. Tom Talbot says:

    Sarah I tried to submit this message a few days ago. I was one of the well wishers that saw you off. I am a charter pilot and flew over you the next day at 8,30 am. I was at 6000 ft heading north and an hour later going south it was heart warming to see you way down there rowing along, we will be coming to Marishas for you arrival .All the best of luck and may all your winds be fair you sure are one gutsy girl Tom Talbot

  16. Lina says:

    Hi Sarah, We will be going on the farm tomorrow for the Easter Break, We will be meeting with Andy and Guy,the farm being close to Geraldton ( on the coast) and I am sure you will be the “talk of the town”, i will be missing watching your “track” and “blog”, will be back on Monday, and I am sure you will have done quite a few miles by then. Have a Happy Easter, and will keep some mini eggs for you when you get to Mauritius!!!!!

  17. ian brocklebank says:

    hi sarah,just to wish you a happy easter,hope you were right about the mini eggs!

  18. Mum says:

    Message for Tom Talbot….sarah was wondering ewho was in the plane the other morning. She will be pleased to know it was someone who “cares”.
    I spoke to her yesterday, and she is fine. She had found a choc bar in one of the food bags and was saving it for later in the day…she had just had a mars bar so didn’t want to eat it all at once!!

  19. Karen Buchanan says:

    Bah humbug

  20. ian brocklebank says:

    hi sarah,great to hear from you on radcliffe and maconie last night,isn’t technology amazing?it sonded as if you were right there in the room with them!pleased everything is going so well at the momwent,the thing about the jelly baby”loaf”was funny,i do the same thing with starburst!the mix up over pretty pants day was lol,it would have been great to see thier faces when they realised they had hold of the totally wrong end of the stick!hope you got back to sleep ok and continue your cracking progress.

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