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Sarah’s stories are of turning dreams into goals, of facing fear and embracing failures, of pushing on through impossibles and going back for another try.  Sarah Outen’s expeditions have pushed boundaries on possibility and potential, almost killed her on a few occasions and taught her invaluable lessons on risk, resilience, team work and forging your own path.

Her most recent London2London: Via the World expedition saw her row, cycle and kayak around the Northern Hemisphere over 4.5 years. It is a story of having a go, failing, having another go and ultimately of learning when to let go. Sarah also shares about the process of coming home after such a huge journey, and shares of her personal journey with chronic ill health and a career change into therapy alongside her three donkeys.

Since coming home from her expeditions and settling into married life, Sarah has made an award-winning feature film ‘Home’ with acclaimed Director Jen Randall. ‘Home’ can also be a part of any speaker offering, along with copies of Sarah’s books. Stories of Sarah’s expeditions resonate with all audiences and can be tailored to any event. Her trademark authenticity, energy, enthusiasm and humour, coupled with her  insight and openness to share about her mental health struggles and healing journeys make her an engaging, compelling speaker. 



‘I wanted to reach out and share the overwhelming positive response to your talk.  I was personally inspired as a female leader and think what you’ve achieved is incredible. Our best speaker yet. 

The team  really picked up on the flexibility, adaptability and agility commentary as well as our own roles (and responsibility) as “The Village” to support each other along the way.

The warmth and candidness of the whole piece also really struck home.’ Keter, 2022

‘Your talk was amazing – authentic, heart felt and incredibly inspiring. As I looked across the screen on Zoom I could see how your words were landing with the participants. I held coaching session after your talk and several of them told me how much they were impacted by your words.’ Ashridge, 2021

‘Sarah Outen is a phenomenal storyteller with a journey to share that is re so remarkable that it’s impossible to leave her sessions untouched. There are so many great learnings from Sarah’s story, and her way to capture failure and near death experiences and turn it into something applicable to YOUR life, is something that we don’t often see. We are delighted to partner with Sarah on our leadership programs and cannot recommend her high enough. ‘ Sophie Weightman, Client Relationship Director at Hult EF













For Sarah’s 2016 TEDMED talk click HERE 

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Books & writing

Sarah has written two books on her journeys –Dare to Do – published 2016 | A Dip in the Ocean – published 2011 – and will one day finally write a children’s book.

She has contributed to many books and written many articles, and one day may get round to listing them here. 


Clients include:  Jardine Matheson, Keter, ArvalAshridge Business School, Amcor, Canada Bank, Vistage, Cisco, Dentons, Do Lectures, TEDMED, The Rugby Players’ Association, Forum for the Built Environment, BecomingX, National Geographic,Canada Life, AIG, Accenture, EY, Mars, Iridium, Saatchi and Saatchi, TEDx,  Mckinsey, AT Kearney, Iridium, Endsleigh, Zurich New Re, Stars Foundation, Pets At Home, London School of Economics,  University of Oxford,  Royal Geographical Society, London International Boatshow, Vancouver International Film Festival, Kendal Mountain Film Festival, Banff Mountain Film Festival, Sunday Papers Live, Emirates Literary Festival, IMMRAMA Travel Writing Festival, Wilderness Festival, Escape the City.



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