Some more photos from the road

Ahoy ahoy!


Hercules and I arrived in Ukraine yesterday on May 3rd, having pedalled our way out of Poland, leaving behind Europe, a time zone and a world much closer to the one I know. Ukraine already feels very different and is presenting me with some interesting challenges.

I have just spent the night near L’Viv and will shortly head back out to the road and point East again. It’s been a busy few days of cycling since Krakow with 150 km averages – about 95 miles a day. It’s challenging but rewarding, too, often in the most unexpected ways. More on this with the next full blog  later this week, but for now a few photos from this last leg.

I just wanted to pop a little thank you up as well  – the messages of support, encouragement and bantering that head through to me via the various channels are great. Thanks indeed.

Until full blog o’clock,


Sarah & Hercules x



I saw more horse and cart set ups than tractors on my first day in Ukraine - and many many people working in the fields

Language is becoming more and more of a challenge as I head further East - a whole new alphabet in Ukraine

I saw lots of White Storks in Poland - many of them on nests in villages

The ultimate bird nest? On one street I counted six of these and more storks than a stork shop might have!

A beautiful wooden Greek Orthodox church just outside of Medyka, S E Poland

Bright and beautiful morning on the road in Poland

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31 Responses to Some more photos from the road

  1. Helen Outen says:

    Beautiful pictures. Hope to see more when I get the chance to access a computer again!! HAPPY CYCLING to you and the Hercy beast.
    Take care,
    Love you lots!!!!
    Mum xxxxxxxxxx

  2. veronica says:

    wonderful! gute fahrt 🙂 from the german twin sisters!

  3. Great progress Ootsy, faster than two fat men on a tandem! The crane nest is my favourite picture of your trip so far. Be safe xx

  4. Vanessa says:

    Great pictures, Sarah! It’s great to see the sights you come across each day. It sounds like all is going well. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it continues that way.

  5. Jane Hallenga says:

    Hi Sarah, lovely photos. All those cranes will bring you the good fortune you deserve! Love, Jane

  6. Poul Brix says:

    Hey Sarah,
    Just finished your book and follow your blog as well.
    Really good inspiring reading and I wish you all the best on your journey.
    One thing though, those black and white “cranes”, I believe it’s Storks 😉
    All the best, Poul x

  7. Fabulous photo’s – what wonderful memories you’re going to have (already wondering how long the next book will take to write and how many pages it will have…..!!). Just one question, have you any idea what that word means in the picture with you in it,?….the one with the arrow pointing to your head…..does it mean “crazy woman”?!!!!! Keep safe. Gx

  8. Will Hawkins says:

    Great pictures. Looking forward to the next post. Happy cycling.

  9. Amy Bryant says:

    Those birds! How incredible. Have you met any more friendly people? Can’t wait to read the next blog.

  10. Di Heelas says:

    Wow, lovely photos Sarah, following your exciting adventure from the comfort of my sofa with you every pedal of the way! Di x x x

  11. Tricia Harty says:

    Hy Sarah,
    Great to see you enjoying the beautiful countries you are travelling through.Keep safe. love Trish

  12. Gordon says:

    What a journey you’re having. At least some of this area looks flat. Brilliant pictures and really enjoy your videos. Best of luck on the next leg. (Hope you’re language skills are as good as your cycling, by the look of that sign you’ll need them) .

  13. Maria Cornish says:

    All the very best for your journey ahead. I don’t know you properly but I was inspired by your tenacity (oh shit, now I’m worrying that you might feel you need to sound tenacious!!) Oh what the hell – keep going – you’re brilliant!

  14. Hi Sarah, what a long way you are now from Rutland Water! Keep on enjoying this wonderful experience. Your friends at Rutland Sailability have not forgotten you but trying not to think about how long it will be before you visit us again. I shall keep ‘looking in’ on you whenever I can, but not for the next few weeks as I am off on a cruise to the Western Med. Hope to ‘see’ you early June via your blog and your photos. Good luck as always.


  15. Malcolm Scriven says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Keep up the good work. I’m posting your blog on my form’s wall out here in Qatar and it’s causing quite a stir. We’re thinking of you.

  16. Really enjoying following your awesome trip. You really are pushing out the miles each day – well done! Keep safe & keep up the great photos/blogs etc coming.
    Taniya & Clive

  17. Hey Sarah – a big “grin” from the Accenture team. Just finished a call with the ACG folks and they’re cooking up some interesting ways to stay connected with you. Hope you’re getting some good chocolate wherever you go …… cheers and safe cycling!

  18. Alan Thomas says:

    Great to see you the miles a multiplying on W2W

    Teifi = is also the name of a river in Dawn`s hometown St. Dogmaels/Cardigan

  19. Annie Hall says:

    I’ve always wanted to see storks on their nests. What fun your photos are, do keep taking them, and obviously keep cycling too! Lincolnshire weather today overcast, windy, so you aren’t missing anything.

  20. Sonia Peters says:

    I’m filled with admiration for yu Sarah – as I was at the NGHSchool talk – you made the whole room sit up when you flew ‘albatross style’! I think of you often and send my best wishes vibes to you – I’m sure everyone around Rutland Water joins me with their thoughts and very best wishes too – you’re truly inspirational!

    Love from Sonia and family Nottingham

  21. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hi Sarah

    Great to have some more pictures of your incredible travels. You are doing well with the miles, your journey is so inspiring. How many bars of choc are you eating a day and have you been able to get a regular supply.

    Take care and we look forward to reading your next blog


    C & K

  22. Ashika says:

    Wow Sarah…the photos you have taken are beautiful, I just adore the one of the tree and sky in Poland.. Sounds like you are exploring and have a truly wonderful time, be safe and good luck on the next part of your journey. love ash xxx

  23. BPC says:

    Loving the photos! Especially the storks… and the church and the horse and carts and the beautiful looking clear fresh days… really they all give a lovely impression of discovery and freedom! Thinking of you a plentiful. Happy pedals, xx
    ps – was gay gordons-ing at a ceildih last nights – our Loch Lomond dance – good times!

  24. Excelentes fotos, espero que subas algunas mas. Envidio sanamente el fascinante viaje que estás haciendo, todo lo que estás conociendo, otros lugares y culturas diferentes. Exitos para vos y Hércules!!!.

  25. Julian says:

    Hi Sarah! This is Julian. I’m 10 years old and I live in Illinois, USA. You’re doing a fantastic job with biking and all the other things. You have such great endurance and I fully support you in your venture around the world.


  26. Inspirational. Hope the weather improves for you.

  27. Barbara Crellin says:

    Great photos, loving your posts and following you as so many are from the sofa. The children at school are soooooooooooooooooo inspired!!
    Much love

  28. Mrs Mitchell's Y3 group says:

    We looked at your photos at the start of our lesson. It took a long time! We liked the stork and the different alphabet best. We will look again to see where you are next week!
    Mrs Mitchell’s Y3 group

  29. Great to meet you on the road yesterday – you are doing a great project!
    Forgot to say, don’t forget to register max three days after arrival in Russia!

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