Soloing the Atlantic: Sam Williams

You always feel for one of your own kind, don’t you? I am currently rooting for fair winds and happy thoughts for Sam Williams – the grown up version of this young chappy. He and I were both in the ‘No mates-I’m going solo’ group of wannabe ocean rowers that sat on tenterhooks in a cold shed, on an even colder December weekend in 2006, listening to ocean rowing guru Sally Kettle and her fiance Clint Evans giving us a ‘How to’ guide of their crossings.

He is currently 66 days into his row and 400 odd miles from Antigua. Reading his blogs these last few days reminds me of just how fickle the sea can be, and how the winds love to tease those waiting for them. You also get a sense of just how stubborn you need to be to survive out there and how much this ocean rowing lark is a mind game of who will break first- the weather or the rower?

Sam’s blogs make great reading, as does his website – such a chirpy quirky chappy and I wish him super lots of happy luck, and fair winds, for the home straight.

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