She's 24 !!!!!!!

Hi there folks!!

 Just to let you know that Sarah is now 24!!.( Sarah’s time….in UK we have to wait till after midnight!)


What a way to spend a birthday!…a wildlife trip extraordinaire I think….. I shall try to celebrate in style this evening, and join in with the party….everyone is invited….the Tweedle crowd, the Albies of course,  Bluey and any other passing fish etc….any passing ships…as long as they provide the music and the booze…I don’t think she’ll have enough otherwise……..the stars should hopefully provide the fairy lights  and maybe even the moon ……………………

Can I thank all those of you who have sent a virtual Present via the Justgiving site….there have been lots…you are all very generous.!!..though if anymore would like to drop a few squiddles into the charity site Sarah would be very pleased. Also for everyone’s comments….she is so thrilled to know that people are rooting for her and that she has your support….. I am very grateful too.

 More news….Sarah will be interviewed “live” on Radio 2   on Tuesday 26th  sometime between 8pm and 10pm…on Richard and Maconie Show…don’t forget folks.

She is also going to be on today….BBC World Service …programme “Outlook” …’s on 26th … I don’t know whether it will feature  every time the programme is on… its on at 1005,  1330,  and 2205 hrs (uk time) …………………..sorry if this all sounds complicated.

Well folks, its now after midnight here in blighty… so HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!!

From Helen ( Sarah’s Mum)

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  1. Douglas says:

    Hi Sarah! Many happy returns and keep up the good work: you’re a credit to us all (and you’re not missing anything back here in the UK just now!). Doug.

  2. Jill and Stan Lewis says:

    Have a wonderful birthday Sarah. Enjoy the party and the chaampagne.
    First thing I do every morning is look for your blog. I love Helen,s too. You are two great girls. Hope the wind is fair today. Jill and Stan

  3. Fred McConnell says:

    Hi Sarah, Happy birthday and greetings from melbourne. I have been reading and enjoying all of your blogs since day one and the warm up.
    Go west girl!! It will be all worth it!! Fred

  4. Geoff says:

    Happy Birthday Sarah! What a wonderful memory you are making for yourself. Between all the fan mail today, perhaps you will find tome to row a little party of your own:)

  5. John Skevington says:

    Happy birthday Sarah from Perth or Fremantle if you prefer. I live closer to Fremantle than Perth.
    I hope that the weather gives you the best birthday present.

  6. Steve says:

    Happy Birthday Sarah. It should be one you’ll remember for the rest of your life. I hope the weather is fair and following for you today (and the rest of the voyage too).

    Steve RPYC, Perth

  7. sally says:

    Happy Birthday Sarah.
    Will definitely drop some “squiddles” into the charity site today. Your Mum sounds like fun! Today in Perth it is glorious. Cold (well creeping up to 23) but with high, blue skies and almost windless. Wishing you some of the same. Am thinking I’ll launch the kayak later and row a few miles with you whilst eating a chocolate bar or two. Sort of a virtual b’day party. Wont be lucky enough to see any Albatross but certainly some big, kindly pelicans and if I’m very lucky a little fairy penguin.
    Wonder where you’ll be this day next year?

  8. Tom Talbot says:

    Happy birthday Sarah have a great day thinking of you all the time and looking at the tracker every day your a legion

  9. James Hickerson says:

    “and many mooooooorrrrrre”

  10. John Begg says:

    Many happy returns of the day – watching you progress with much admiration – good luck and keep rowing
    John and Elizabeth

  11. Lina says:

    Happy Birthday Sarah! Hope that all your wishes come true ( I don’t know about the Chocolate rain!!!!), Hope that the weather is good to you, and that you have a memorable day. Big kisses and Hugs from Lina and Gerard ( from Perth)

  12. Jan says:

    Best of Birthdays to you dear one.
    Have you had enough of radio interviews for a while or would you like me to see if I could line you up an appreciative ozzie audience? I’d be happy to.
    Happy watery birthday Sarah,
    Jan, Freo

  13. Kelly Scott says:

    Hey Sarh
    Best wishes for your birthday!
    Lots of love

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH! I hope you’re having an amazing time out on the Ocean, you’re doing really well! I hope you’re not having too much bad weather. Here in Nepal we’re feeling the effects of the Cyclone currently around the Bay of Bengal area.

    All the best,


  15. Happy Birthday Sara!
    We’re cheering you on.
    Keep it up, you’re doing great!!!
    – YachtPals Crew

  16. Doug says:

    Sarah, You are a real champion. My class at Applecross in Perth Western Australia follows your progress with interest. Have a great Birthday. May all your days be even better than today.

  17. Keith Kingsbury says:


  18. xtina says:

    Happy Birthday to you Sarah **************************************************************

    Hope you have a great day, the Tweedie’s, Bob and Bluey will be splashing you with wishes throughout the day….. and the Albies will enjoy watching as the stars look down on you.
    Hope you found some goodies in that birthday bag? Maybe some new socks too?
    From all the Watts family here in England xxx

  19. Jane Spence says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Wishing you a happy day and many happy returns….a stream of happy days. Have a birthday to remember and I hope the wildlife pops up to see you.
    We’re all thinking of you – it is ‘precipitating’in London and rather grey – no wonderful sunsets and best birdlife is Pigeon!

    Hope you’ve got some good presents aboard. Socks, Happy, lone rowers for the comfort of?

    All good wishes, Jane

  20. Mark Powell says:

    Happy Birthday Sarah, glad to see the progression is so good and the day can be a joy of happiness and great thoughts about arriving in Mauritus and the big celebrations on your fantastic feet along with the people who love you the most. Keep pushing on, not long till your are there.

  21. Richard Adams says:

    Happy Birthday Sarah from everybody on the Rutland Trust. We have all been following you on the tracker and are willing you on your way. It must seem a long way from Rutland Water!

  22. Alan Brazier says:

    Hi Sarah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY,I have an appology to make.I’ve been telling everyone you are already 24, sorry. But look on the bright side, it means you haven’t aged at all, in my eyes. We all sit looking at your progress and challanges.Every time i have a challange i think of you and know Sarah would just get on with it.
    My hands await your shoulders, just let me know when.
    Gods speed ( in the right direction )
    Stay safe, oh sea faring one.
    lol, Alan ( your masseur )X

  23. Rosemary Taylor says:

    Happy birthday Sarah – may it be your best and most memorable ever.
    Take care, love R

  24. Margaret says:

    Hi Sarah
    Wishing you the happiest birthday in the world and some super surfing conditions and excellent mileage, once you’ve finished celebrating of course.
    The boys have just come back from Greenland and preperations for the Tasman expedition are now in full swing. I’m following your blog regularly and keeping Chris Martin updated on your progress (he has just started his 6-month North Pacific row with Mick).
    We had a lovely weekend here and I was daydreaming of being out on a nice quiet boat just like you. Roll on January and EPIC Tasman.
    Peace out girlfriend

  25. Clare Sach says:

    Happy Birthday Sarah! You are doing really well. Eights start tomorrow so hopefully we can send you some good results. Everyone in SHBC is thinking of you and willing the weather to be kind to you for the rest of your row.
    Clare xxx

  26. ian brocklebank says:

    hi sarah,HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!hope you are enjoying your birthday feast,making goodprogress and have fair weather.
    as planned went along to the cider/folk thing and lets just say you and yours were well and truly toasted!i chose “old rosie” to toast your goodself and moved along to “broads brand”to cheer on dippers,next to bob and since the “headcracker” was off i chose traditional scrumpy,not wishing to leave anyone out i then meandered down to the foreshore with a pint of “first quality”to offer up a general salutation,since the meridian passes near cleethorpes i was even able to do it in roughly the right direction!
    that was that,went home for a long sleep,weather was kind to us weekend,yourself also i hope!

  27. Glo Pringle says:

    Happy Birthday to You!! (Much singing! – it’s my 3-year-old’s favourite song, so expect a full rendition from him!)
    Looking forward to catching you on Mark and Stuart’s show this eve!

    With best birthday wishes,

  28. Ruth Snell says:

    Happy birthday Sarah, I hope you manage to enjoy it without bad weather conditions to spoil it.
    May God go with you.
    Ruth Snell.

  29. Tony Hack says:

    Happy Birthday!

    Will listen out for you on Radio 2 tonight.

    Have a good day and keep those spirits up!

  30. Roger Rooney - Geraldton says:

    Many Happy Returns of the day, Sarah. After you get over that undersea mountain just in front of you, you will be just about at the half way mark. Bloody well done!!! And all the very best for the remainder of the journey, may you have fair winds and currents. Again, all the very best from Geraldton, Western Australia.

  31. Jean says:

    Happy Birthday Sarah.

  32. John Page says:

    Please accept out very sincere birthday wishes Sarah. We are both rooting for you and you are in our thoughts. What you are doing is inspirational!! We admire you you for your courage and determination in this project. You are not missing much here in the UK, in fact I almost wish I was there with you in the middle of the pacific, it’s hell over here………

    Anyway have a great bithday, it is one you will never forget that’s for sure. May your God be with you.
    With our best wishes
    John & Maggie

  33. Juliet says:

    in the nick of time i want to wish you a VERY happy birthday Sarah!
    I heard you on radio 2this eve and I got a tingly proud feeling inside that I know you! Keep up your amazing row, row rowing; You’re SO fab, and thanks for all you’re doing for athritis research, obviously its close to my heart!
    lots of love 🙂

  34. Juliet says:

    ummm, dont know what happened there…..i sent that message last night and its showing it sent it this morning!……oh well, cyberspace can be a funny thing! hope you enjoyed the peaches! .x.x.

  35. Ashika Gauld (National Boat Shows) says:

    Happy belated birthday, I hope you celebrated in style and had an absoultely wonderful from ashx

  36. Ray Booth says:

    Dear sarah,
    When asked what he would like for his birthday…that old rock and roller Ian Dury replied ‘another birthday’..this is what i wish for you..many more birthdays to come AND continued success with you trip.
    Something to amuse yourself with….
    You can invite 6 people(alive or dead) to a dinner party…who would they be?
    All best wishes,

  37. Happy (Belated) Birthday Sarah (slight family emergency meant I was distracted, so missed the dateline) from all of your Natracare SISTERs.
    We have posted a virtual birthday card for you on our facebook page and asked everyone to send what they can to Arthritis Care. Cheers!

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