Seven in, 80 out

Hello from the ocean – this is your rower calling… day 8 of the Atlantic and all is well. Day 8 I tell you, I think someone is playing tricks with days and dates because the days are flying by. This is by far the easiest settling in period of any of my rows so far – things feel surprisingly normal and happily free from the crippling nausea that I usually endure thanks to some additional meds from Doctor Dave on the Cape. The lack of fish feeding means I have been eating normally and have been in good shape to row as fast as possible away from land.

A beautiful day to launch

A beautiful day to launch

The weather scene has been set – it is going to be a changeable crossing with lots of cold and lots of wet… I’ve spent already 3 days cabin bound – either tied to a lobster pot or hanging off the sea anchor in adverse wind. This is has offered some great sleeping potential – much needed as the current rocks and sways Happy Socks is tiring and the adrenaline of my final week on land meant that I needed to play catch up even before that first row-through-the-night on leaving land.

I hope that the next few months follow up these days of wildlife too; I have seen wales and dolphins everyday and had 10s of birds wheeling and cruising by to survey Happy Socks or paddle patiently as though waiting for a guest appearance from something or someone.

Friends drove all the way from Quebec to say good-bye and to look after Lucy after I had gone, super special

Friends drove all the way from Quebec to say good-bye and to look after Lucy after I had gone, super special

It is reassuring and surprising to feel so at home out here so soon, land a distant memory of someone long ago. Launch day was magic and loud in energy and people. I grinned as I took it all in and soaked up the atmosphere of Chatham wishing me a fond farewell from the beach add the sun shone bright overhead. Having Lucy by my side until the last possible moment of pushing away from the dock made it all the more magic. I grinned and waved at the escort boats as they played around me and friends shouted to me, always returning to Lucy’s boat to soak up every last glimpse of her. I cried and cried when her boat turned to go, disappearing into a blip of white wake, which morphed into the land. I was alone.

The last goodbye before boarding

The last goodbye before boarding

And yet the beach turnout had just shown that I was not at all alone in spirit.

The best send off crowd a rower could ask for

The best send off crowd a rower could ask for

Thank you everyone who has journeyed and is journeying home with me. I am grateful.

From Happy Socks and me x

P.s Thanks to Jen Stello (Cape Photographs), Chris Seafurt (Mooncusser Films), Carol Penfield, Alan Cohen and Team Ryders Cove, Chatham Bars Inn, John Dickson, Mylene and Marysol, Team Allen, Chatham Coastguard, Chatham Harbour Master, for all their help in making Launch Day brilliant.

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12 Responses to Seven in, 80 out

  1. Gigi W. says:

    Best. Early. Row. Post. Ever. !!! I am so delighted to read that you’re feeling well, strong, energized, and happy! I have been sharing your journey left and right (always tickled to see the looks of amazement!) and the constant that I hear is, “What an awesome human being!!” I concur! Stay safe, row strong!

    ~Gigi in Va. Beach

  2. Christine Ashdown says:

    Hello Ssrah

    Just did a message and accicentally deleted it, so glad that you have settled in well to your row. Its great to hear about your travels, more so the send off that you got and that friends helped Lucy after you left.

    You may be out in Happy Socks by yourself but you are not alone, we are all,there with you every step of the way and your blogs make us feel as though we are there with you.

    You have done well for your first week, hope the weatber stays kind and good for you. Just think of the pleasure when you find the fish and other surprises.

    Happy rowing, happy eating and enjoy , seeing the wildlife is wonderful.

    All good wishes

    Kathleen and Christine

  3. Jane Patel says:

    Great to hear you sounding so positive Sarah and glad it is going well. Stay safe hope the weather is on your side 🙂


    It was a bit chilly and wet the other morning when I was outside working under my Reliant Robin – a challenging, plastic contraption somewhat like Happy Socks. I am now marching round the estate under Bardon Hill proudly announcing to all that, perhaps like no other, I am bravely fighting off Man Flu. What a disgraceful fraud I am. Were it not for your lovely nature I would have a conscience about my current stagy antics. What strange and wondrous sanctity you bring to our shared but disparate experiences. Thank you mi’ duck.

  5. Tony F says:

    You seem to have covered a good distance! The weather looks reasonable too. Mind you, I am sitting in rural Lincolnshire, not going up and down!

  6. Steve says:

    Hang tough in that low pressure system out there and keep and eye on the one over Oklahoma as they those ones sometimes swing up into Labrador.
    I used to cross the Bay of Fundy to Yarmouth often on a truck ferry, but still can’t really imagine what you’re going through.

  7. Ethel Leonard says:

    Oh Sarah, You are something else. So happy things are going well. Hope it continues and you make the UK safely. Hang in there. Love, Ethel

  8. Great to hear its going so well out there. It’s refreshing to hear someone thanking their good fortune, rather than being superstitious about jinxing it. I’ve always been a big fan of gratitude and thanking the good things that come your way out loud and loudly. I’ll be tracking you!

    If you need me to helicopter in and take some footage I’m game!
    Your videographer, Christopher Seufert

  9. Angie Humphreys says:

    News from Rutland is that second Osprey chick just hatched. Thank goodness for internet, where we can read your exciting blog and then the Osprey blog as we await 3rd egg to hatch. Very humbled to read of your experiences and adventures Sarah, and send Very Best Wishes for the remainder of your journey home.

  10. Margaret says:

    Good work so far. I hope the weather is not too rough or too much head wind.
    What music are you playing on your harmonica ? Do you play music any music through speakers as you row?

  11. Helen Outen says:

    Well, in just over half an hour it will be your birthday!!!!…..30 !!! where does the time go to???? I’ve just donated to your charity and the trip……every little helps.
    Hugs and love
    Mum xxx


    Did I read you were learning to play the harmonica?
    Well now, what about Toots Thielemans version of Stardust?
    It’s all there for you: the night sky, loved ones, nostalgia, the perfume of the future, and the gentle splashing of the waves on the side of Happy Socks.

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