Setting the record straight

We had a message from Sarah today asking us to set the record straight with all those who have concerns over her direction.


Amused that folks think i’m off course if not on the green line,please may u put them right.Rowing not sailing etc! All west gd west,north¬†too!

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  1. Amanda B says:

    Hi Sarah, has anyone asked you yet if you can see the green line on the sea-bed so you can follow it more accurately?! We have a huge map up on the office wall and are tracking your progress on it each day…Mauritius is a tiny little dot, please make sure you hit it! You are doing so well and you are such an inspiration – big thanks once again from us all at Arthritis Care. Amanda x

  2. Ken says:

    I have to ask, why Mauritius and not,say Madagascar?

    I know Mauritius is closer, but is that the only reason it was chosen as the destination?

    Does landing in Mauritius earn the ‘Crossed the Indian Ocean’ title?

    I presume it’s all a question of Mauritius being considered on the African continental shelf.

    Someone mentioned that Sarah’s current progress puts her in Mauritius in 120 days, yet she has food for 121 days (not much margin), is this still a problem?


  3. Hi Sarah, You’re making good progress! I hope you’re enjoying the rough and more so the smooth. Really wish I was out there enjoying the solitude… no junk mail (apart from the odd comment!) no mobile phones… nobody pushing you whilst walking down the street… enjoy it while you can! All the very best.

  4. Nick Smith says:


    Just found out about Sarah’s amazing journey. My brother, Mike Noel-Smith tried to row (with another chap)across that ocean in 2004 but they sucuumbed to a mighty wave and had to be rescued. So naturally I wish Sarah all the best and I will know track her progress.

    Go Sarah!

  5. geoff says:

    When Sarah left Fremantle second time her food stores were up to about 200 days. Standard seafearing is to allow 30% margin for error and originally she had 130 for an estimated 100 days.

    The green line is painted on the ocean floor but its too far down to sea:) That’s the technical difference between an ocean and a sea. Oceans are deeper – too deep to ‘see’ the bottom.

    The reason going north is desirable is that she enters the trade wind belt where the winds are virtually constant SE 15-25knts and will blow her across the ocean. It is a greater distance but according to the models for her progress she will get there faster going the northern route than the rhomb line (direct route). The full benefit of this track is yet to be realised.

    Sarah will wipe the bottom of Dipper’s hull periodically to remove marine growth – someone asked previously about that.

  6. sally says:

    Thanks for clearing that up Geoff. For many years i had pondered whether ocean/sea related to depth or area. What does she wipe the hull with?
    24 hour rule? whoops!
    Hi Sarah. Thanks for the call the other evening. Big thrill for me and great to hear your happy, enthusiastic voice. Onya girl.

  7. Geoff Holt says:

    Hi Sarah. The “Smelly Badger” is 7 tomorrow, he sends his love. Great progress. I hope the log book is doing its job – have you found any of my secret comments hidden within? Oh, I forgot, you read them all before you left – you horror – bet you used to sneak a peak at your prezzies under the Christmas tree too. Keep looking at them stars for me. Lots of love from the Holts.

  8. geoff says:

    OK I was kidding about the ocean v sea thing.The antifoul paint on Dippers is the same used on race yachts and is designed to gradually ‘fall off’ layer by layer as marine growth attaches. This leaves a fresh clean but still ‘repellent’ chalk-like surface. A gentle wipe is needed and a sponge is used – yes it involves a quick dip. Eventually it needs repainting – about once a year. Growth is less underway than for boats penned.

    Mauritius is closer than Madagascar and though small is easy to navigate to and, yes, it completes a crossing of the Indian Sea. Any of the islands would, but why not chose a nice one (on an air route)?

    And Sarah is unquestionably rowing. Naturally you’d pick a route that minimises opposing wind and currents exactly the same as the competitors in the Indian Sea Race are doing.(which reminds me, I hope someone is telling those competitors about the risks out there and doing their thinking for them – marine growth etc. Or is Sarah recieving faouritism?)Duh, 24hr rule.Too late Sal.

    Sarah I hope you are happy with these answers. If so just keep rowing. If not keep rowing:)

  9. My Dear Chapess, (not quite sure how to address you actually, “my dear filly” doesn’t seem quite right) Anyhow, committee very impressed with your progress and has seen fit to put through the membership without the paperwork. (you can fill out the forms when you arrive, but it’s just a formality)

    Now about the berth. Upton-Smyth has kicked up quite a fuss about having to move Lagonda’s Child’s tender around near the works jetty and as he has put up a considerable sum, all in fact, of the new “Sir Walter Centre for Sailing Excellence” we are trying to accommodate him in this regard. (Lord Snivelworth reckons we should just make him move the bloody thing, but then “Snivers’ has never really gotten over their mark rounding protest in 1946 and has born a grudge ever since so its personal you see. Normally committee would ignore the old bugger but very keen to have you pride of place they are and so on this occasion ‘Snivers’ is getting a good airing.) So I just need to forewarn you that things are a little in the balance at the moment but don’t you worry about it becuase we’ve got good people working on it and something will be sorted out in time.

    So that’s the official stuff out of the way. So how are you holding up generally? Bloody decent effort you’ve put in so far and it would be OK to have a bit of a whinge now and again. Heaven knows I do, and more now these days what with the cold. Makes my back feel like the rusty pipework like we had on the Corvettes. Scape, paint, scrape paint. That’s when they used to say “salute it and if it doesn’t salute back, then paint it”. They say Britain won the war in the air but I rather think we won it with paint – held the entire Navy together by the end. Anyhow, enough about me. How are you holding up? Better than me I expect. Can’t even get to the end of the path now without puffing like an asthmatic ant with heavy shopping. And half the time there’s nothing to collect. Of course most of the mail comes via the Royal now. Very good they are down there. Always a smile, nice cup of tea and a biscuit when I arrive and my mail on the desk waiting.

    All right then. Well jolly good. Stiff upper lip and all that. Like I say, you keep rowing and we’ll sort out about Upton-Smyth and the main jetty. (bloody upstart – not like his father. Knew his father I did. Good sort, tough but fair. Self made if you know the sort. Bit of the silver spoon we’re dealing with now).

    Jolly good,

    Sir Walter Bard-Arse III
    Magazine Editor
    Royal Mega Club and Sailing
    The Fort.
    Cowes, England.

  10. Dagmar says:

    Hi Sarah, just a quick one to say you’re doing amazing progress! I look forward to listening to the recording of Radcliffe and Macoonie’s show tonight. Keep up the great stamina and strength, and enjoy the ocean, solitude and time with your thoughts!

  11. Brigitte Phillips says:

    Hi Sarah
    Sam told me about your amazing challenge so I have been following your progress with my Y10 tutor group. This morning we listened to your interview on the Iplayer and my students were amazed at how calm and determined you sound. You really are an inspiration to us all.
    Take care of yourself and continue enjoying your adventure.
    Much love

  12. Graham Hadley says:

    Noted the comment about all west gd west, North too. Still wondering why you didn’t set off from Geraldton, or Lancelin tho? Those bloody customs and excise / quarrantine people aside.
    Any how doesn’t matter now, you are so well underway to your goal that it will just give you something to gloat about when you arrive on the other side. All looking good and I hope storms hitting WA around the Perth area today and tomorrow passed you by without any hassle.
    Nice to see gw working great support guys! Great to keep up to date with Sarahs progress. Thanks.
    Whats the next moral boost Sarah? any Birthdays or significant events coming up for you to look forward too? Other than arriving and winning your ultimate prize? Sure you must have other intermediate goals on the horizon?
    Keep enjoying the adventure, Great physical and mental strength.

  13. Mum says:

    For Graham Hadley…and anyone else as well.
    Sarah will be having her 24th birthday next month. She will still be at sea then. She does have cards and a few little presents to open then.She also has a bottle of champers to drink!!

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