Serendipity and me

I have heard a few grumbles that pictures of the Maiden Voyage and subsequent outings have not appeared on my site yet – humble apologies and herewith some shots from the initial sessions. I have been amazed and super chuffed at the amount of attention she attracts at Rutland Water – plenty of folks admiring her lines and most of them telling me I am crazy too. Big thank you to the folks at Whitwell Watersports for all their help in ferrying photographers out to me and helping launch and recover her. My own launching techniques leave a little to be desired and I am sure my reversing down the slope with the trailer today was amusing to anyone watching… Funny as I should be good in reverse – I am a rower after all and backwards is the way forwards…

I think a note on the name is needed as I don’t think I’ve properly introduced her yet. She is Serendipity – a bit of wordplay on my name; a word beautiful in itself and with a lovely, exciting meaning. I believe various serendipitous things have happened to me over the last few years and hope they continue to in the future too – definitely makes life brighter. For those of you still trying to get your head round this slight tongue-twister of the word or perhaps are googling it – it means happening upon something wonderful or lovely or good when you were looking for something completely different. In a way – something good comes from everything.

So, to use a phrase I love – happy days indeed…

More news to follow on current happenings and future plans – various sponsor announcements, some tales of astro-navigation and meteorology lessons and more. Until next time. S

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  1. Jen Muirhead says:

    Thanks for the chance to go out in your boat on Rutland Water and to be one of the first people to have a go at rowing it. Fantastic fun and I’m so full of admiration for what you’re doing. There’ll be a feature on Sarah in the December issue of embrace magazine – pick up a free copy at the Rutland Times office in Oakham towards the end of November. Keep up the great work, Sarah!
    Jenefer Muirhead, editor

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