Seablog: First post from onboard Serendipity

After a good sprinkling of fairy dust & John’s clever IT wizardry we now have the means to update you from our little ocean home. The home is little, you understand, the ocean still fairly huge but we are reigning it in, ‘inch a stroke’ as my first ever rowing coach used to say. Smiled a big lot of smiles reading all the messages in response to the first 1K this morning – and continued the happy moment by eating a whole packet of those yummyy squashed fly biscuits. A very easy way to get 1500 calories in one clean swoop!

We’ve had another good run West today, topping a whole week of wonderful 40milers. Not just any old miles either, these are nautical miles, even bigger than those tincy miles you get on that faraway thing they paint green on maps and call land.

Happy days indeed – 2 more days to make the one degree 7 minutes to the East that will top target#2 of my first month at sea – reaching 100 degrees East. Think longitude – the lines running vertically but measuring distance East or West of Greenwich, the Prime Meridian.

And with that I shall sign out for the night & leave Dippers to stand sentry beneath a pretty crescent moon & starry sky. (I think she has a bit of a thing for Orion!)

S x

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20 Responses to Seablog: First post from onboard Serendipity

  1. Donald says:

    That 100 fine but make it 90 and you will only be half a world from us Brits.
    Good luck Sarah, the longest journey starts with that first step.

  2. Mel says:

    Sarah – how amazing you can blog directly – it feels like you’re just down the road rather than over the other side of the world!!! You’re doing so incredibly brilliantly out there, you sound so positive and happy and like you were born to it! Well done on your first 1K mark; 40 n miles a day seems like loads, so keep eating those fly biscuits because they’re obviously working! Thinking of you and your epic journey every day! x Mel, Neil, Daisy and Paddy

  3. Mary Jo Johnson says:

    Watching you all the way and you are doing so so well. Biscuit eating just reminded me of happy days in the north atlantic raiding the goody cupboard!!!!!Remember the starlight nights. I hope you remembered the plan of the night sky you took on deck for the night watches.With you all the way. Love Jo.

  4. Jane Spence says:

    Outen talks! She writes, she pods, she rows… great podcast, I liked the kamikaze flappers – self serving sushi. Pity they have to crashland on Dippers but it must be interesting for you to interview them close up – don’t marine biologists all spik Fish?
    Well done to you and your land, sea, and cyber elves – on schedule, on course, on target – and now online!

  5. Lina says:

    Sarah, how amazing to blog directly to your followers and well wishers, and to be able to read all your messages…..I can feel that you are enjoying the ocean ( your home for the next couple of months) It is so inspiring… Keep it up Sarah and don’t worry about the calories!!!!

  6. Rosie B says:

    Good work, Sarah! And those biscuits are amazing – I think my record is 3 packs in one day but sure you can top that!

  7. BPC and Albie says:

    Wonderful that you are able to ‘talk’ to us direct now! mega thanks to all those who have been blogging up till now keeping us updated on your progress – much appreciated!

    incredible to be thinking of you out at sea under the stars. Orion is my favourite so i am glad he is looking after you too.

    Best wishes for continued perfect seas, lots of love, xxx

  8. Tim Turnbull says:

    We’re watching your progress daily. Definitely heading in the right direction this time! Stick at it. Thinking of you.

  9. Tom Talbot says:

    Sarah the girl with lots of guts
    Her progress is great with no short cuts
    She is doing her best
    Rowing to the wes
    As she heads for Mauritius
    With our best wishes

  10. Adrian Moss says:


    Great to here from you. sounds as if you are happy and are clearly doing well. Keep it up.


  11. Amanda B says:

    Hi Sarah, how marvellous, it really does feel like you are so close! The little crosses on our office map marking your progress are advancing towards tiny Mauritius, all good stuff, but I do envy you those biscuits! Hope the fairy dust stays sprinkled. Amanda x

  12. Susie Hewson says:

    Sounds like a picnic away from the crowds, what a treat but I think a cuppa with those biscuits is a must! Big slap on the back from your SISTERS here on the green stuff, NSEW all watching you with admiration, especially that you can put those calories away guilt-free~ Susie

  13. Becca Ramsbottom says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Found out you were doing this via Hugh’s newsletter. Absolutely amazing…wishing you all the very best.


  14. Brigitte Phillips says:

    Hello Sarah

    What a fantastic achievement to have beaten your targets! I usually get sick of hearing about target setting at school but yours is very different. It’s good to read your own blog. The technical wizardry is amazing but the real focus is on you: your stamina and determination.

    Good luck with the next 1000 miles and save a few biscuits for later legs of your journey….


  15. Graham Hadley says:

    Going great guns Sarah, and the techno babble just makes it all the better. keep chewin on them biscuits, they are def working!

  16. Libby says:

    Hi Sarah. So pleased to hear that all is going well and I was thrilled and priveledged to speak to you from hospital last week.
    I am feeling well, enjoying the sunshine in my garden and thinking of you, especially at night.
    Keep up the good work.


  17. James Hickerson says:

    Continue to “walk in beauty”, lovely lady. Wishing you well all the way.

  18. Tom Watts says:

    Hi Sarah, just wanted to congratulate you on the 1000nm mark!Fantastic job. Sending good vibes across those waves. Lots of love, tom watts xx (guy’s brother)

  19. Charly says:

    Technology ay!!!
    It is uber cool
    Lots of love
    The Sissons Family

  20. Shan says:

    heard you on radio 1 the other night and you had me in stitches, and I wanted to follow your progress. You are an inspiration and an amazing character. I’m proud of you and I don’t even know you! what must your family and especially your father be feeling. Keep going and I’ll pray for a biscuit drop for you.

    Best wishes from Shan Foster

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