Seablog: Wiggling & squiggling

Day 79 has been very grey and very slow as the rain front passes through, shifting the wind and confusing the sea. Wiggling as predicted, we have completed our mid ocean drawing of Uluru (Ayers Rock). Zoom in on my tracker and you’ll see what I mean. Am considering becoming a full-time squiggler when I grow up.

Nothing groundbreaking to report, partly because the ground is some 4,000 metres below. Another beautiful high pressure system should be slotting into place after this front shifts off, leaving us with a very stable Red Carpet towards Mauritius. About time, too. I’m ready for breaking out into the 70 degree territory – the 80’s are going out of fashion, looking a bit jaded. As for that, I noticed last night that I have lost a fair bit of weight so decided not to reduce my chocolate intake too drastically too soon. I think we’ll try a ‘day on, a day off’ policy. Never did Cadbury taste so good as the solitary bar I munched today. Yum with a capital ‘Y’.

And tomorrow is our 80th day at sea. Though our 91st if we count the Warm Up lap. Soon we’ll be Centurions! Or something like that.

Well, Centurions need their sleep.

S & D and some very big rain clouds x x

PS Will be touching base with my good friends Radcliffe & Maconie at Radio 2 on 24th June between 8 and 10pm.


Xtina – Tell the boys to come North to the party. Great high pressure system coming in after this front, all beautifully carpeted. Was worth my easting to get north last week, methinks.

Lina – Very hard to say when I’ll get to M. At least another 40 days probably.Another 800 miles and we’ll have a better idea. Hope the shoulder is healing.

Pam Stocker – You’re right, expotition. I was listening to it rather than reading, that’s my excuse 😉 And I too am a bear of little brain.

Barry Gumbert – Can Dippers cookies be airdropped to the ocean?!

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8 Responses to Seablog: Wiggling & squiggling

  1. Dan Baker says:

    It was lovely talking to you yesterday Sarah. Very pleased the water units are working well (probably not as pleased as you are though!!). I loved your comment that one of the weird things is there’s no echo… that really made me realise the scale of what you’re doing and where you are. Love reading the blogs – keep up the good work and look forward to seeing you in Mauritius (ahem, I wish!). Best wishes from Dan and all your friends at Anglian Water.

  2. Jane Spence says:

    Hi Sarah,
    It’s like an etch-a-sketch squiggle – but you’re nipping along in the right direction, so very satisfying to see. Hope you clear the rain soon and begin your assault on the summit….expect you can almost smell land now – delicious Mauritius! Home for Henley?
    Glad to hear you’re back with Da Boyz on Radio 2 on June 24th – I’ll spread the word as everyone enjoys your turns on the show – and choices of music.

    Has Dippers accrued a dragnet of weed and barnacles or have the Tweedles been hoovering for you? best Jane

  3. Barry Gumbert says:

    Can Dippers cookies be airdropped to the ocean?!

    I shall call Fed-EX forthwith.

  4. ian says:

    hi sarah,glad things are going well,looking forward to hearing you on the 24th,missing the podcasts!glad you’re still finding chocolate to sustain you.
    best regards to you,dippers,bob and the tweedles!

  5. David B. says:

    Good idea on the chocolate.You can’t have too many calories, you’re a growing girl afterall. Red carpet on a deep blue sea, sounds very colorful out there.

  6. Grandma Barb says:

    Hello Sarah:
    Your blog continues to be one of my highlights of the day.
    Question #1. Do you have a little history how you’re boat got it’s name?
    ” #2. When this wonderful journey ends what will be come of the boat.
    Take care,
    Grand Barb

  7. John Williams says:

    Hi Sarah – this is when discipline really counts. It’s so easy to become lax and allow the brain to slow down. In “A Fighting Chance” Ridgeway and Blyth called it “mental plonk”. Be aware you might get stupid at some point (no sign of it yet though!). Above all, keep tethered. What a great row!
    John Williams

  8. Hi there Sarah,
    Although ou say nothing groundbreaking to report at least you are still headed in the right direction, how wonderful! 80 days at sea in a little rowing boat! Impressive. There is light at the end of the rain cloud, keep them oars a rowing!

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