Seablog: Water, water everywhere

Currently being battered by high winds, big seas and a whole lot of rain. Rowed all morning in my swimming mask-only way I could see. Soaked and exhausted, now thawing out in the cabin and conjuring up some energy for another assault. When it swings to the southeast we will fly….

S & D x (both utterly drenched but thankfully buoyant in all respects)

Radcliffe & Maconie, June 24th, 8-10pm BBC Radio 2

Marcel – Blimmin’ Brits. I apologise, my ancestors haven’t always been as polite as they should have been.

Andy Cockayne – Matey, I thought you’d never write! Abersoch indeed. It’s raining while I write – just to remind me of our happy days. Shall we climb Snowdon again to celebrate? When does Italy gain and Britain lose?

Barry Gumbert – Good ‘ole Dylan, that’s a favourite as is, ‘And death shall have no dominion’. Know them both by heart.

Kate Llewellyn – Wearing my pink t-shirt as I write. So my K.B nature is Gemini-esque, interesting. Glad League success.

Jane Speencer – Probably not in time for Pimms st Henley – if you could oblige on my behalf perhaps? Dippers is still beautiful and unbearded- I swim under and scrape off any squatters.

David B – I’m a shrinking not growing girl at present,and if the stock cupboard could maintain my 4 bars a day I would gladly oblige!

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8 Responses to Seablog: Water, water everywhere

  1. Terry Baldwinson UK says:

    Sarah; as a biologist, you will know all about evolution and adaptation. After a 100 days at sea, are you showing any signs yet of growing a fish tail? Would be a logical adaptation for all that barnacle scraping. With every good wish for completion of your epic journey.

  2. Jenna says:

    keeping my eyes on you S, and crossing everything for calmer weather with that magic carpet coming soon- then you’ll really notch up those nautical miles (did I sound a little like I knew what I was talking about there? huh huh?)- F.Y.I. that’s the full extent of my nautical knowledge!!!!
    I hope you’re dry and warm at least
    heres to a good weekend

    jen x x

  3. robert jones says:

    Hi Sarah glad to hear you are still out there doing so well keep on going.

  4. Norman Pater says:

    Hi Sarah
    Seems like ages ago that you left RPYC on April 1. Just want to say how awesome you are, still going strongly, and getting closer to the end. You are legend!

    All the very best. Hope you get easterlies soon!

    Norm XX

  5. xtina says:

    Everyone’s wet ~ Winter in the Indian i suppose.Do you have the clothes for this ? Must admit i did imagine hot sunny days for the crossing ~ keep forgetting that it is their Winter…
    I do feel that you have to contend with so much from Eddie and then he expects you to move forward as well.The swimming mask was a brilliant idea of yours, i know Guy has a snorkeling mask.
    Will be with you in positive thoughts Sarah as always, you are nearer ile Maurice than WA thank goodness.
    Told the boys about the party, but they too have been very wet. It’s a wonder you don’t catch cold’s.
    Do the Tweedles etc disappear when the rain falls?


  6. xtina says:

    Forgot to ask ~ what time difference are you right now?

  7. Will be listinging to you again on Radio 2/24th,Mike Oldfield was interviewed recently by these great guys from his yacht in Florida.
    Your doing really well, roll on for many more Red Carpet Days!!


  8. Marcel says:

    We won’t hold the sins of the fathers and forefathers against you. You will be reeling under “Rum” Punches

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