Seablog: Undercutting the final thousand

In the wee hours of Day 94, July 3rd, Dippers and I surfed past the ‘1,000 nauties to go’ sign. We’re currently 981 nauties away from the Rum Punch, being helped (and splashed alot) by SE winds and some very chunky, boisterous seas. Psychologically this is an important, double-edged stage – yes, under 1,000 means ‘miles to go’ is only three digits long now, but there is still scope for bad weather, wiggles etc etc. So while I am very excited that we are now in the ‘hundreds’ not ‘thousands’ lane, there is still lots of rowing to be done and, no doubt, many more challenges between here and my first steps on dry land. I can’t get complacent, I must keep an eye on my food supplies, I must keep rowing, I must keep the engine primed and ticking as best I can, I must not give in to complete insanity, must keep singing and dancing and so on. And so on some more. All 981 nauties.All the way in.

For it ain’t over till it’s over….

Yours in the hundreds,

S & D x x

We’ve currently at least 3,100 miles logged since leaving Freo, Aus on April 1st…..
John Murton – I have been dreaming of roast beef and yorkshire pudding recently, as any Brit from home might do out here! I look forward to meeting you very much and dinner would be perfect, thank you.

Ray in Canada- Sorry for comment upload issues. Re muscle definition- final photo will be interesting…

Alice, MMCS volunteer – Thanks for the story, may I use it in a blog? I was likewise concerned.

Fazlisa – Great comparison – think I’ll wait though!

Jamie & Emily – If you do go rowing, I know a really great boat builder :)Makes great boats and boat cakes too!

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15 Responses to Seablog: Undercutting the final thousand

  1. Geoff Holt says:

    What? You have an engine? It’s me. You though I’d disappeared didn’t you? Not so fast my ship mate. I have been “otherwise engaged” so to speak. No, that does not mean HMP Pentonville, it means big boat issues. With big boats come big problems at big cost. Methinks me stick to ickle 15ft dinghies. These 60ft monsters contain only heartache. Everything still on course, just like you. Mmm, can you smell them pina coladas wafting offshore from Mauritius? Or is that the smell of sun tan lotion on a passing cruise ship? So much news. Did you know Michael Jackson died last week. Did you know Andy Murray plays @ Wimbledon this afternoon for a place in the final? If he wins he’s British. If he loses, he’s Scottish. Keep up them strokes Outers. Still rootin’ for yer. Still stuck in Abersoch 2 years hence – didn’t escape till 10th July

  2. Jane Spence says:

    Hi Sarah,
    hurrah for the roaring nauties! I’ve been watching the tracker and figured you must be pulling out some stops and blasting a blare! we can practically see you flying over those rollers, gobbling up the miles.

    I saw the British High Commissioner in Mo had visited your blog – you see, your high table is attracting quite the best people, Tweedles, whales, nine million people with arthritis, plankton, distinguished ambassadorial types – only the elusive shark is so far missing from the placement.

    The Scots ace Andy Murray is through to the Wimbledon semis – to be played today, so it’s nice to have you two young Brits excelling at your endeavours on opposite sides of the world. For both of you, every stroke counts.

    A lot of people going to be thinking of you at Henley! best Jane

  3. ian says:

    hi sarah,massive congratulations on getting below the 1000 miles to go mark,funny how it suddunly seems a lot less far,lets hope you get the winds to peel back those miles in short order!have a great weekends rowing and finfers crossed for less splashing!

  4. Rob says:


    found you after listening to Radcliffe & Maconie

    Small boat playing this weekend – canoeing down rivers in Wales. Not quite as far but very rocky. I know its different but its all about personal achievement and getting out of the comfort zone – although not as far out as you are.

  5. Geoff says:

    Well done again Sarah. Another naughtie-stone – out of the ‘sands into the ‘dreds!

    Hang in there.

    I think your ‘demonstration’ or ‘warm up’ lap was about 400 miles wasn’t it. So really you’ve just got say, two victory laps to go. Just like taking a bow after a stellar performance. Afterall, you’ve already done the distance, now is just pulling the little line straight on the tracker.

    Good as home (from where I’m sitting)!

  6. Adrian Moss says:

    well done Sarah. Keep it up. keeping track of you and Geoff Holt so no time for making money……

    I keep rowing out to my boat in sympathy but as it is only a few hundrend yards it probably does not count!

    All the best

    Sunny and warm Chichester Harbour

  7. Jane says:

    Good to know that you have less than 1,000 to go – keep up the good work and take care. Your Dad would, I am sure, be very proud of you.

  8. Barry \"Bear\" Gumbert says:

    Triple digits WOO HOO!!!!!!!

    I’ve been slacking in my duties lately. Had to finish the bare bones version of one of my church’s website That would be the Unitarian Universalists It will get better over time.

    So slacker that I am I searched for poems/sea and found Mr Carroll picking the sand out of his toes. Seems he did not share our love for salt sores.

    A SEA DIRGE by Lewis Carroll

    THERE are certain things – as, a spider, a ghost,
    The income-tax, gout, an umbrella for three –
    That I hate, but the thing that I hate the most
    Is a thing they call the Sea.

    Pour some salt water over the floor –
    Ugly I’m sure you’ll allow it to be:
    Suppose it extended a mile or more,
    THAT’S very like the Sea.

    Beat a dog till it howls outright –
    Cruel, but all very well for a spree:
    Suppose that he did so day and night,
    THAT would be like the Sea.

    I had a vision of nursery-maids;
    Tens of thousands passed by me –
    All leading children with wooden spades,
    And this was by the Sea.

    Who invented those spades of wood?
    Who was it cut them out of the tree?
    None, I think, but an idiot could –
    Or one that loved the Sea.

    It is pleasant and dreamy, no doubt, to float
    With ‘thoughts as boundless, and souls as free’:
    But, suppose you are very unwell in the boat,
    How do you like the Sea?

    There is an insect that people avoid
    (Whence is derived the verb ‘to flee’).
    Where have you been by it most annoyed?
    In lodgings by the Sea.

    If you like your coffee with sand for dregs,
    A decided hint of salt in your tea,
    And a fishy taste in the very eggs –
    By all means choose the Sea.

    And if, with these dainties to drink and eat,
    You prefer not a vestige of grass or tree,
    And a chronic state of wet in your feet,
    Then – I recommend the Sea.

    For I have friends who dwell by the coast –
    Pleasant friends they are to me!
    It is when I am with them I wonder most
    That anyone likes the Sea.

    They take me a walk: though tired and stiff,
    To climb the heights I madly agree;
    And, after a tumble or so from the cliff,
    They kindly suggest the Sea.

    I try the rocks, and I think it cool
    That they laugh with such an excess of glee,
    As I heavily slip into every pool
    That skirts the cold cold Sea.

  9. kevin linehan says:

    hello sarah
    we MUST keep sending lots of love and good vibes to you to speed you home

  10. NickH says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Congrats on getting down to “triple digit nauties” left to go. Hope choc reserves are holding out. You sounded so up-beat and positive on your last Radio 2 broadcast and that must have been only a day or so after you went for your “un-expected” swim – you are amazing!

    Kind regards and all the best


  11. xtina says:

    Under 1000nmiles and now into only three digits ~ WOW WEE we have lift off!!!

    Positive vibes sent from us all here Sarah ~
    The Flying Ferkins crew are saluting you too!
    Guy told us on one of his last blog messages how they love to talk to you; you are still quite close to each other out there.
    Keep singing and dancing ~

  12. Susie Hewson says:

    Well done Sarah the tension for the finishing line is building. Maybe a small boat could come out to you with the chocolate supplies to ease the strokes for shore. Keep those well known spirits high and stay positive as you have already achieved a massive challenge and we are absolutely astounded by your progress and ongoing smiles.
    We are all with you in spirit in that little boat, which must be getting crowded now with all of us, the tweedles, whales, albatrosses….any turtles? Susie x

  13. Debbie Bamford says:

    Hi Sara,
    I came across you on the Radcliffe and Marconi show – and then met your mother last weekend in Peterborough!(gave her a spinning lesson) It was fab to meet her and to hear her thoughts of how you’re doing (positive by the way!!!) You were obviously a very close family I’m sure your father would be really proud to see what you’re achieving.

    You have quite a following now I think – keep it up you’re doing a brill job!! I’m looking forward to seeing you do the last stint!

    All the best

  14. Sarah just read your blog and I thought I would comment on the dancing. Jamie and I watched an Ellen MacArthur DVD yesterday and she was doing a happy dance on her boat when she took the lead in race – it reminded us of you dancing on Dippers. Although I expect yours is much more of a confined sort of dance! Now in the hundreds and getting ever closer to the rum punch, are thoughts are with you for your final leg of the journey. Love Emily and Jamie x

  15. jpdiniz says:

    Dear Sarah,
    this is Ricardo’s father in Lisbon, Portugal.
    I’d like you to know that I’m following your journey and that, once again, I wish you all the very best!
    You are simply fantastic!!! Keep going and God bless you!!!
    JP Diniz

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