Seablog: There she blows!

Well, my ‘Shark!’ call to arms yesterday yielded two whales today. Reverse psychology or something,they said. Nay sure what they were, seeing but only a brief serendipitous glimpse, but can assuredly say they were big and black and very whaley.Always welcome visitors, they arched for a gulp of air before deep diving and surfed on.

We have done much the same, though with less diving. The wind is still being kind and we have clocked beautiful 40+ milers for the past 4 days. With bright, clear nights recently I’ve been putting in extra hours, too, and if the rainclouds stay away later I shall do the same tonight. I had to leave a conversation with Orion half-finished yesterday as I kept falling asleep at the oars – usually a painful action as thwacking of ribs or bashing of fingers generally follows. From oars, not Orion, you understand he is peaceful enough.

And so this is our hello from Day 90 at sea. With 20 degrees left to run, we’re looking at a journey time somewhat longer than anticipated, but no worries, mate. All is still good in the shire of the lovely Dippers – we’re not going to starve for a good while yet and the chocolate supply is still healthy enough not to warrant undue concern. Until then, we are a happy crew.

From Day 90,
Outey Toot Toot x x

Flickertyroo -Still awaiting turtles…
Xtina – Choc supplies still good up here in the North – 4 bars today. And a packet of minstrels being saved for some time between now and M.Spoke to FF yday too. Invited them N for jelly breakfast.
John Skevington – Thanks for your thoughts . Double harness would get in the way of rowing, and I fear be a source of entanglement on an otherwise tangle-free boat. My single leash reaches to both ends of the boat. Knife handy.
Guy Warner – Wonderful poem,thanks-what’s the title?
Libby – Here’s hoping I’m home and dry before the new term! Enjoy Canada.

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8 Responses to Seablog: There she blows!

  1. Jane Spence says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Your tracker is looking fantastic – ooh, you really are powering along. Are you sure the Tweedles aren’t pushing you? or the odd pod of pilots giving you a nudge to Rum Island?

    We are having a mini-heatwave – or is it the summer? – here in blighty, so we are all wandering about complaining about the heat, humidity,sunshine etc. But loving it really. You know the form. Wimbledon is in full swing, strawberries at full splat.
    Best wishes Jane
    Glad your cupboard still has food – hope you don’t have to resort to any of the Puddings upon which you have heaped such opprobrium!

    Stay safe – and row, row, row.

  2. Jenna says:

    tracker looks superly tremendous!!! Keep up the good work rootin, tootin Outen!
    You will in a matter of weeks at this rate!!!
    Long love the 4-5 chocolate bars a day- you will never be able to indulge like this again!!!!
    Jen x x

  3. Rod Mac says:

    keep it up ur one of my hero

  4. Jane Spence says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Well done for doing interview with Leicester Sound, especially after all the events of the last few weeks – the station has put handy links to your website from their own site too!

    Hope you have had nutritious sunshine to juice up all Dippers’ wizardry and gadgetry – and fair winds to skip you over the waves today.

    best wishes Jane

  5. Guy Warner says:

    The lines ‘There’s a pleasure in the pathless wood etc’
    are from ‘Childe Harold’ – a rather long poem by Byron.

    As inspirational as you are!


  6. Grant Rodwell says:

    Hi Sarah,
    It`s almost 3 months now since we watched you fade into the distance past Freo.
    You`re doing brilliantly and we are in awe of what you have achieved.
    Keep up the great work Sarah.
    Best wishes
    Grant & Bec

  7. Phil Cheek says:

    You may be short of sharks because we`ve got a glut in the UK.
    Loads of baskers,particularly off Cornwall where several have been studied giving birth.Might give you some interesting reading when you back.
    Meanwhile keep up the good work out there.

  8. Karen says:

    Hi Sarah–greetings from a Canadian. You fascinate and inspire!I follow you and Roz Savage with complete and utter awe.

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