Seablog: The latest from the Lower Deck

Having squeezed some not-very-pretty ooze out of various sores these last few days, I have recently been sluicing the Lower Deck with iodine tincture. Rather a messy process which leaves one looking like an Oompalumpa, though not so short in the leg.

Still, it’s all in the name of medicine and a happier derriere ( though the latter is all relative), so no great drama. Until, however, you manage to lose the lid to the bottle. There has been one such great drama aboard the good ship Dippers this morning. The drama then increased when my Blue Peter styley replacement lid failed and an orange waterfall cascaded out of the wall netting and down onto everything below, leaving an orange stain saying ‘Iodine woz ere…in a BIG way’. The bottle has since been adorned with a second makeshift lid, and has been thrice taped, bagged and given a Final Warning and a Very Stern Look.

Meanwhile, I am covered in orange/brown/black tidelines, complementing my standard zinc oxide cream whitewash. It is as though I have tried out life as a chameleon, but then changed my mind part way through the colour change. Very Funny really. Here’s hoping it wears off a bit or gets bleached out by the sun before the beach – or I shall look very odd indeed. Or at least even odder than I am already going to be, wobbling ashore with uncertain land legs, sun bleached, salty and perhaps a bit dazed and confused by all the strange sights. And people – I’ve not seen one of those for 115 days. No loud noises or sudden movements, eh? Or you might scare me back out to the waves and my chameleon half-life.

Joking – I shall be supra-excited to see folks and have two (or more)sided conversations again. Warning: I may not be able to shut up – I have nearly 5 months of chatter to make up.

Mum, I promise, your long-overdue, and now very orange, hug is on its way…I shall see you in M.

From Day 115 and The Orange Team,

Outey Toot Toot x

This will make you laugh… Having finished writing the above, I thought ‘Hmf, that’s not very comfortable’. Turning over to reach said discomfort, the errant lid to the chameleon juice was retrieved. From inside my lycra shorts! I promptly promoted the whole drama to Very Very Funny status. I am a First Class muppet.


Joan B , Paul Heslop- Sign me up, sign me up! I will eat it for 3 or 5 or even 10 years if they like, for real sciencey reliability.

John Murton (BHC) – Delicious. Absolutely cannot wait. Do you have horseradish sauce in M?

Dagmar – I have ideas, I just need a willing sponsor. So I may need to rejoin the normal world first before the next adventure. Ox Alumni will be among the first to hear, worry ye not.

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12 Responses to Seablog: The latest from the Lower Deck

  1. Jill & Stan Lewis says:

    Just had to say Hi because i was 1st off the rank.
    Yes that was funny. You,ve a great sense of humour.
    Jill and Stan

  2. xtina says:

    First of all i was thinking that you were going to tell us about something else you have managed to find down under dipper’s deck, and laughing out loud to see what fun thing it could be, maybe even another bag of minstrels just turning up, like they do!!
    Then you do abit of distressing paint work and turn yourself into a chameleon ~ very funny ~lol~and now i must get my packing done.
    So whilst i am traveling please take care of yourself, and i wish you a good two days rowing, will check in again a.s.a.p.
    Iodine hugz

  3. susie Hewson says:

    must be the sun bleached hair, really having a blond moment Sarah (apologies to all blonds!)Iodine, bet that stings on said trouble spots, and then to cap it all (sic) plastic shards in the lycra – troublesome….Susie H

  4. ian says:

    hi sarah,stuff is always in the last place we’d think to look so why not start there?sure that your friends and family will be pleased to see you whatever shape you’re in!looking forward to hearing from you next tuesday on R&M.
    best regards to you and dippers

  5. Terry Baldwinson UK says:

    Ah! What a great spirit you have, Sarah! It now looks as if you will reach this journey’s end whilst I am away on holiday without access to your electronic living biography. so I could miss out on the reflected excitement of your arrival (in whatever shape or colour or odiferous state) in Mauritius. Even if you don’t actually HIT Mauritius, yours will have been a great achievement, so HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS and many, many thanks for the lively entertainment along the way, not forgetting the hilarious April Fools jest (was it really so long ago???!!!)

  6. OssyTheViking says:

    Hi Sarah
    My very best wishes to (or for) the Lower Deck going on! As my granny always said, “What doesn’t kill you, doesn’t kill you”. Us landcrabs have been bombarded by flashes from the past due to the anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the moon in ’69. (“Small step, giant leap” and so on). They took off July 16th and landed the 8 days later on the 24th. Something to think about over the oars, looking at the stars…

  7. OssyTheViking says:

    Hi again
    I looked into the Ocean Rowing Soc. webpage, and there are a couple of other people out there rowing. To maybe make you feel a bit less alone, here they are:
    * Mick Dawson & Chris Martin (GB), days at sea: 77. Route: North Pacific West to East – from Choshi, Japan to San Francisco
    * Roz Savage (GB), days at sea: 59. Solo across the Pacific E to W in three separate stages. Now crossing from Hawaii to Tovalu.
    * John Mollison (GB), days at sea: 15. Route: Atlantic W-E from Cape Cod, USA to UK
    * Peter Bray (GB), days at sea: 16. Route: North Atlantic W to E solo unsupported from St. Johns Newfoundland to Bishop’s Rock Lighthouse (Scilly Isles)
    * Also, as part of the Indian Ocean Rowing Race: Two boats are in your region: Flying Ferkins (Pairs)(lat 21°44’35 S, long 62°33’16 E) and Southern Cross (Pairs)(lat 21°50’31 S long 63°35’55 E). Five boats have retired from the race, four have landed (the 8 man Aud Eamus and three fours).
    So there you go. Plenty of other crazy people out there, a surprisingly large number of them from GB…

  8. Iona Taylor says:

    Well done is all i can say i think you are amazing to have done this.
    Well done again!!
    Besafe talk soon

  9. Jean says:

    Sarah,What are we going to do when you reach M,with no more BLOGS to read everyday,your sense of humour has been uplifting,I have followed you all the way and think you are tremendous,your Dad would be so proud.Well done !

    (Christines friend in Norwich)

  10. Marcel says:

    Spoke to Helen tonight. She got her tickets booked on BA for the 7th.and a nice accomodation package.
    Also talking to Ricardo.
    Unfortunately, although I had Air Mauritius’s agreement for a sponsorship in principle, it was impossible to find seats at this time of the year which is Peak Tourist season. Still being considered for your return though.
    Things are hotting up.
    Told Coast Guard plane and Air Mauritius flying to Rodrigues to look out for you.

  11. Phillipa says:

    Hi Sarah, My neice told me all about what you are doing after she learned about it in school. Love what you’re doing. Must be really frustrating when you loose distance over night and have to make it back up again. Keep up the progress and no more falling in.

  12. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hi sarah

    I agree too with my friend Jean’s comments, what are we going to do when we don’t have your blogs to read each day, won’t have any ecxcuse for being late for work then.

    So Glad your Mum and Matt have got their tickets now, we will be just excited as they are and wishing you on for the final bits of this truly remarkable and wonderful voyage.

    Hope the wind keeps going in the correct direction for you.

    Take care, so many folks are behind you and wishing you well, what a superstar credit you are.

    Love for tonight

    C & K

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