Seablog: The half century

It’s 0630, we’ve been out with Bob for nearly 12 hours and are running straight back down the line I rowed yesterday. Nearly in exactly the same spot I was 24 hours ago! I have a suspicion we might also be in a southward current of some sort as I am going SE in a SW wind. So the east makes sense but not the south. The same happened last night too. Latest on the weather is that the whole system is looking very unstable and we’re not entirely sure what will happen. However, Ricardo ventured to hope that it won’t hit me as hard, or for as long, as he first thought. Maybe we’ll escape the fangs yet. Fingers crossed. It’s 20 knots, gusting 25, at the moment and rising. Not too crazy yet, but still eating away at our miles run and throwing us about a bit at times.

Talking of miles, I rowed to within 12 nauties of the 90th degree yesterday – the closest yet. So close I think I saw the whites of his eyes. You know – the little man with the orange flag who sits at the 90th degree, checking people in and out, East and West? Hehe. I feel like a climber making an assault on a high mountain and acclimatising in stages, going up, coming down, going up, coming down… though for my part not by choice.

So, day 50 – my half century at sea. Maybe if I’m really lucky the whole low will shoot off somewhere else very quickly and we’ll be able to do a bit of rowing. Otherwise ,this will be the first day of the whole trip where I’ve not rowed at all.

Meanwhile we’ll sweat it out in the cabin. See how many books I can read. Sleep. Stop myself getting boshed too frequently.

Note about the watermaker – nothing to do with Jamie. It was installed by someone in Fremantle. No great drama – if I need to hand pump I have a separate one.

Note about chocolate: Getting fat is the last thing to worry about out here! The ten hours rowing a day goes some way to burning all the extra weight I put on in my ‘Fattening up for the Ocean’ regime before I came away. I lost 5kg on my ten day Warm Up Lap…

Libby – Would love a puppy! Or seven if they can doggy paddle us across. Do they have sea legs? Indeed I remember Gwen. Glad about returning to school.

Ted & Students- What a cool name for a school. Thanks for your message.

Ian B – Cider festival sounds ace ; my choice drink. Please have lots on my behalf.

Jamie & Emily-Your lives will never be the same again -aren’t they delicious?

BPC -Enjoy these final weeks of school! Did you get my email m’dear?

Xtina – Lots of very cool plankton…birds…fish… Whales and dolphins earlier in the crossing…6 albsatrosses in total…

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12 Responses to Seablog: The half century

  1. Jill and Stan Lewis says:

    Yup fingers crossed,stan & jill

  2. John Skevington says:

    You are wise to stay inside and rest while you are being blown backwards. Don’t fight against it. Keep your strength up for when you can make good progress.

  3. Joan Beaton says:

    What have the sunsets been like in mid-ocean, so far? You’ve got spectacular sunsets to look forward to the closer you get to your destination. Wondering if you’re still seeing The Tweedles every day?

    Love reading your Blogs… thanks so much – always a highlight of my day! God Bless.

  4. Barry Gumbert says:

    I should have known Jamie wouldn’t mis-install a water maker. Sorry Jamie and Emily my bad.

    I showed your website to my friend Sara. She says her parents weren’t wealthy enough to buy her an “H” for her name. She is very impressed that you are brave enough to row across the Indian Ocean. So am I!

    Keep it up Girl. You’ll make up those mile in no time.

  5. Geoff Holt says:

    Andy Cockayne and I are taking 2 comedians out in my boat tomorrow. Crazy story. Neither of these guys have sailed before, nor do they have a boat. They’ve booked a venue at the Edinburgh festival and have set themselves a challenge to buy a boat (with no money), learn to sail it, then sail it around the top of Scotland in time for their gig in Edinburgh. Complete loonies. So Andy C and I are going to try and put them off – I might give them a re-run on May 14th 2007, what do you think? Where is Spike when you need him. Row safely. x

  6. Spike says:

    Right here, Geoff. That will make four comedians in one boat !!

    Back to Outey. With your current situation, I had a look in an old copy of “My Lively Lady” by Alec Rose. The dramatic pictures of large Southern Ocean waves in that book made me ‘feel your pain’
    While the walls of water are around, don’t forget your camera (when it is safe) for some key images for your book. Have you decided on a Title yet ? This blog should elicit some irreverent suggestions.

  7. Lina says:

    Sarah, I hope th Ocean is not too rough, weather in Perth a little unsettled , getting a little cooler in the evening. Well keep away from the wind and munch on these chocolates.Stay safe!

  8. The blonde twin says:

    We love reading your blog and keeping tabs on where you are!! I can’t believe you’ve been rowing for 50 days now..crazy. I’m glad you found your letter funny – I was in giggles just writting it! Missing you lots and very proud of you…love Ems. x x

  9. Charly says:

    I love your blog and congrats on the half century we all can’t wait to see you on the other side CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye charly and family

  10. Glesni Jones says:

    Had a sat message from my sister this morning, it seems that all the fleet is in the same storm. I do hope you all get a bit of luck after this one and you can start rowing again. Keep strong and positive. Take care, Glesni (Elin’s sister on Pura Vida)

  11. Grandma Barb says:

    Hello Sarah,
    Question? What’s the biggest challenge for you so far?
    As always take care.
    Grandma Barb

  12. ian brocklebank says:

    hi sarah,they have a total of nine ciders on including old rosie and one i believe is called headcracker so i’ll be toasting your epic jaunt with at least those two and perhaps some of the milder ones,the festival takes place in the”grounds”of “the smallest pub in the world”the signal box inn which i guess is in total about twice the size of your larger cabin,it can get VERY cosy inside!reporting back on tuesday if i’m able……….

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