Seablog: The final countdown…

Forget butterflies , I’ve got a herd of buffaloes running around my tum!

Big seas and big winds here – and will be so all the way in. Ric said my landing is guaranteed to be ‘dramatic’ as I will have to hit one of two gaps in the reef, the smallest just half a mile wide. In a fat sea with big surf. Gulp. No boshing or washing, I hope hope hope. Just 55 nauties left to run and Ric is calculating my chance of making it through the crazy reef in plenty of daylight tomorrow, or whether I will anchor up for the day with Bob and line it up for Tuesday morning. I’m racing along – at around 3kts and have been doing so for about 18 hours now. I do not want to use Bob in these seas – we will get boshed; yet I don’t want to not make the reef in daylight. Literally , rock and a hard place.

Folks in M wanting an ETA -keep an eye out for decisions /developments. Ric and Marcel will keep you updated. I’m going to sign out now until I land, unless of course I have to call on Bob and have a cabin day.

My folks will keep you up to speed…

Next shout Mo,

Outey Toot Toot x

BBC News – Lunchtime and Six O’clock news tomorrow, live link ups (National, not just East Midlands)

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27 Responses to Seablog: The final countdown…

  1. Marcel says:

    Picking Helen + tomorrow morning.
    We are all willing you in.
    You were on the MBCTV news again tonight with the telephone interview.
    The Coast Guards will be out there
    So will we.
    C U soon

    Big Hugs

  2. Jane Spence says:

    Hurrah Sarah, glad you are getting the national tv attention you deserve. We’re all still here, rooting’ for Outen, even when you sign off to concentrate on the tricky business of negotiating your way in.

    Candles lit, and glasses raised to you across the globe, best Jane

  3. Terry Bradley says:

    Hi SARAH

  4. Chris says:

    We will do the panicking for you Sarah just so you don’t do any boshing or washing. Hang on in there & look forward to blog from Mo 🙂

  5. Anita Corbin says:

    Dear Sarah
    Watching your arrival from Vancouver, where we are visiting for the summer, big Pacific Ocean out there reminding me how the waves can just spring up…..sending you positive thoughts and much admiration from the West coast of Canada….looking foward to the thru the reef blog!

  6. Martin & Linda Plowman says:

    Hi Sarah wishing you a very safe landing our hearts are with you all the way from West Wales.HWYL.

  7. Rhian says:

    Hi Sarah

    I have been following your progress since the beginning. Your blog has been extremely funny and inspiring. All the very best of luck for your landing, we are all willing you on.

    Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.


  8. Ruth Ryder says:

    Hopefully when you read this you’ll be sitting/jumping/sleeping ashore with the rum punch a reality at last…keeping fingers and toes crossed for good landing conditions, good luck!

    love Ruth x:)

  9. Small thought: a bit of steering might be possible on sea anchor by skewing it from dead in line?
    And very best of luck for a safe landing – you certainly deserve it.

  10. Robert Nixon says:

    Go Sarah!!! You are doing great. Every time I check the tracker you seem to have knocked off a few more miles. The other day you mentioned seeing upto about 2.5miles out to sea which is correct, if you are standing at sea level and are 5ft tall you can see the horizon 2.5 miles away… or the tip of another 5 foot tall persons head at 5 miles out. Anyway… the island should be visible MUCH further out than that, as long as there is no fog and you turn around to look.

  11. David B., in Colorado says:

    This is it then,the big finale. Hope you’re ready for it. Hope it runs smoothly. Hope your red carpet turns green, and not too choppy. As with all the other tweedles out there, I’ll have fingers crossed, and a few toes, waiting to hear you’re safelly through that reef, and reunited with freinds and family on land
    All the best!

  12. Kitty and Tim says:

    So nearly there, the best of luck for a safe landing, we are all thinking of you and Dippers arriving hopefully tomorrow. Send our love to my favourite island!

    Kitty and Tim

  13. Kitty and Tim Walmsley says:

    Best of luck for a safe arrival, we are all thinking of you and Dippers on you last tricky journey into M. Send our love to the best island in the world!

    Kitty and Tim

  14. Sarah – my thoughts are with you in the final push, as they have been throughout your journey. I’ve so enjoyed checking in on you the past 120+ days…

    I’ve been sending Roz your blogs the last few days as I know she’s eager to hear how you’re doing…

    Be safe and enjoy that crunchy salad, girl! Looking forward to seeing you in the UK this autumn.

    Lots of love,

  15. susie Hewson says:

    this is the big push Sarah, be brave as you can be, as focussed and sharp as a diamond. We, all your fans, are joined in support to bring you to shore safe and sound. Candles lit, banners up. Look forward to hearing you on the radio on BBC news. Mother Nature won’t let you down. Big virtual hugs from all Natracare Sisters x Susie

  16. Alistair Stockdale says:

    Good luck Sera I’m Keeping my finger crossed for you.
    But I’m sure you’ll do it .

    All the best Alistair x

  17. Charly Sissons says:

    Heya Sarah!!! Nearly there now! We are so proud of you even though we haven’t known you long! We wish you love and care for the final stretch!!!

    Love the Sissons family!
    X O X O X

  18. Brigitte Phillips says:

    Enjoy the last stage and good luck with negotiating the gap. I’ll be thinking of you and listening for news of your arrival.

    Keep safe.


  19. Alan Thomas says:

    last stage, go girl go

    I am so proud to be able to say ” I know Sarah Outen”
    form here in Wales Pob Lwc (good luck)

    From a very emotional “where is she, now?”
    Alan and Dawn

  20. Mary Jo Johnson says:

    So So excited for you. What a star. Many many congratulations and love from Jo.

  21. Henry M. Mobley Columbia, TN USA says:

    Thanks for sharing this great adventure with the rest of us. It has been a joy keeping up with your progress since you left port. Like many others, I am trusting you will have a good landing and I look forward to hearing your post-adventure adventures. God bless and thanks again.

  22. rosemary says:

    What a great ride you’ve given all of us, Sarah! I hope there will be some sort of news coverage here in Australia. Thanks for the thrills, chills, and spills. Elbows will bend, glasses will be raised around the globe upon word of your arrival in Mo! All the best.

  23. Seems like this adventure is almost over Sarah! You will need all your skill and focus for your approach and I am sure your Dad is watching over you from above with GREAT pride at what you have achieved. How incredible you are! 🙂

  24. Lynnette Bock says:

    I started reading your blogs when I found a little paragraph about your proposed trip in the Sydney Morning Herald in Sydney. I have been following your progress ever since.

    I have been travelling (by conventional means) and have seen your blogs in Moscow on a river cruise, in Switzerland (at the foot of the Mattahorn), in Paris, London, Hong Kong and in Singapore. I am now back in Sydney.

    I will be anxiously awaiting that final push to M. You have done a remarkable thing.

    God be with you.


  25. Jan says:

    My eyes are wet as I write this, with awe and trepidation.
    Here’s to a clear light, calm gap and a prosperous and joyous landing.
    The candles are lit in Freo for you too.
    Sending added strength.

  26. Pam says:

    Dear Sarah,

    More positive thoughts are coming your way from western Canada!

    May you have a safe and happy landing after your incredible ocean voyage. You are an amazing person, Sarah (and that’s an understatement).

    I’ve asked your Mum to give you a big hug and kiss from me. Be assured that you’ll be in my thoughts and prayers until your safe arrival in Mauritius.

    Love from Pam

    P.S. The rest of the family send you their best wishes.

  27. John Skevington says:

    Hi Sarah

    Don’t push things too far.
    Put out “Bob” and play safe.
    What does it matter if you sit out there for few days (or more) until the weather is just right to get through those reefs?


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