Seablog: The final bend of the Final Lap – GOOOO NOW!!!

88 nauties to go. Wind strong now and blew me further N than ideal while I tried to sleep last night. Tricky holding course. Started rowing again at 0300 – under very starry sky, facing off some big waves. Shooting stars everywhere. Plane en route to Mo flashing away as well. Big yellow moon and I think some ‘land glow’ too.

Trying to flatten my course or I will miss the island and go shooting up to the Seychelles. Nice place to go (I’ve heard) but not this time, thanks.

Ric and Marcel have been assessing potential landing spots. Mum and Matt en route now and I found out yesterday that my Cousin J is headed Mo-ward too. So chuffed.

Right more rowing – this is the last of those ‘times to kick ass, row like a beast possessed for 20 hours a day’. Only a couple more days, so we can do it. Have to. You only get one shot .

Excited and exhausted,

S & D x x

No more PS till I land, but thanks so much for all the support everyone, really truly grateful and humbled by it.

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  1. Joan Beaton says:

    Hi Sarah —
    You are in my thoughts and prayers as you navigate ever closer to land. The thrill of your first glimpse of the Island will live in your memory forever. I am working on visualizing your smooth and uneventful ride up onto the beach there, so go for it. I’ve loved reading your blogs — thanks for your daily dose of pick-me-up humor, your extreme courage throughout and the example you’ve set for so many of us to dream a dream and succeed in doing it! I’ll really miss my daily trips to the computer to see “Where-In-The-Heck-Is-Sarah-Today?” Lastly, thanks for the opportunity to “escape” with you, Dippers and Bob. God Speed and warmest congratulations. Enjoy the reunion with family and friends! – Joan

  2. Jill OHalloran says:

    Sending you prayers and positive thought ‘waves’ to guide you on the wings of ocean angels….safely home!

  3. Darryl Dawn says:

    Oh Sarah! I haven’t left many messages, I figured your eyes’d be rolling by now. But I tell ya girl you’ve got guts & glory! I’m with Joan, visualising that rapid but gentle Shhhhhvvvvcccchhhhh as you glide up onto that beach and part the sand…

    As you try to stand up and collapse laughing & crying into the arms of those who love you the most in the world & your Dad standing slightly off left looking at you with a warm and loving smile which holds more pride than the ocean holds water, before he hugs you gently and then walks back up into the heavens to thank the Angels for bringin you safely to shore.

    Your first night in a huge comfy bed, breakfast brought to you, someone massaging your shoulders, legs and back…oh the luxury..and you’ll deserve every bit of it …Enjoy reaching land as much as those who are waiting for you are going to enjoy having you back on land…

    Love, Hugs & Kisses to a beautiful, brave and powerful woman!

  4. Louise R says:

    Just checked your tracker after a week of being marooned on an island (i saw dolphins and kiwis and tuatara and penguins – exciting stuff) and am megaexcited at how close you are to Mauritius; keep going final push for the finish and a yummy Sach brownie

  5. Barry Bear Gumbert says:

    Try to land on something soft sweetie.

  6. Helen ( Sarah's Mum) says:

    Matt and I will be flying at 1630hrs, Terminal 5, Heathrow……wave to the plane as it flies off.!!
    Ever so excited now. Just about ready………..all packed etc.
    Keep adding comments to her blog pages. You have all been so amazing , thoughtful and kind……you are all part of her team……she couldn’t do all this without you all!!! really!!
    …………………………..there’s only one little problem ……………….what shall we al do with our time ?? Sarah’s blogs have certainly kept me going, every morning as soon as I wake up, the computer gets switched on ……
    Outey’s Mum!!

  7. xtina says:

    Sarah you are a LEGEND
    You know you can do this ~ your mum and brother are on their way and you are about to
    stand on land again.
    Guy Andy and Flying Ferkins are saluting you already!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for all your stories of life on the Ocean Wave, more than that for giving me so much comfort as I have endured this ride, more confidently, knowing that you were also out there so positively with Serendipity,Bob and of course your Sat phone calls to Flying Ferkins, your words meant soooooooo much to them, as they took there route behind you for most of the journey across the Blue.
    Like you so will do, they are relaxing and sharing all of these amazing moments with their loved ones. You all will have that superb World Record of going where not many others have been.
    See you down South soon.
    with love


    ETA please?

  8. Roger and Caroline says:

    There is an Oxford dinner at the Royal Perth Yacht Club this coming Saturday. We will be celebrating your fantastic achievment and raising our glasses to a great adventurer who has been the admiration of so many around the world.
    “Home is the sailor, home from sea ….”

  9. Jill & Stan Lewis says:

    Oh dear, my tears have started allready !!
    Stay safe and enjoy.

  10. Ellie Miskelly says:

    You’ve kept us all hooked on your journey with your blog Sarah. Your achievements are incredible… scratch that, there really are no words big enough for what you’ve done! We’ll miss your humour, guts and the stories of dippers, the tweedles and bob! I can’t wait for your book and to fill in some of the gaps you’ve left us! Well done girl! Ellie xx

  11. Fred McConnell says:

    You are my hero!!! Have read all your blogs from day 1 and the preamble warm up lap!! What an achievement!! Row girl, row!!
    Will look to your safe landfall and regaining your land legs!!
    kindest regards and congratulations!!

  12. Liv says:

    Just to say a massive well done on what you have achieved. I wish I had your courage and was brave enough to do such adventures!
    Enjoy Mauritius, watch out for the coral reef!


  13. Alan Hind says:

    Radcliffe & Maconie should do an outside broadcast to celebrate your homecoming!
    I suspect the licence fee payers would object however…
    Keep rowing Sarah!

  14. family Rudman says:

    WOW….Another addition to the list of great British adventurers.
    All power to you Sarah , safe landing.Respect to you.

    From, Rudman family, Margaret River, west oz.

  15. Lucinda Hearth says:

    Hi Sarah – I’ve been following your blog daily for the last few months, kept me entertained at work so thank you! going to miss reading them every morning. What you’ve done is amazing, pretty sure its the most crazy thing anyone from SHS has ever done!

    Good luck for the last 80 miles, and I hope you enjoy a well earned rest in Mauritius! Looking forward to reading the book!


  16. It’s soon – It’s soon!!!! Thinking of you even more on this last lap – love you & your incredible determination & more guts than most in the world.
    Keep so safe & enjoy supreme happiness when you arrive on the beach!!
    We don’t know you, but WE DO!
    Our blessings – Graham & Angie in wet Cornwall – we have no need at all to worry in the slightest about our weather!!!!!!!!!

  17. Felicity Rollings says:

    Woop woop, you’re so close! I’ll have my fingers crossed for your final few miles. I can’t even begin to imagine how many emotions you’re feeling right now – just keep going strong Outey-roo, you’re nearly there! Best wishes, Fliss xxx

  18. ian says:

    hi sarah,this is really exciting,not long to go now until the rum punch,hugs and lots of other great stuff,it has been great follwing your adventure and to very vicariously feel a part of an awesome achievement,everything crossed once again until you land safe,everyone is so proud of you and rightly,what you’ve done in your dads memory is spectacular.
    last lap cheers to you and good old dippers

  19. Cindy Gomez says:

    Good luck Sarah!! You are in our thoughts!!

    Cindy Gomez
    Radcliffe and Maconie fan in…Lansing, Michigan

  20. Tony Hack says:

    Go for it Gal, you deserve this and are an inspiration to us all.
    Happy landings!

  21. Godfolkes says:

    Wish we could be out there with you as well. Keep safe and cant wait to see you again. Our love. xxx

  22. Good on you Sarah, you are a very stong person. People should learn from you. Pierre (Bonanza) of

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