Seablog: Swinging into the 60s

Yesterday was wet and wild but heaps of fun, too. We surfed under blue skies and lots of big waves which took to drenching me roughly every seven seconds. Another such day awaits beyond the cabin door.

A stonking 50 + nauties ticked off in the last 24 hours means we just surfed past the ‘700 miles to the Rum Punch’ sign and, in a few hours we will be swinging in the 60s. This is the final full decade, as my beach in Mauritius lies at 57°45E. If the weather carries on as predicted, giving me a few more days of brilliant surfy Red Carpet, we might get under ‘500 miles to go’ by Monday. Then it will be a hop, skip and a jump before I’m close enough for Mum to book flights. Wohooo! I am excited. But equally mindful of the miles and challenges ahead still. And each time I think of it there’s a twang of sadness that I’ll have to renounce my sea creature habits, say cheerio to my faithful Tweedles and Bluey, and wipe the mould off my land legs (currently stowed in the soggy recesses of the front cabin). I try not to think about life without Dippers. It is just too sad. But I shall find her another loving, singing and dancing fruit-loop to take her adventuring again.

And with that, the gong for breakfast has just sounded so I must up and out and surf on through to the 60s. Are the ‘Stones from that era? Or Rod Stewart? The Beach Boys? Buddy? I need some historical advice as to what I should be listening to…

Have a happy, surfy sort of day,

Outey Toot Toot x

Advance Notice: Back with my boys, Radcliffe & Maconie, on Radio 2, 28th July 8-10pm.


Perton Middle School – Yum! Cake Sale sounds delicious with a capital D. Great efforts for the charity, thank you. Maybe I can come and visit you next term and tell you all about my adventures. Thanks for your support and happy holidays.

Rob – Welcome! A bit of vocab for you…
*The Tweedles – my little crew of Pilot fish who swim along under the boat
*Bluey – An errant but loyal dorado who visits us from time to time
*The Red Carpet – Perfect surfing conditions in the Mauritius direction
*Rum Punch – synonymous with Mauritius
*The Wash – Our capsize a couple of weeks ago
*Nauties – Nothing more untoward than nautical miles

Jane Spence – Glad all Arthritis Care elves busy on rheumatoid report. Keep up the good work, my friends.

Mark Powell – It’d be my pleasure to talk at VCC, lets talk when I’m back in our favourite teeny tiny county.

Spike – Absence of flashers from last night’s show but will keep lookout. Please return my hellos to Mike and say that his sandwiches have been a bit late recently 🙂

Darryl Thysse – Please pass a hello to James & James – think of them each time I see the Southern Cross.

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21 Responses to Seablog: Swinging into the 60s

  1. Sam Murray says:

    Hi Sarah, we first heard of your adventure on Radcliffe and Maconie,

    We are in awe in of your amazing adventure.

    All the very best.

    Sam and Rob
    South Australia

  2. David Welsh (Agoura Hills, Ca) says:

    Hi young lady:

    Following your adventures and really enjoying your British humor. Tomorrow morning we welcome Zac Sunderland home to S. California. Between you, him and Mike Perham you have provide the world with wonderful examples of what your young generation can do. Keep up the great work and safe journeying

  3. Linda Morison says:

    Hey Sarah – I think Bunbury WA is getting some of the bad weather you’ve had. We’ve got a big NW blowing and gale warnings are out. I worry about every storm that goes through here-Has Sarah had it or is she going to get it kind of worries! I’ve thought of two appropriate 60’s songs for you – Dizzy ( I’m so Dizzy…) for the day rows and Venus ( I’m your Venus) for the night rows.Enjoy them going through your head and pull hard – You’re doing so great!!! Best Wishes and keep her surfing, Linda Morison

  4. Barry Bear Gumbert says:

    Buddy Holly died in 1959, but The Stones, Iron Butterfly, The seekers, Harry Nilsson, The Zombies, Janis Joplin (Big Brother and the Holding company) and of course The MONKEYS

    all from the 60s Good luck.

    Every day, in every way, You are getting closer to Mauritus.

    Did you like the slithereedee??

  5. Janis Hatlestad says:

    Sarah and Dippers,

    Ask and ye shall receive…

    Some 60s lyrical help from one of those California girls who grew up in Beach Boy’s hometown – Hawthorne, CA.

    Because I know how much you and Dippers love surfin’… So, your stick is a high-tech rowboat, that’s okay, you’re no poser or gremmy! You’ve out there shreddin’ the gnarl!

    Excerpts from “Surfin’ Safari”:

    Lets go surfin now
    Everybodys learning how
    Come on and safari with me
    (come on and safari

    Early in the morning well be startin out
    Some honeys will be coming along
    Were loading up our woody
    With our boards inside
    And headin out singing our song

    Come on (surfin) baby wait and see (surfin safari)
    Yes Im gonna (surfin) take you surfin (surfin safari) with me
    Come along (surfin) baby wait and see (surfin safari)
    Yes Im gonna (surfin) take you surfin (surfin safari) with me

    Lets go surfin now
    Everybodys learning how
    Come on and safari with me
    (come on and safari with…)

    — written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love for The Beach Boys

    Excerpts from “Good Vibrations”:

    “[I’m] pickin up good vibrations
    Shes giving me excitations
    I’m pickin up good vibrations
    (oom bop bop good vibrations) “

    “Gotta keep those lovin good vibrations
    A happenin with her
    Gotta keep those lovin good vibrations
    A happenin with her
    Gotta keep those lovin good vibrations
    A happenin


    — written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love for The Beach Boys

    Brian Wilson’s still crooning after all these years (shall I admit, I saw him in concert just last summer!)

    Relieved you made it through the “Red Letter Days.” Stoked for you!

    Woodland Hills, CA

  6. Terry Baldwinson UK says:

    Disappointed with all the popsong blurb. If you want to get to Mauritius, what could be better than Beethoven’s 7th!!!!!!

  7. Jane Spence says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Just been zooming in on Mauritius using your tracker – looks so green and beautiful with tiny fluffy clouds and sea as blue as curacao…. it must be very exciting for you and Dippers surfing through it.

    May go sailing this weekend, east coast gales of earlier this week permitting. Nothing on your scale of course! Best Jane

  8. Susie Hewson says:

    I think that as you are in the 60’s and given the achievement so far, I suggest Aretha Franklin’s R.E.S.P.E.C.T or what about Tina Turner’s River Deep, Mountain High! Or our own British 60’s lads, The Kinks, for a sing along “Sunny Afternoon” especially sipping at that nice cool beer. Keep that momentum up and you will be languishing in the Mid 50’s sounds of Dean Martin and “Memories are made of this” and early 50’s Nat King Cole’s “Unforgettable” Plenty to get you singing or humming your way onto the beach. Sing along folks x Susie

  9. Rob says:

    thanks for that. My boats are somewhat smaller – usually kayaks or canoes (there is a difference). But still – what/who is/was Bob.

    Oh and the Stones. or Buddy. The Beach Boys are for summer days surfing (in the kayak of course)

  10. Helen ( Sarah's Mum) says:

    Bob is the para anchor. He is a sort of parachute thing which she can put out behind the boat to slow things down, steady things when the wind is very strong and pushing her in the wrong direction. I believe it helps if the current is very strong too.
    So, if Bob is out, then things are rather rough!!
    Hope this helps!!!

  11. Sarah,I was in Old Grand Port yesterday,with the minister of Education & Culture and he has confirmed that he will be there to welcome you(with Rum Punches)at Mahebourg…which happens to be his constituency.

    If anyone wants to know about Mauritius please visit

  12. ian says:

    hi sarah,the 60’s not really my era musically (too young yay!)but i have one or two compilations from that era kicking about and there are many “interesting”bands from that era,one was called the crazy world of arthur brown and for one song he had called fire i’m told he used to yomp about on stage in a flaming headress,imagine how much fun the health and saftey police might have with that now!
    avidly reading blog entries of yore and was struck by how much you were involved with dippers evolution and building,don’t know why but i’d assumed prior that s/he was purchased fully formed so to speak,easy to see how you’ve developed such a bond given your adventures to thought though,who’ll be rowing back?
    really anticipating hearing from you on the 28th,miss the podcasts!
    regards to you dippers and bob

  13. Spike says:

    ’60s I remember it. Is that good ? There is always “The boat that I row” recorded by Lulu in 1967 (Utube search will get you to that). We chaps were all slavering over Pan’s People at the time (Thursday nights, Top of the Pops, just after “Magic Roundabout”). This Ancient Mariner received an appointment to HMS Victorious that year – but that’s another story.
    Sobering (for me) to think that Lulu was then 5 years younger than Sarah is now.

    I expect Marcel and Brit Con will have something organised already but, how about suggestions for a piece of music for the Finish line ? Fanfare for the common man has been mentioned. Maybe “Also sprach Zarathustra” (the Jazz version). But I imagine the arrival being greeted by a full Royal Marine Band with “A life on the ocean wave” (is better than going to sea)

    Sarah, I’ll pass on your message to Mike G. I bet you are missing his Spam sandwiches and the ‘mystery’ (hard ?) boiled egg out there !

    Cracking good progress and your spirit still shines through your blogs but I appreciate your apprehension over it all coming to an end. Perhaps PE was also good pre-training for that potential emotional roller-coaster.
    Bravo Zulu the Red Carpet and you and team for getting to the right place to use it.

  14. laura says:

    hope your doing good, it must be nerverecking for you to travel on a boat for so long and so far.

    wonderful commitment

    from laura(perton middle school

  15. Keith Whelan says:

    Hey Sarah,

    You are doing fantastic. A real inspiration. I have been following your blog with interest over the last few months. I am planning to row in the Indian Ocean rowing race 2011 and I am looking for a boat. So I did notice your quote … “But I shall find her another loving, singing and dancing fruit-loop to take her adventuring again”. So I think I might be the other loving, dancing ,fruit loop you are looking for. Ha ha. I would love to chat to you about it when you are back safe and sound in the uk. I am based in Ireland but I am over and back to the UK with work quite a lot. So it would be great to maybe have a chat about buying your boat? I would also appreciate your advice on the trip also!

    Anyway, I will hopefully speak to you when you get back. In the mean time.. Have a safe journey and good luck with the home run. As I said your journey is inspirational.

    Hope all is well.


    Kind regards,


  16. terry bradley says:

    Hi SARAH

  17. Marcel says:

    Anyone interested in Mauritius should click on

  18. Stuart B says:

    Looks like its going good.
    They do have Rum Punches in Rodrigues
    Could be a big temptation
    You’re doing good girl, go for it. We are all very proud of you.

  19. Ian says:

    Sarah – We’ve been tracking your progress. Sorry we haven’t posted until now, but it seems that this hasn’t hindered your great adventure. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be surrounded by sea 24/7, with not another soul in sight. Keep it up – we’re thinking of you. Love Ian, Vicky, Thomas & Flora.

  20. bill sheridan says:

    Does Sarah show the layout of her boat, i.e. where the sea anchor is kept, and where,storage compartment, water,food etc. Especially how and where she secures the sea anchor. I’ve followed her since day one, and have the utmost admiration for her tenacity and courage. Brave girl, and will look forward to reading her book. Bill.

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