Seablog: Sun(ny) Day

I had typed a whole blog extolling the virtues of today, but alas, twas washed away when the PDA crashed. So I shall condense herewith as I’ve got an ocean to row still:

*Monster find in food bag at breakfast – not 1 or 2 or 3, but 4 whole chocolate bars. 2 Mars, both munched immediately.
* Sunshine & settled seas! Hooray hooray. Desalinated clothes with a quick laundry run and finally decommissioned the waterproofless trews. Washed towel, too, to relieve conscience after realising it had only seen the wash bucket once since leaving Oz.

Will surf under the stars again tonight – yesterday’s was sublime. Glowing plankton fizzing with each stroke like sparklers and the milky way striping white above my head in a curving bow – I swear you can get tipsy if you have too much. It is such a delicious, awesome sight.

Chocolate #3 is calling me and I have an ocean waiting for me, so –

Until next week,

Outey Toot Desalinated Oot x


Katie Bowen – Wowee! Half past one finish – sounds great. And a big huge £50 from the cakes – great work. Have a happy holiday.

Marcel – All sounds utterly wonderful. I think steak will help my recovery, too. And heaps of fruit.

Spike – Indeed, it would be a crossing, but I have urgent healthcare waiting for me in Mauritius đŸ™‚

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8 Responses to Seablog: Sun(ny) Day

  1. Geraldine says:

    … sounds beautiful, Sarah. You are amazing.
    Enjoy and God Bless. Gdine.

  2. ian says:

    hi sarah,sounds like a day you were overdue for,really pleased about the chocolate find,still amazed at how chipper you sound but given your descriptions it is not hard to see what the positive side of your endeavour is
    very best onward wishes to you and dippers ian

  3. Charlie Chase says:

    glad to hear that you found some Mars Bars. Helps you work, rest and play !
    When I eat mine I always think of you now.

  4. RoninVancouver says:

    Ahoy Sarah!
    Are you parboiled yet? Seems as though Roz is getting that way. Cutting back the salt content makes the situ more palatable. Have just purchased a package of 48 Mars bars. By eating one while reading each posting, hope you reach the big M before they are gone.

    Stroke and Surf quicktime, Ron;-)

  5. Marcel says:

    Rodrigues has some 30,000 inhabitants and is autonomous but part of Mauritius. The British first took Rodrigues and built up their forces there before invading Mauritius in december 1810. Bicentenary next year.

  6. Marcel says:

    To Amy from Annapolis:
    May I suggest you tell Oprah Winfrey about Sarah’s challenge. She should be interested in the First woman and youngest person to row SOLO across the Indian.

  7. René Soobaroyen says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I am from Mauritius. I am following your progress everyday and take great pleasure in reading your words. So young and so mature. You are wonderful. Our youngters in Mauritius and elsewhere badly need model like you. Hope to rumpunch with you soon.

    Keep it up


  8. BBruce & Kitty Wigmore, Buckingham Road says:

    Well done Sarah – we are all very proud of you!

    Kitty & Bruce

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