Seablog: Spaghetti monsters and celestial teapots

Happily, Day 53 has all happened in the right direction with a respectable 25 miles clocked in the last 24 hrs. At the time of writing (nearly bed time/2150 Serendipity time/+6 BST) we are 1805 nauties from the rum punch, as the crow flies. As we well know, Dippers and I don’t do ‘crow flying’ impersonations very well, so we’ll probably take what my Dad always referred to as ‘the pretty way round’ and bag a few extra miles en route. That said, now we’ve found the thin green line, maybe we will be more crow-like! Just over 100 nauties to the halfway mark, too. I woud love to get there by my birthday on Tuesday but, given the weather report I received from Ricardo this morning, I am not expecting a week of forty-milers, unfortunately. Still, the various weather systems kicking about around me don’t appear to have made their minds up as to their movements so all could change.

On an entirely separate note, I have decided that tomorrow’s podcast will probably be my last, owing to the fact that I can upload a typed blog quicker than I can chat. This translates to a ten-fold price difference and, as the bank balance isn’t very healthy, this seems sensible. A few folks have told me they are either unable to play the podcasts or that I sound like a chipmunk, high on helium – so this way, everyone will get the full weekly dosage of ocean life. A huge thank-ye-super-lots to Robert for his weekly uploads up to now – super appreciated.

I’m just going to pop out and say goodnight to the stars (amazing turn out at the moment with no moon, no clouds and no light pollution) and then its onwards to Day 54. Happy weekending

Cheerio one and all,
S & D x

PS Title inspired by today’s audiobook ‘The God Delusion’, by Richard Dawkins. Just thought it would make a nice title- haven’t seen any out here yet…

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12 Responses to Seablog: Spaghetti monsters and celestial teapots

  1. Janet Phillips says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Just wishing you all the best I suffer with Rheumatoid Arthritis so my hearts with you

  2. Roger Rooney - Geraldton says:

    Good on ya Sarah! Congratulations on passing west of the 90 meridian. I wish you well, and God speed in the right direction.

  3. Andy Thomas says:

    All the best Sarah! your doing great.

  4. sarah haefeli says:

    Your doing brilliant Sarah, really enjoy reading about your journey adventures! x

  5. Ben Walker says:

    Well Done Sarah. Heard you on Radio 4 this afternoon so had to come and have a look at your website and see how you are getting on.
    All the best.

  6. Marcel says:

    Was talking about you this evening to an old friend, a Super Tanker Captain who has just come back home to retire. He is amazed at your performance and will follow you. His name is Eric Perrier.
    A TV personality from Reunion Island was also there and he wants to tell the French TV program “THALASSA – The Magazine of the Sea” – longest running programme on French TV – about you so they can follow up. We might invite them to Mauritius to share the Rum Punchs when you cross the line.
    Keep it up little lady.

  7. Flick says:

    Hi Sarah! It’s good to hear the weather’s behaving itself again, even if it may only be temporarily! Congratulations on being so close to the half way point! It was great to hear you on Radio 4 (thanks to Geoff Holt for the link in one of the previous blogs)! It’s great to hear your voice and strange trying to imagine you and Dippers out in the Ocean! I’ll be thinking of you on Tuesday – enjoy your special meal! All the best hun, keep it up! Love Flick xxx

    P.S. How long are you planning to spend in Mauritius when you arrive?! I’m just thinking about summer plans….! 🙂

  8. Barry Gumbert says:

    All Hail The great Flying Spaghetti Monster. Dawkins isn’t my favorite. How can one say something doesn’t exist. The Dalai Lama says: The mind is like a parachute, it works best wen opened. Just like Bob.

    Two Bridges

    I came to the void between Heaven and Earth,
    And found two bridges there.
    And while I pondered which to attempt,
    A voice leapt the darkness saying:
    One is for open hearts, one for open minds
    Either will get you across.

    Journeys on the Razor Edged Path
    by Simons Roof

  9. Lina says:

    Hi Sarah, I am sure that Mr “Wind” will blow in the right direction and will get you to reach the “half way” on your birthday. That’s exciting news if you can be on Thalassa. Marcel do let us know if that happens, as you know Gerard and I always watch that program. Well Sarah take care, you are doing fantastically!!!!

  10. Hi!What an inspiration you are to us landlubbers (in my case a rather envious one). This is a pre-birthday message, as you’ll have so much fan-mail on The Day. May Poseidon be decent about the weather, and Apollo send your electrics a real feast. As for recharging mechanical power, maybe Dippy has a special cache of choc for her Skippy. So, may Zeus (regardless of Dawkins) grant you a Happy Birthday, and many, many more to come. But I’m not going to use the R-word, which is surely taboo until you strike Mauritius. May Bob remain stowed away. All the very best, from one who has never rowed flat out for more tha 5 mins, Hazel.

  11. ian says:

    hi sarah,glad to hear things have settled down a bit,will miss the podcasts as they offer a particular insight into your journey but can fully understand your reasons for suspending them.i love your dads idea of “the pretty way round”such understated understatement if you see what i mean…………i would imagine the night sky is spectacular,we miss so much and it is an irony that it is in some sense our”comforts”that deny us the best of nature…….i wonder if dawkins might re evaluate his view if he took a journey similar to yours?
    happy rowing

  12. Shan Foster says:

    Big happy Birthday to you, and hope you were right about the Happy Socks!

    Looking forward to the party later, Shan Foster x

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