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Well we are having a grand ‘ole time enjoying the musical history lesson of the 60’s thus far – thanks for all the advice. Dippers is very fond of the Beach Boys as you would expect of one so in love with surfing safaris of her own, and I love The Rolling Stones -having done a bit of rolling myself- and am especially keen on their classic hit, ‘It’s only ocean rowin’ but I like it’. Or whatever it was. Then of course Buddy’s ‘Every day it’s a getting closer…la la la..something rollercoaster’ is quite apt as the beach nears.

A good day thus, spent rowing in and out of squalls, up and down the most regular seastate we’ve seen since the last decade (it has been a supra-long time calming down) and of course singing along in the history lessons.

I have also been dreaming up different expeditions… (Female, so I can multitask- row, sing and plan all at once, you understand). The funny thing is that one morning I’m in Sensible Careering Mode, planning a return to Oxford and Sensible Careering, then after lunch I’m listening to the Dreamy Adventurer scheming more Expotitions. As our dearly beloved Winnie the Pooh PD COR FOP etc etc has already mounted heffalump discovery missions, and is eternally planning trips to find the East and West Poles, I have had to think outside the box a bit. But I now have a set of exciting ideas and just need a big exciting sponsor as my piggy bank sounds rather hollow when shaken these days.

Meanwhile, we should tick off another degree overnight/tomorrow morning and are now happily over 2600 nauties from my mates in Perth, WA.

Happy weekending,

Outey Toot Tootin from the 60’s x


David Welsh- Great news re Zac. What an epic thing for a lad of his age. And Michael Perehem too – how far round is he?

Rob – For Bob info see comment from my Mum the other day.

Barry Gumbert – Slitheredee fun, thanks.

Terry Baldwinson – Hmm, Mr B’s 7th. I’ll have to see if I have it with me.

Ian – About this time last year I was helping build her!.She’ll have a trip on a big boat back home, hopefully arriving in time for Southampton Boatshow, 11-20th Sept.

Spike -Love RM Band rather more than Mike’s spam sarnies. How is Hilary getting on round GB?

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  1. Jane Spence says:

    Hi Sarah,
    the Wildlife Conservation Socieity or similar said today it wants us all to report jellyfish off the UK coasts – think there are increased sightings recently of said UFBs (unquantified floating blobjects) so maybe you can get a marine bio career in said jellybabies when you get back….
    Glad you are doing Radio 2 – the presenters will be shocked to learn how quickly you capsized and went into ocean freefall after speaking to them last time! have a good weekend of gobbling up nauties – and the few degrees between you and those rum punches in seaside Motowns, best wishes Jane

  2. Clare says:

    Hello Sarah! No more bad dreams or premonitions, glad to say….just a nice warm feeling about your impending rum punches. Very exciting moment yesterday: dug up the first purple carrot! Truth be told it wasn’t really ready altough very sweet and crunchy, if a little on the skinny side…..I think the whole crop has decided it wishes to remain underground until you have finished, upon which there will be a ceremonial roasting in olive oil together with some butternut squash and home grown spuds.
    Thinking of you,
    Clare H

  3. Vincent says:

    I think you should be the new lady-version of Ben Fogle – then you can carry on having amazzing adventures until you are a lady-version Ranulph Fiennes!

  4. Its been 109 days since I left you, (I am the boat owner who followed out from Fremantle all those days ago) great to see you are doing well, keep it up, I have been following you every day on the tracker, you amaze me….Keeping going look forward to catching up again…

  5. year 5 Perton Middle school says:

    The cake sale is going well, £25 so far. Hope to raise a bit more today. We are holding a raffle at school this break time too. Mrs Butler has spoken to Mr Jones, the headteacher and he thinks it would be a wonderful experience for the pupils if you were able to visit us, and tell us about your adverntures at sea. Hope everything goes well, hope to see you in the autumn term.

  6. Rob says:

    Aha Found it – i am now a wiser man. Thanks for that. I like the technical description. “sort of parachute thing”. Hopefully Bob can take a rest for a while.
    Look forward to hearing you on the radio again

  7. xtina says:

    Sarah …. the Sixties are being good to you … the waves sound right from here.
    I loved the Beach Boys too ~ went all on my own to see them at Crystal Palace live when i was nursing in the West End. Quite a few years ago that was,love their music, very nostalgic.
    What about the The Beatles,Jackson5,Elvis,Cliff, Billy J Kramer,Hollies, Simon and Garfunkle,The Searchers, Mama’s & the Papa’s,Lulu,Cilla,4 tops,Diana Ross,Marrianne Faithful ~ dare i say Mars Bars ~ maybe not a good idea.

    These last few days have been soooo good to you ~ keep pulling and smiling and singing.
    take care as usual

  8. Terry Baldwinson UK says:

    Believe me, Herr B’s 7th is compulsive propulsion. A driver in court accused of speeding was asked for his excuse by the judge. “Well, your honour”, he said, “I was listening to Beethoven’s 7th”. “Ah!”, replied the judge, “I fully understand”. True. So that’s it, nothing short of compulsive propulsion!

  9. Mike Wheatcroft says:

    Hey Sarah, Just checking up and glad to hear that everything’s going well. You’re doing the ex-Stammy boys and girls proud! You’ve already got much respect for stepping in the boat but 105 days on and counting is fantastic.
    Having rowed an angry Tideway and the Boston marathon (a piffling 50k’s) I can’t immagine how you keep going! …”Push for 10″, “another 10 on the legs”?!. Whatever you’re doing – keep doing it and good luck with the remaining miles. MIke

  10. Susie Hewson says:

    Did somebody say Jelly Fish!!! I photographed some whoppers on the beach at Rhossili Bay, the Gower last month with a disc diameter of at least 50cm (is that 18″) and huge tentacles…. very beautiful but very dead washed up on the beach I think it was a Rhizostoma octopus jelly fish. Maybe this is why there has been an increase in the number of loggerhead turtles seen in British waters. 2007 there were 8 sightings in UK and Aug 08 26 sightings they love those Jelly fish…
    Any Turtles your end Sarah?

  11. Spike says:

    Spam sarnies – deepjoy. It’s like marmite (Vegemite for our Oz friends) you either like it or hate it. Some recoil in horror when I admit that I love fried spam on toast with marmite on it !!! (When in a damp bivvi, anything warm is a bonus).

    After a recent engine change on the support RIB, Hilary Lister is now approaching the West entrance to the Caledonian Canal.

  12. ian says:

    hi sarah,great to hear that you are really trashing the miles now,long may it continue,i suspect what with books,radio,tv et al you’ll be mega busy when you get back,my article for our charity group newsletter about your voyage has been delayed due a safu at the printers but will be out soon,i am using the delay in meetings etc to constantly mention your effort so hopefully this is having an interim positive effect on donations and people logging on to see how you’re getting along.
    pleased to hear that dippers will have a dignified and less arduous return journey and can then be lauded at the boat show…
    from the comfort of my desk it does seem that things are speeding up for you now but i think your view is much more grounded and realistic,the sight of that jetty with all your friends and family waiting will hopefully compensate for the last 100 odd days of privation,wonder if we’ll be able to hear the cheer in blighty?is there to be some press coverage we can follow on the net?
    regards to you and dippers

  13. Claire C says:

    Unidentified floating objects?

    Try rowing at Hammersmith after the 900,000 tonnes of raw sewage gets dumped in – the pong is considerable..

    But Sarah, Sarah, San Diego is being attacked by 5 foot Humboldt squid and divers are reporting the squid ripping off their bouyancy aids, tentacling their masks and bashing their bonces.

    I am reassured to think that the Tweedles would see off any toothy beaked nasties if they approached Dippers.

    Claire C

  14. David Welsh (Agoura Hills, Ca) says:

    Micheal, according to his latest blog, is at the west end of the Panama Canal carrying out more repairs to his boat. Zac is home and enjoying his In-n-Out burgers!!!

  15. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Good to hear your news and that you are continuing to go well. Ice cream money with your Mum as promised. Do I read that you will be at the Southampton Boat show, if so I shall have to come and pay a visit. Happy weekend and happy rowing to you too.

    Best wishes

    C & K

  16. Janis Hatlestad says:

    Happy for your surfin’ safari! Keep groovin’ on!
    Hope M at M has a big bowl of fruit chilling for you!

    Woodland Hills, CA

  17. KATIE BOWEN says:

    hi sarah we have broke up from school and have raise a lot of mony its £50. something it was great we finished scool at harpast 1 an thats 95 mins before we normally leave best reagards katie bowen p.s i hope to hear from u soon xxx

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