Seablog: Renaming the decade: The Soggy Sixties

Saturday’s weather is proving very useful in my bid to push South West, and should remain so for another few days. It is also proving very wet and squally – the saltwater sores are behaving exactly as saltwater sores should and rather less politely than I would enjoy. Oh, to have a day without my useless waterproofless trews in commission.

The bid to stay dry for as long as possible involves the following:
1) Talc & zinc oxide cream with calendula oil
2)Choosing the least salty and soggy set of lycra shorts (it’s generally a close call)
3)Exchanging them at various points in the day for another pair which, by that time, might seem positively dry compared to the soggy salty set just worn.
4) A bit of reverse psychology – calling to mind the Monsoon Rain of a few weeks ago, or The Wash – then even fresh from a wave dump nothing seems quite so drenched as those occasions.

It’s Mush O’Clock so I shall bid you Toot Toot and go fuel up,

Outey Toot Splish Splash Toot x

Southampton Boatshow: I’m booked in to speak and if Dippers is back in time she’ll be there too. More details when I have them.

Ian, Vicky, Flora, Thomas – Great to hear from you, hope all well. Amazing out here – proper adventure. Strange to think I’ve not seen anyone but my own reflection since April!

Perton Middle School – Great work on the Cake Sale and indeed, I shall see you next term.

Spike – Is Hilary’s RIB the old PE one?! And why is Rodrigues called Crab Island?

Susie Hewson & Claire C – Sadly no turtles yet. Lots of glowy things underwater at night, which I suspect contain a few squid among them. Very envious of Roz Savage on the Pacific – she has had squid jump onto her deck and seen a turtle! Lots of teeny jellies out here – planktic teeny and very pretty.

Claire H – Yum, the purple carrot roast made me dribble a bit… Had some carrots onboard back in April. Only purple when they’d gone mouldy though. Good name for a pub methinks, ‘The Purple Carrot’.

Ian Brocklebank – Whisper will press release as usual – coverage then depends if anyone bites it.

Rob – Mum is indeed fully versed in all technical jargon 🙂

Terry Baldwinson – Just laughed a lot re Mr B’s use as defence in court.

Lloyd Richardson – Often think how I watched your boat a long time as you turned and headed back to Freo and I skirted round all those big tankers.

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11 Responses to Seablog: Renaming the decade: The Soggy Sixties

  1. Terry Baldwinson UK says:

    Salt water sores? And I thought sea water was good for you! When I was a kid I suffered badly from athlete’s foot. The only time it cleared up was during our 2 weeks holiday at the seaside, as a result of paddling in the sea. Ah, I suppose it’s a question of degree; a little of what you like’s good for you, but only a little. Except, of course, when it comes to chocolate. Keep going, girl, keep going.

  2. Marcel says:

    Salt Water sores respond very well to Rum Punches. But it is a slow process.

    You might have to miss the Southampton Boat Show as we quarantine you in Paradise island and put you under a Rum Punch drip, on the warm white sand, under coconut fronds murmuring sweet things to you. Actually, you have seen enough Salt Water these days. We’ll prescribe a waterfall and green foliage instead.

    Sorry, Southampton. But then, her health comes first.
    Don’t you agree, Helen?

  3. Spike says:

    Hi Sarah
    Your Orange line of progress now looks hugely impressive against that original stark green line.

    Yes, Hilary’s RIB and “Everest One” are one and the same, she also has the PE Landrover. They both know the way around GB.

    Rodrigues/Crab Island ? I expect you will smell land before you see anything. It looks as if Crab Island is a minor outpost in the Rodrigues group which I believe is Mauritius territory (technically, if you were to land there you have finished the row ? – but you would miss all the band and fanfare with Marcel). Which name comes up first depends on which chart you look at and at what magnification. Must be named after its Natural inhabitants. Perhaps one of the natives can enlighten us as to which historical seafarer first charted it and why it was so named. Perhaps Captain Cook has his toes nipped by a crustacean while collecting fresh water and having a Barbie.

  4. terry bradley says:

    Hi SARAH
    see the red carpet is rolling up at a nice steady pace,sorry to hear about the salt irratation ,i know the feeling as i fished for over 35 yrs , our cure was warm anseptic bathe & rinse in methyalated spirits ( OUCH ) .have anorther method but wont bring that one up. all the best hope the weather keeps the carpet rollingto your beach & goal take care & speedy & safe rowing ,Dipper will take care of you. CHERRIO FOR TONIGHT your a long way from WEST AUSSIE now but we are still with you!!!!!!!

  5. BPC and Albie says:

    Sending dry wishes your way!! I bet hair dryers are seeming marvellous inventions! Much love, xxx

  6. Bob and Susan Rennard says:

    Sarah. We ahe been following since the (first) start and we are both overawed at what you are doing. We have a 35 footer and dare not venture out unless the CG tells us that its safe!!! Go for it. By the way we are also Rutlanders

  7. Sam Coghlan says:

    You have rowed a superbly straight line across the Indian Ocean!

  8. Amy Thompson says:

    I hail from Annapolis,Maryland in the States. While Annapolis is a sailing town, I unfortunately do not sail. I have also followed your journey from the first day of the first lap and have shared your progress with friends.I am in awe of your bravery and determination. Wish I could make the trip to see you row Dipper to shore. What a sight that will be. We are pulling for you here in the states. Sending your warm, dry everything. Thanks for sharing your journey. My very best. Amy

  9. Rosie says:

    Good stuff Sarah!

    Am now back in Southampton so looking forward to the boat show… If you need a place to stay you would be welcome.

    R xx

  10. Spike says:

    109 days on a windy/wet project – another PE landmark passed !
    In memory of Andy’s curries, perhaps best you do not get within the distraction of sniffing range of Rodrigues – their travelogues claim the World’s best Creole cuisine.

  11. Charly Sissons says:

    another milestone achieved. good on you.
    sissons clan

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