Seablog: Pick on someone your own size!

Another monster day here – the biggest swell I have ever, ever seen in my 2.4 decades and a lot of very confused foamy, towery walls of water. It is wet, wild and more than a little scary at times and, only slightly less concretey than yesterday. It’s not perfect but the wind is backing (i.e. Swinging anti-clockwise) so my course is flattening out a wee bit. As the wind is graced with some more Easting, I will look to make good a course South of West. I’m currently only about 40 miles South of the latitude of my Rum Punch, on account of these fat southerly winds of late,so there is a danger of ending up too far North to come down again. Alas, never fear, Ricardo has it all cunningly mapped out. Never before have I trusted anyone so much with such an important task. He is my right-hand man, navigator and deliverer from (most!) evils. At least where the weather is concerned – he hasn’t figured out how to steer me past my rehydrated mush yet. Though he did tell me how he made and ate fresh vegetable soup in my honour, so it’s almost the same, in spirit at least.

We’re eeking away at the ‘miles to go’ column and slowly moving them onto the ‘miles run’ – currently 938nm to Rum Punch territory and we’re 2305nm from Perth. As the albie flies at any rate – we’ve logged well over 3,100 miles in our wigglings. Ricardo asssures me there is a great week ahead, so here’s hoping it comes good with lots of nauties reined in and more degrees ticked off. 4.5 until the 60s!

And I shall go out to face off the beast once more…

Outey Toot Toot x x

Ruth Ryder – Biofilms all v. colourful: brown, green & orange! They got scrubbed today though.Hull clean again when it’s calmer – bit too wild right now. Glad you’re in Ox, =will come visit ye. Henry James, ‘Portrait of a Lady’ on the listening front – very loooong. One proposal and unhappy suitor after another. Worlds away from fat waves!
See you soon amiga 🙂

Marcel – Looking forward to it, very, very excited. Am on my way, I promise! Co-ords now on cabin wall & chart in big red numbers. Thirsty, too – will defo be there before you drink it!

Grandma Barb – Think S.K’s book was only published in the UK. Try Amazon. My favourite ever rowing book is Colin Quincey ‘Tasman Trespasser’ – in the ‘old’ days in an open Dory. Our modern boats are luxury in comparison.

Xtina – Couldn’t get through to FF – they must be pubbing again. Drunkards! Will keep trying. Here’s hoping for better weather all round.Send them my bestest.

Dom Carrington – I just look at it as closer to the Rum Punch than Freo – still a way to go yet… We’re keepin’ on keepin’ on though.

Ian – Ragdale was a complete treat but my sports masseur in London sponsors me – so a train ticket to town is cheaper!

Rob – Few better ways to weekend than kayaking on Welsh rivers. Enjoy.

Jane Spencer – Pimms & Henley, great combo- please have a few on my behalf. And remember it’s dark blue boats, not those funny mint green ones, that you need to cheer for!

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9 Responses to Seablog: Pick on someone your own size!

  1. Tom Talbot says:

    Sarah you’re one amazing girl, guts like I have never heard of. If ever you get time could you explain what happens when the sea gets big and wild ? Does dipper ever roll over when on the sea anchor ? Do you get in the little cabin with your crash hat on and just get tossed all over the place or does it never get that bad? My imagination is runing wild . I am living an amazing adventure through you thanks again and again Tom

  2. ian says:

    hi sarah,just think ,if you’d gone in a straight line you’d be there now!i get daunted just thinking about those waves,hope you get “the beast”tamed sometime soon,shame you can’t get your masseur to change locations,sure they’d enjoy working there and much closer for you!
    cheers to you and dippers

  3. Richard B says:

    Hi Sarah & Dippers,I know I’m probably just nit-picking, but looking at the logo on the website and embossed on Dippers’ wing,  I can’t help thinking that you’d find it an awful lot easier if you went pointy end first! Is this just a cunning plan to be able to claim, in addition to all the other records you’re breaking, that you’re the first person to complete a trans-oceanic crossing in reverse?!

  4. Mike Pearce says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Just keep thinking of all those rum punches to come. It looks like that Marcel has everything in hand. And now an invite from the British High Commissioner, do you know all the times I have been to Mauritius (seven at the moment soon to be eight in October for 4 weeks) I’ve yet to meet the High Commissioner but I have met the President, Sir Anerood Jugnauth and the Prime Minister, Navin Ramgoolam twice so far at Curepipe.
    Do you know how long you are staying in Mauritius for after your epic voyage?
    Keep on rowing not long to go take care and best wishes.

  5. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hi Sarah

    Kathleen & I have been away for a week so had lots of catching up to do, the chores can wait this was far more important. great that you have made so much progress since before we went away. All the welcomings coming together nicely, you never know wheta next, I am glad they are going to do all that coverage, just need our lot this end to do the same. Will be in touch with your Mum as there is some more to come for your fund.

    Take care for now and happy rowing.

    Much Love

    C & K

  6. Jane Spence says:

    Hi Sarah,
    your tracker makes it look as if Dippers is wearing seven-league-boots and you only have about 500 nauts to go – but sorry you are in seas which sound like Poseidon Adventure meets Towering Inferno. meets washing-machine. Think you must be like Odysseus tiptoeing between Scylla and Charybdis. You are making fantastic progress – just don’t get the happy Socks wet, or accidentally rehydrate one of the Scary Puddings.

    Best wishes, Jane

  7. Marcel says:

    Do you have British and Oz flags on board?
    I’ll get the Mauritian Flag to you before you cross the line…somehow.
    I might come down from the chopper…… Maybe I’ll send one of the coast guards instead.

  8. Jester says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Its’ a long time since the 2008 Loch/River Tay trip, but still fresh in my memory. This year the Loch was so high, that the small beach on the island where I helped you pitch your ‘bivvy’, was under water! This years’ TWO trips went very well and no major mishaps. Tony is keen on the Spey next year, as are we. Still up and down, round and about with my own health, but making progress, some parallels with your present journey! Still praying for you kitten and I hope we’ll share some water next year in Bonny Scotland.

  9. Rob says:

    The canoeing was fantastic. A lot less effort than you put in but stretched me none the less. Time for some big water again. Tho not as big as that you face. All relative i guess. I am only a poor old accountant and do this for fun?

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