Seablog: One one one

All well in the shire of Day 111. Nothing very rapid today as we are waiting for the wind of a new system to kick in, so are rowing through a fairly silent,mostly waveless sea. Waiting only figuratively however, you understand; I have rowed since breakfast and will row until I have been thrice whacked in the ribs sometime tonight – whacking occurring by the oars when I fall asleep at the oars, signalling that the oars, too, wish to be put to sleep.

In 15 nauties time we shall be within the final ten degrees of the beach, leaving double figures behind. And with a beautiful set of South Easterly and even more perfect Easterly winds forecast for the next seven days, I hope to make minecemeat of the 570 miles remaining.

Happy that I have regained enough latitude to the South now to push on due West, hopefully my tracker will trace a neat, slick, flat line across your screens here on in to the beach….

From the West and best side of 68°E,

Outey Toot Toot x


Sam Coghlan – Were you not wearing your glasses when you looked at my ‘superb flat line’ or were you being sarcastic?! Zoom in and then you’ll enjoy the knitted glory of the wiggles.

Xtina – How are those boys of yours getting on? Send them a hello for me.

Amy from Minneapolis – Get in a boat, get in a boat!

Spike – Ooh, I’m just waiting for Marcel to rebuff your creole cuisine comment….

Margot – Do you remember packing a malt loaf or a ginger cake into the boat? I have hunted high and low, but sadly to no avail.

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  1. Claire C says:

    Good on yer Sarah,

    Latest marine news – Humboldt squid are old hat, there has been a 22 stone halibut trawled up. 10 feet long and now chopped up into 600 portions. Made me feel quite sad – the ignominy of the poor halibut.

  2. Paul Kane says:

    Hi ya Sarah.

    Have been keeping a keen eye on your progress since your departure from Freo.
    Great to see you are still going strong and so close to your destination.
    Keep up the solid work and start counting down the days 🙂

    all the best..

    Paul Kane – Getty Images

  3. Nick French and the Catering Team St Hugh\\\\\\\'s says:

    Keep going Sarah the Hugh’s catering team are following your progress and look forward to seeing you at a Formal in Michaelmas!

    Nick French

  4. MARKMM says:

    SUBJECT: Malt loaf Soreen currently 4 FOR A POUND IN HERON (LOCAL BARGAIN IMPORIAM).I will be waiting on the beach with a stash.Go girl MARK X

  5. Margot Salter says:

    Sorry Sarah, I don’t remember packing the cakes and I’m sure by now you have searched every nook and cranny so you will probably have to wait till you reach the beach to enjoy another cake. Happy rowing Margot P.S. the next toilet roll holder will be ready in 3 weeks!!

  6. Spike says:

    I have no wish to upset Marcel over Creole cuisine, or anything else. Merely reporting claims by the locals.

    The British took possession of Rodrigues in 1807. At the time, the island counted about a hundred inhabitants, mostly of French origin. In 1810, Rodrigues was used as the launching pad for the victorious assault on “Isle de France”, renamed Mauritius pursuant to the terms of the Vienna Treaty in 1815.

    As you are finding out, whether nationally sanctioned or private, maritime adventures are heavily dependent on good food sources ! A well-fed seafarer is a happy seafarer.

    Night phosphorescence – magical n’est-ce-pas? Keep smiling, keep stroking, rest when you can and inhale deeply on the surroundings.

    Hilary’s tracker now shows her through the Caledonian, East of Inverness and heading towards the North Sea.

  7. xtina says:

    Hi ya Sar ah

    The girls are doing just fine. Sue and Valerie as they are known in the sailing world down in West Sussex.
    Guy has explained on a podcast, to the Whole World how he has his “Balls out Rowing” Over the weekend he had BIG pain and needed all your wonderful concoctions.(that you funnily were describing to ease your skin and troubles.) Salt water and friction constantly making skin sore and infected ~ unbearably painful ~ they should devise a skin tight layer for ocean rowers to squeeze into, as a protection, and when your shift has finished another CLEAN one is put on.
    T’was as if you had been conversing with FF, and comparing notes?I will give them your message.
    Got a feeling we shall be meeting up very soon.
    Can you smell land yet?
    You can start to count down the days.
    love xtina

  8. Alan Thomas says:

    GO GO GO

    land legs – get ready,for use SOON !!!

    Hope to see you in southampton Boat Show

    Alan Thomas

  9. Marcel says:

    Rodrigues Cuisine is excellent and they use free range chicken and other animals. Their ham is boiled in Guiness would you believe. A Pommie legacy. Tastes beautiful though.
    And the octopus particularly sumptuous.

  10. lisa says:

    hi sarah,

    been following your progress since you left land. i am very proud of you scooter keep it and will be thinking of you lisa xx

  11. Hi Sarah, what is that I hear faintly in the background?? It’s The Final Countdown, da, da, da, da,da, da, da, da, da! Way to go Sarah! The sweet taste of rum punch is just a few 100 miles away. Your description of your night row was so beautiful and poetic…I will share it with all your Natracare SISTERs

  12. Pete Hoffmann says:

    Quoted today in an online sailing news report. Scuttlebutt.
    If you can’t eat all your chocolate, it will keep in the freezer. But if you
    can’t eat all your chocolate, what’s wrong with you?” I know the freezer is an issue but thought you would appreciate the spirit!
    keep up the great passage.

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